Achieve 3000

The Five Steps to Success:A3Klogo


Complete the following:

1. The Before Poll—this is your opinion.

2. Read the article/watch the videos—read slowly and carefully, summarise using the ‘Reading Connections (blue circles) three times as you read—at the start, middle and the end. Highlight the start of the paragraph of the reading connection you have used, to remind yourself, where you have saved your summaries.

3. Complete the ‘Activity’ - answer all questions—your aim is to achieve 75% - 100% correct, that’s 6-8 questions correct.

4. The After Reading Poll—complete this—has your opinion changed or remained the same?

5. Thought Question—write two paragraphs about the article using the Thought Question as your guide. Look at the ‘to be included’ and try to use the new words in your paragraphs.