Dear Families,

Welcome to Riverside Performing Arts’ Performing Arts Preschool. We are very excited to begin another amazing school year with your family. We believe our approach to teaching academics using the performing arts is unique and a wonderful way for children to learn. Preparing for kindergarten while dancing, singing, playing music and using our imaginations will keep the children engaged while learning very important concepts. We have a wonderful school year ahead of us and we can’t wait to begin teaching your child in our performing arts preschool! If at any time you have any questions, please call, email or set up an appointment with your teachers. Please join our private facebook page through the link that has been emailed to you. This year’s door code is                    .


Annie Warf

Owner/Artistic Director

Riverside Performing Arts

Scott Craig

Executive Director

Riverside Performing Arts


”Life presents us with a rich, sophisticated and complex tapestry of learning. Remember that children explore and learn holistically, without dividing that learning into categories. Take every opportunity to introduce your child to as many experiences as possible and trust that profound learning is taking place and that learning can be fun.”

-Martina Whelshula, Ph.D., Member of the Colville Tribe

Children will be immersed in the performing arts as well as learning the foundations of pre-reading, science, math, writing, social-emotional, communication and visual art. Each day your child will have lessons in dance, music and drama combined with their academics to create a truly unique and enriching learning environment.

We believe children learn best when their bodies and minds are both active. Whether it’s dancing the alphabet dance, singing songs about insects and animals or counting using instruments, your child will have a wonderful and fun start to their schooling. We base instruction on Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development; basing each child’s instruction on what they can accomplish independently and with guidance and encouragement from the teacher.


Important Dates (these dates are based on the 2018-2019 school year and are subject to change once the Vancouver School District has released their calendar. PLEASE CHECK THE ONLINE CALENDAR FOR UPDATES)

August 21st

Preschool Orientation 6:00pm

September 2nd

Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

September 3rd

First day of 3-year-old preschool

September 4th

First day of 4-year-old preschool

October 21-24th

Parent Teacher Conferences 1 of 2 - NO SCHOOL

October 21-25th

Costume/Performance FORMS & FEES due for “Miss Nelson is Missing”

November 11th

Veterans Day Observed - NO SCHOOL

November 27-29th

Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL

December 2nd

Tickets go on sale for “RPA Festival”

December 23-January 3rd

Winter Break - NO SCHOOL

January 20th

Martin Luther King Day - NO SCHOOL

January 27th (TENTATIVE)

REHEARSAL 3:00pm for “RPA Festival” @Washougal HS

February 1st

PERFORMANCE for “RPA Festival” @Washougal HS

February 3rd  

Semester Break - NO SCHOOL

February 17th

President’s Day - NO SCHOOL

February 24th

Preschool registration open for currently enrolled students

March 9-12th

Parent/Teacher Conferences 2 of 2 - NO SCHOOL

March 14th (TENTATIVE)

PERFORMANCE - Children’s Fest @ Vancouver Mall

March 30th-April 3rd

Spring Break - NO SCHOOL

May 4th

Tickets go on sale for “Miss Nelson is Missing”

May 25th

Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL

June 10th

Last day of school for M/W/F Preschool

June 11th

Last day of school for T/Th Preschool PARTY at 11:00am!

June 12th

PRESCHOOL GRADUATION - 11:00am @ The Washington State School for the Blind

June 26th

REHEARSAL 3:00pm for “Miss Nelson is Missing” @ Washougal High School

June 27th

PERFORMANCE* 2:00pm for “Miss Nelson is Missing” @ Washougal High School OR

June 28th

PERFORMANCE* 11:00am for “Miss Nelson is Missing” @ Washougal High School

*Preschool students will perform in ONE show in January and in ONE show in June.

Drop Off

All students must be signed in in studio 1 before school starts. After September 30, families must remain in studio 1 as they are not allowed in the preschool room. This is to not distract students and allow them to gain independence.

Emergency Contacts and Picks Ups

Only those listed as “contacts” or “emergency contacts” in your online account may pick up your child. If there is an emergency and you need someone other than your contacts or emergency contacts picking up your child, you must let the teachers or office staff know. You must give the person’s full name, birth date and phone number. Upon their arrival, they must show ID and everything must match the information given. If someone other than those listed in your account comes to pick up your child and the teachers are not informed ahead of time, your child will not be allowed to leave and the late pick up fee will apply.

Communication between teachers and parents

A great deal of the teachers’ communication regarding closures, important dates, etc. will be done via email. It is very important that you check your email or the online calendar to keep up to date. All emails sent from the school will be saved in your account that you can access at anytime. If there is an emergency, please call the school at (360) 694-8662 or send a Facebook message to Riverside Performing Arts’ page. Teachers and staff will not respond to personal messages via Facebook.

What Your Child Should Bring to School

Each day children should bring a snack, a water bottle, comfortable clothing they can dance in, and ballet shoes. No jeans or long skirts. *Please provide an extra set of clothing in a GALLON size resealable bag with your child’s name on it that stays at the school in case of bathroom accidents.

Bathroom Policy

Students must be potty trained before the first day of school and able to use the bathroom independently.

Snack Time

Students need to bring a snack and water to school every day. Please no sugary snacks such as cookies, candy, juice, soda, cake, etc. Unless there are children with severe allergies, there are no food restrictions. We closely monitor snack time to ensure that students are not sharing or eating another student’s snack. Please go over the no sharing rule at home to keep all children safe. *Birthdays: If you would like to bring treats, please bring them after school.

Outdoor/Indoor Play

RPA has a small playground only accessible through the building. It is not open to the public and is well maintained and secure with a fire safety gate. During days that do not allow us to go outdoors, we will have indoor play with age appropriate toys.


We are firm believers in positive reinforcement and redirection. If a child is displaying inappropriate or disruptive behavior they will be told their behavior is not allowed and they need to make a choice to change the behavior or take a break. If disruptive behavior continues, we will talk to a parent to create an effective disciplinary plan.

Show and Tell
Show and tell is the first Monday or Tuesday of every month. If the first Monday or Tuesday falls on a closure, Show and Tell will be held on the next Monday or Tuesday. Please do not bring breakable items or animals for show and tell.


RPA has three performances per year. Parents may choose to have their child perform in any show. The purchase of a costume, tickets and a production fee are required in order to perform, with the exception of Children’s Fest. If you volunteer a minimum of 4 hours at a mini show, recreational show or focus show, your production fee will be waived. If you volunteer 8 or more hours at the aforementioned shows, you’ll receive 2 or more free tickets to a show of your choice. The costume and dance from January’s performance will be repeated and used again during Children’s Fest. Regardless of whether or not your child performs in our shows, they will learn a piece of choreography or song. Performances will be in January, March and June. See IMPORTANT DATES.


For those of you who are paying per month, tuition will automatically be charged to your debit/credit card on file the first of every month. Monthly tuition is the same regardless of the number of weeks in the month. Please be sure that your child is able to be in school for the entire year when paying for the school year upfront. Once tuition has been paid, refunds and/or credits are not given for any reason. If you decide that your child will no longer be taking school, a drop form is due the 1st of the previous month. If a drop form is not submitted by the 1st, your credit/debit card on file will be charged for the next month’s tuition. There are no exceptions. In order to register for the next school year, 1st month’s tuition and the registration fee are required to hold your child’s spot. Both are non-refundable. If your child misses school due to illness, schedule conflicts or unwillingness to participate, refunds and credits will not be given. *Ending time is 12:00pm. Children must be picked up by 12:05pm without incurring a “late pick up fee” of $1 per minute.

Closures/Inclement Weather
Riverside Performing Arts Preschool does
DOES NOT follow the Vancouver School District when it comes to inclement weather closures. If Vancouver schools are closed or have a 2-hour late start due to inclement weather, RPA will assess the roads and let you know via Facebook and email if we are closed.

All pre-scheduled closures can be found on RPA’s online preschool calendar at


Please let us know as soon as possible if your child will be missing school by sending us an email, a Facebook message or calling (360) 694-8662.

A child may not attend school within 24 hours of: fever over 100.5 F, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, severe cough, unusual yellow color to skin or eyes, skin or eye lesions, rashes that are weeping or pus filled, difficult breathing or wheezing, or complaints of severe pain. If your child develops any of the listed ailments during school, they will be isolated from the other children and a parent will be called to pick up the child. If a child is injured during school, an incident report will be filled out and given to a parent to sign after school. If there is a medical emergency, we will refer to the medical release parents have signed. If a parent has checked the box “I wish to provide consent” we will call 911 in the case of a medical emergency. We will also contact the parent immediately.

*A copy of your child’s immunization records must be turned in to the office before the first day of school.


RPA staff does not administer medication with the exception of EpiPens. Please do not send medication to school with your child.

Parent Teacher Conferences

We will have two parent teacher conferences per year. School will not be held on these days. At this time we will discuss your child’s progress and answer any questions you may have.

Student Folders

Each child will have a folder where teachers will add the child’s artwork, worksheets and important announcement. Please check your child’s folder every Thursday/Friday.

Lost and Found

Please remember to check the Lost and Found box frequently. We donate items from the lost and found box the last Friday of every month. Riverside Performing Arts is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. Please leave all valuables at home.

Brain Dance

This "dance" is an excellent full body and brain warm-up for children and adults and can be done in any setting. The BrainDance may be used as a warm-up for any physical or cognitive activity; before tests, performances, and presentations; after sitting for long periods of time; as a break during computer work and TV watching; and to increase energy and reduce stress. It is a centering body/brain movement tool for brain reorganization, oxygenation, and recuperation. The BrainDance prepares us for learning and helps with appropriate behavior and social skills.

Benefits of the BrainDance

Reorganization of the neurological system: The developmental movement patterns wire the central nervous system laying the foundation for sensory-motor development and lifelong learning. When patterns are missed or disrupted there may be missing gaps in a person's neurological development. These gaps can cause neurological dysfunction that may later appear as learning disabilities, behavior disorders, memory problems, sleep disorders, speech, balance or filtering problems, and a host of other difficulties that may disrupt the flow of normal development. Cycling through the BrainDance patterns on a daily basis may correct flaws in a person's perceptual process and reorganize the central nervous system to better develop proprioception, balance, attention, memory, eye-tracking, behavior, sensory integration, and motor skills. Neurological repatterning coordinates all parts of the brain and body for emotional, social, and cognitive balance.

Increased blood and oxygen flow to the respiratory system and brain: Because oxygen and blood are food for the brain, deep breathing and aerobic exercise are essential for a fully functioning brain and body. Oxygenation reduces stress and brings flow and ease to all movement. Blood and oxygen in the brain improves ability to stay focused during class.

Enhanced core support, connectivity, and alignment: The BrainDance reviews for us the early baby patterns that lay down structure in the neuromuscular system, influence brain development, and help us cope with the world in an embodied way. These patterns, done in an orderly progression, help us remember the parts of our visceral and muscular system that support our body structure. Each pattern underlies and supports the next pattern. When done in succession, they bring a wholeness, aliveness, and connectivity to our use of the body, which reflects an integration of body and mind. By separating the eight patterns we become more aware of each pattern. This allows us to focus on a particular pattern to ease blocked body/mind areas. The developmental patterns are the foundation for all movement. Patterns establish internal and external gradated rotation in proximal joints, laying foundation for correct and clear alignment in the upper and lower body and correct use of scapula and arms and turn-out and rotation in the hip socket. Awareness of body mechanics and inner connectivity develops stronger technique, physical balance, and coordination needed for complex sequences of movements, choreography, etc.

Deeper understanding of the elements of dance technique: Focusing on BrainDance patterns at the beginning of class helps dancers become more articulate and expressive as the developmental movement patterns are an integral part of every dance style. The first four patterns of the BrainDance are fundamental to performing any form of dance. The last four patterns dancers practice daily: pliés and port de bras (Upper-Lower), tendus, battements, (Body Side), center work (Cross Lateral), turns and springs (Vestibular). Whether taking a Ballet, Modern, Jazz, African, or Creative Dance class, students who have warmed-up with the BrainDance are able to integrate and apply the patterns to their technical skill development. Movement intent becomes clearer as dancers embody the BrainDance patterns. Dancers gain a new vocabulary that allows them to be more articulate physically and verbally. The BrainDance patterns provide a new entry point for teaching mechanics of steps and movement (e.g. chainé turns use the Body Side pattern).

BrainDance Patterns
Body Side
Cross Lateral

These patterns are explored in class integrating dance concepts and utilizing a variety of movements, dance styles, music, and props allowing for a balance of repetition and novelty.

How the Patterns Developed

The vestibular system begins developing in utero and continues to be very active through the first fifteen months as baby rolls, crawls, creeps, sits up, and walks. The vestibular system analyzes movements through the whole body, helps us know where we are in space and links up to all forms of sensory information. This very important system is used when we read, hear, speak, touch, balance, and move. Every movement stimulates the vestibular system, which stimulates the brain.







Check in/name writing

Check in/name writing

Check in/name writing


Sentence chart reading

Sentence chart reading

Sentence chart reading


Theatre Class A w/ Jessica

Writing/Craft  B w/ Liz and Colleen

Dance Class A w/Annie

Math/Craft  B w/ Liz and Colleen

Music Class A w/JAnnie

Table Time/Craft  B w/ Liz and Annie


Restroom Break/Story/Snack

Restroom Break/Story/Snack

Restroom Break/Story/Snack


Free Time

Free Time

Free Time


Theatre Class B w/ Jessica

Writing/Craft  A w/ Liz and Colleen

Dance Class B w/Annie

Math/Craft  A w/ Liz and Colleen

Music Class B w/Annie

Table Time/Craft  A w/ Liz and Annie






Check in/name writing

Check in/name writing


Sentence chart reading

Sentence chart reading


Dance/Music A w/ Brina

Writing/Craft  B w/ Annie and Sarah

Theatre Class Class A w/ Jessica

Math/Craft  B w/ Annie and Sarah


Restroom Break/Story/Snack

Restroom Break/Story/Snack


Free Time

Free Time


Dance/Music B w/ Brina

Writing/Craft  A w/ Annie and Sarah

Theatre Class Class B w/ Jessica

Math/Craft  A w/ Annie and Sarah


I have read and fully understand the policies and procedures outlined in the Riverside Performing Arts “Preschool Parent Handbook.” I understand that parents are expected to adhere to all policies as outlined in this handbook.

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