Suburban Acres Civic League


Minutes for General Meeting Held on: January 14, 2019

Prepared by:  Peter Beznoska


Meeting called to order by Louis Gabriel, President, at 6:30 PM, followed by Pledge of Allegiance.


Community Resource Officer Report: Given by Officer William Old, Norfolk PD

 -Vehicle larceny on 7500 block of Virginian Drive.  Vehicle recovered on Vernon Drive.  Keys were potentially left in the vehicle and perpetrators accessed the vehicle due to keyless entry.

-ATV stolen on Kirby Crescent.  Not yet recovered

-The Norfolk PD ran radar on Thole St. every day for a period of time recently.  They are going to move to once a week now.

-Several shoplifting events cleared by arrest at Harris Teeter and the ABC store.

-Concerns raised by members/neighbors: Reports on of Red Cadillac running stop signs all along Virginian Drive.  Neighbors will send license plate number to Officer Old.  Stop Sign at Kirby Crescent and Virginian is particularly problematic as a lot of motorists don’t stop at the stop sign.


New Neighbors: None


Guest Speaker - Lee Williams - Coastal Tax Service

Mr. Williams spoke to the membership about the upcoming tax season and ran through, in detail, the various changes for 2018 taxes as informed by recent tax law changes.

Topics covered included:


-The Members approved a motion to approve the minutes from the General Meeting in December of 2018.  

Committee Reports:

Membership: 25 memberships, 41 members for 2019 vs. 44 memberships and 68 members in 2018.  35 memberships in need of renewal from 2018.

Treasurer: $2,563.25

Neighborhood Watch: NONE

WCTF: Nothing new, next meeting next month.


Announcements/Discussion Items:

-Adopt-a-Spot scheduled for January 26, 2019.  Meet at Suburban Park Elementary and proceed to Yorktown Drive for clean up efforts

-Need volunteers for committees.  Committees include: Holiday Party, Chili cook-off, Parade.

-Members are encouraged to join for all the updates from the community

-Thanks for Pete Bastinelli for providing the Pizza for the meeting

-Thanks for JoAnn Powell and Karen Mayne for organizing the donation to the Suburban Acres Elementary Clothes Closet.  Karen Mayne read a letter of appreciation from the Elementary School for our recent donation.

-Volunteers need to provide food and refreshments for upcoming meetings.  Signup sheets are available.

-Next Civic league meeting is February 11, 2019.  Guest speaker will be Norfolk Police Chief, Larry Boone.

Old Business: None


New Business None