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District Data Dashboard: Pilot

Why a district data dashboard?

We have heard from school district administrators who support computer science education that it would be helpful for them to know more about their districts’ usage of We understand that it is important for districts to be able to track usage of online learning platforms and that it is considered standard practice for education content providers to share this data with districts to enable better decision making.

In this spirit, we are piloting a ‘district data dashboard’ that provides basic metrics to help administrators visualize and understand where is being used to teach computer science in their districts. Hopefully, access to this data will better equip administrators to understand, champion, and celebrate computer science education.

Why a pilot?

During the initial design phase, we collected feedback from teachers, administrators and representatives from our regional partner program. The purpose of this pilot is to collect feedback from administrators about how they use the dashboard and make improvements to better fit the needs of our educator community.

Metrics in the dashboard

The metrics that are currently available in the district dashboard are representations of usage of the platform organized by school, teacher, grade, and student.  We currently don’t surface learning outcomes in this dashboard.

Student Demographics

The dashboard can be filtered by student gender (as available). We hope that this allows administrators to track whether computer science education is being implemented equitably across genders.


The data in this dashboard is not meant for student or teacher evaluation and has severe limitations for such purposes:

Finally, keep in mind that none of the metrics presented in the dashboard can be used to assess learning outcomes. These metrics are only a reflection of whether the student, classroom, or school has been active on the platform, not whether they have learned.

Key metrics

In addition to showing which schools, teachers, and students are using the platform, the district data dashboard shows how much progress teachers and students have made. “Making progress” simply means that a student has attempted levels, it is not a measure of proficiency.

A level is a discrete activity in a course and can take the form of a programming puzzle, multiple choice question, or a free response prompt. On average, a student takes two minutes to complete a level, but more complex levels can take over five minutes to complete on average.

The specific progress metrics surfaced in this dashboard are:

More information

For more information about each of the metrics and ideas about how you might leverage them in your district, visit the documentation page.