Sober Grad Night 2020
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2020 Senior Sober Grad Night Party Newsletter

April 2, 2020


Class of 2020 Sober Grad Night


Unfortunately, due to these unprecedented times, LCHS PTSO is forced to cancel our Senior Sober Grad Night ( May 26, 2020). We are so sorry we will not be able host this end of year party.


We will be offering refunds to those who have purchased the $80.00 ticket. Please email PTSO (LCHSPTSO@gmailcom) with :


Your student’s name  Address  Name to whom the refund check is made out to.


Please note the Sober Grad Night tickets were not part of the Senior Payment Plan. The Sober Grad Night tickets were purchased separately.


PTSO wishes the graduating class of 2020 all the best in their future endeavors.



Thank you, LCHS PTSO