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Mgr. Vojtěch Kaše, Ph.D.

(Last updated on May 20, 2021)

Short overview of main research interests: I am a social scientist interested in the long-term dynamics of human cultures and societies, experimenting with a broad range of computational methods for studying this subject. In my PhD. dissertation (2014-2018), I explored several hypotheses derived from recent cognitive theories of ritual against historical data concerning early Christian meals. Over the years, I have pursued my research as a part of several interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects: REECR: Ritual and Emergence of Early Christian Religion: A Socio-Cognitive Analysis (University of Helsinki, 2013-2017),  GEHIR: Generative Historiography of Religion (Masaryk University, 2015-2017), DiRECT: Distant Reading of Early Christian Texts: Explorations in Socio-Cognitive Interpretation (University of West Bohemia); SDAM: Social Dynamics in the Ancient Mediterranean (Aarhus University, 2019-ongoing), CEMRAM: The Cultural Evolution of Religion in the Ancient Mediterranean: A Distant Reading Approach (Masaryk University & University of West Bohemia, 2020-ongoing).

research topics: cultural transmission; social complexity; cultural evolution of religon; cognitive and evolutionary theories of religion, ritual and magic; Mediterranean history; ancient Mediterranean religions; early Christianity.

theories & frameworks: cultural evolution; cognitive historiography; cliodynamics; cognitive revolution; evolutionary psychology; cognitive science of religion; digital humanities; computational social science; network science

methodologies: text-mining, agent-based modeling; network analysis; GIS

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