EAI DLI / ArtsIT 2018 Program




Venue Location: BUILDING Nº13 – Campus de Gualtar CAMPUS MAP

Wednesday 24 October 2018

09.00AM – 17.00PM Workshop Playable Cities  [Link to Workshop program]

17.30PM – 09.00PM Visit to Ponte de Lima and Welcome Reception at Paço do Vitorino

Free transportation:

Bus leaves from / returns to the Campus. The bus will stay in front of the roundabout near the Campus entrance, when staying with the back to the university the bus stop is on the left hand side

Thursday 25 October 2018

09.00AM – 09.45AM

Official opening, *Prof. Rui Vieira de Castro, Rector of the University of Minho (to be confirmed); Prof. José Au​gusto ​​Pacheco, President of the Institute of Education; Prof. Graça Carvalho, Director of the Research Centre on Child Studies (CIEC); Dr. Ricardo Rio, Mayor of Braga

09.45AM – 10.45AM Keynote Prof Yvonne Rogers. Can Technology be Fashioned?

11.00AM – 11.30AM Coffee break

11.30AM – 01.00PM Papers Session 1

Room ArtsIT

Room DLI

Shared Room

Methods and Participation in Design

Session Chair Ali Adjorlu

Classroom Technologies
Session Chair Susanne Haake

Learning and Training Approaches
Session Chair Robin Isfold Munkvold

3 Full Papers (ArtsIT)

1. Co-designing Augmented Reality Experiences for Museums with Teenagers

Vanessa Cesário, António Coelho, Valentina Nisi

2. Worldmaking: designing for audience participation, immersion and interaction in virtual and real spaces

Andreas Siess, Daniel Hepperle, Matthias Wölfel, Michael Johansson

3. Art-based User Research: combining Art-based Research and User Research to inform the design of a technology to improve emotional wellbeing

Carla Nave, Teresa Romão, Nuno Correia

3 Full Papers (DLI)

1. Study on the Optimal Usage of Active and Passive Technology-Based Teaching Resources
Valentina Terzieva, Yuri Pavlov, Katia Todorova, Petia Kademova-Katzarova
2. Dynamic Lighting in Classrooms: A new interactive tool for teaching

Kathrine Marie Schledermann, Henrika Pihlajanieni, Sumit Sen, Ellen Kathrine Hansen  

3.  A theory based dialogic learning architecture for sustained innovative collaborative learning across diversity and professional borders

Elsebeth Wejse Korsgaard Sorensen


2 Full Papers (DLI)

1.What Prevents Teachers From Using Games and Gamification Tools in Nordic Schools?

Eva Irene Brooks, Salvör Gissurardottir, Bjarki Thor Jonsson, Skulina Kjartansdottir, Robin Isfold Munkvold, Hugo Nordseth Munkvold, Helga Isfold Sigurdardottir

2. Making Puppet Circuits

Michael Nitsche, Crystal Eng

01.00PM – 2.30PM Lunch at Restaurante Panorâmico – University campus

02.30PM – 3.15PM - Papers Session 2

Gaming Design

Session Chair Alejandro Catala

Collaborative learning and games.

Session Chair Elsebeth Korsgaard Sorensen

Technologies for Special needs

Session Chair Henrika Pihlajanieni

3 Short Papers (ArtsIT)
1. Serious Game for Teaching Statistics in Higher Education: storyboard design

Tiago Barbosa, Sérgio Lopes, Celina Pinto Leão, Filomena Soares, Vitor Carvalho

2. Speculative Design for Serious Games: Towards a matrix for the development of ludic tools in the context of anorexia nervosa

Viviane Pecaibes, Pedro Cardoso, Bruno Giesteira

3. Multidisciplinary experience in the creation of pervasive games for Interactive Spaces

Javier Marco, Clara Bonillo Fernández, Sandra Baldassarri, Eva Cerezo

2 Full Papers (DLI)

1. GLOBE – Cognitive and social competence development by virtual collaboration and simulation games

Sophia Willner

2. Developing Production-Oriented, Problem-Based and Project-work Courses - The Case of Game Development in a Video Conference Setting  

Henrik Schoenau-Fog, Lise Busk Kofoed, Nanna Svarre Kristensen, Lars Reng

2 Full Papers (DLI)  

1. Design, learning and innovation in developing a physical activity training network: L.U.C.A.S project

Eva Irene Brooks, Anthony Lewis Brooks

 2.  An Interactive Multisensory Virtual Environment for Developmentally Disabled

Alexandru Diaconu, Flaviu Vreme, Henrik Sæderup, Hans Pauli Arnoldson, Patrick Stolc, Michael Boelstoft Holte

3.15 PM – 4.00PM Coffee break & Poster session

ArtsIT Posters    

Inside the Geometry - double language

Chiara Passa            

A Social App That Combines Dating & Museum Visiting Experiences

Atakan Akçali, Ido Iurgel, Tonguc Sezen

"I didn’t know, you could do that" - - Examining Affordance Signifiers of Touch Gestures in Editors for Illiterate Users

Emilie Lind, Liv Arleth, Hendrik Knoche

A Serious Game for Hemophobia Treatment Phobos: first insights

João Petersen, Vítor Carvalho, João Tiago Oliveira, Eva Oliveira

Effect of Vibrotactile Feedback in Commercial Virtual Reality System

Peter Weilgaard Brasen, Mathias Christoffersen, and Martin Kraus 

Evolving Virtual Ecology

Gloriya Gostyaeva, Penousal Machado, Tiago Martins

DLI Posters  

Learning Basic Mathematical Functions with Augmented Reality

José Manuel Cerqueira, Cristina Sylla, João Martinho Moura, Luís Ferreira

'Portugal Without Fires’, a data visualization system to help analyze forest fire data in Portugal

Duarte Goncalves, Bruno Lima, João Martinho Moura, Luís Ferreira

A Tangible Constructivist AR learning Method for Children with Mild to Moderate Intellectual Disability

 Filip Černý, Georgios Triantafyllidis, George Palamas

Development of a pervasive game for ADHD children

Jesús Gallardo, Carmelo  López, Antonio Aguelo, Belén Cebrián, Teresa Coma, Eva Cerezo

What is it Like to be a Virtual Bat?

Anastassia Andreasen, Niels Christian Nilsson, Jelizaveta Zovnecurka, Kristians Konovalovs, Michele Geronazzo, Stefania Serafin

CodeCubes - Playing with Cubes and Learning to Code

Barbara Cleto, Luís Ferreira, João Martinho Moura, Cristina Sylla

ArtsIT Demos

Affective, embodied and multimodal learning by using augmented reality in medical education

Jelger Kroese

04.00PM – 05.00PM Papers Session 3

Story Presentation

Session Chair Martin Kraus

Crafting and Learning

Session Chair Cristina Sylla

Virtual Environments

Session Chair Lise Busk Kofoed 

2 Full Papers (ArtsIT)

1. A Framework for Branched Storytelling and Matchmaking in Multi-player Games

Vítor Pêgas, Pedro Santana, Pedro Faria

2. Memorial Design Pattern Catalogue – Design issues for Digital Remembrance

Susanne Haake, Wolfgang, Müller, Kim-Sina, Engelhart

2 Full Papers (DLI)

1. Makerspaces promoting students’ design thinking and collective knowledge creation: Examples from Canada and Finland

Janette Michelle, Laura Jane, Anu Kajamaa, Kristiina Kumpulainen

2. Evolving Playful and Creative Activities When School Children Develop Game Designs

2 Full Papers (DLI)  

1.  Spatial Asynchronous Visuo-Tactile Stimuli influence Ownership of Virtual Wings

Anastassia Andreasen, Niels Christian Nilsson, Stefania        Serafin

2. Head-Mounted Display-Based Virtual Reality as a Tool to Teach Money Skills to Adolescents Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Ali Adjorlu, Stefania Serafin

05.00PM closing day

07.00PM Dinner at the restaurant Casa do professor, City Center

09.30PM Performances at Theatro Circo, City Center [Link to Artistic Program]

Friday 26 October 2018

09.00AM – 10.00AM Keynote Prof Anthony Brooks , When computers can dream…Artist perspective on Smart Digital Future(s)

10:00AM – 11:00AM Paper session 4

Room ArtsIT

Room DLI

Shared Room

Digital Art I

Session Chair Eva Brooks

Design and Creativity, Session

Chair Pedro Branco

2 Full Papers (ArtsIT)

1. Bǎi/摆: an Oscillating Sound Installation.

Danyi Liu, Jelger Kroese, Edwin van der Heide

2. Moderate Recursion: A Digital Artifact of Interactive Dance.

Celine Latulipe, Berto Gonzalez, Melissa Word, Sybil Huskey, David Wilson

1 Full Paper (DLI)

1. .Infusing Creativity and Technology through Repurposing Existing Digital Tools and Social Media Apps for Educational Purposes

Sama'a All Hashimi, Ameena Al Muwali, Yasmina        Zaki, Nasser Mahdi

11.00AM – 11.30AM coffee break

11:30AM – 1:00AM Paper session 5


Session Chair Michael Nitsche

Innovative Learning Technologies for Special Needs

Session Chair Alejandro Catala  

360-degree Video

Session Chair Karen  Lancel

3 Full Papers (ArtsIT)

1. Interfaces for Science: Conceptualizing An Interactive Graphical Interface

Bruno Azevedo, Jorge Oliveira Sá, Pedro Branco, Rubén Tortosa

2. Interactive Evolution of Swarms for the Visualisation of Consumption

Catarina Maçãs, Nuno Lourenço, Penousal Machado

3. Creative approaches on interactive visualization and characterization at the nanoscale
João Martinho Moura, Jordi Llobet, Marco Martins; João Gaspar  

3  Full Papers (DLI)  

1.Effectiveness and Usability of a Developed Collaborative Online Tool for Children with ADHD

Doaa Talal, Paul Krause, Maysoon Abulkhair

2. From Stigma to Objects of Desire: Interactive Jewellery For Deaf Women

Patrizia Marti, Iolanda Iacono, Michele Tittarelli, Matteo Sirizzotti, Riccardo Zambon

3. Designing an inclusive, progressive and fun intervention programme for children with ASD in Malaysia.

Jing Xin Teo, Bee Theng Lau, Patrick Then

(ArtsIT) 1 Full Paper and 1 Short Paper

1. Cyberella – Design issues for Interactive 360 degree film

Susanne Haake, Wolfgang Müller

2. The use of 360-degree video to provide an alternative media approach to Paralympic sports

Caroline Delmazo

01.00AM – 02.30PM Lunch at Restaurante Panorâmico – University campus

02.30PM – 03.30PM Papers Session 6

Digital Art II

Session Chair Penousal Machado

Technology transformation and social change

Session Chair Eva Brooks

Technologies for Design and Experience

Session Chair  Sérgio Lopes

2 Full Papers (ArtsIT)

1. Contemporary Installation Art and phenomenon of digital interactivity: Aha experiences – recognition and related creating with and for affordances

Anthony Brooks,

2. Using Motion Expressiveness and Human Pose Estimation for Collaborative Surveillance art

Jonas Aksel Billeskov, Tobias Nordvig Møller, Georgios Triantafyllidis, George Palamas

2 Full Papers (DLI)

1. Building Speculative Foundations for the Post Anthropocene

Pete Bryan

2. Designing a Playful Robot Application for Second Language Learning

Gijs  Verhoeven, Alejandro Catala, Mariët Theune

(ArtsIT) 1 Full Paper and 1 Short Paper

1. Segmentation of Panels in d-Comics  

Xinwei Wang, Jun Hu, Bart Hengeveld, Matthias Rauterberg

2. Scentgraphy - Interactive Installation of Scent communication

Xiaotian Sun, Kiyoshi Tomimatsu

03.30PM – 04:00PM Coffee break

04:00PM – 05:00PM Keynote Prof. Anton Ninjolt, Playable Cities

05:00PM Announcement of next year's conferences

09:30 PM Semibreve festival

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