Thank you for participating in the Digital Use Awareness pilot. We appreciate those of you who took steps to reflect on your use and need for access to your cell phone. I participated too! There were a few times I wished I could text, check email, take a photo or tweet, but I kept the device in one of the Yondr pouches during the school day. We recognize that your phone and your elearning2 device is a powerful tool to support your learning, but it can also be a distraction to your learning as well.

As you reflect on your own experience you may have discovered that you had some of the following symptoms:

We know that at least some of you felt sad and anxious not having access to your phone, even after a few hours!

Here are a few tips to help to get your phone or Internet use under control, or at least lessen your anxiety and dependence:

Our goal is for you to be successful, and to use your device safely and responsibly. We hope this activity gives you a chance to reflect on your use and if needed, change your behavior for the better.Thanks for participating!

Mr. Walker


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