Proposal Basic Information

Project Name: infra-2020-Jan

Author: EdwardMorra ( now on internship for his studies)

Proposer’s Email Address:

Funds requested: 19125 CRW for 1 month – 19125 CRW total

Proposal Hash:  1e551b49b62a035500e0c56ecb7b1ee4805b47f0458b63d5183b3ff9006546df

How To Vote YES:  mnbudget vote-many 1e551b49b62a035500e0c56ecb7b1ee4805b47f0458b63d5183b3ff9006546df yes

How To Vote NO:  mnbudget vote-many 1e551b49b62a035500e0c56ecb7b1ee4805b47f0458b63d5183b3ff9006546df no


Please Note the hosting increase is to cover the new Seed Nodes that are  now active.

You and your team

Mainly responsible: Edwardmorra  ( now on internship for his studies)

Helping out: pjcltd

Project purpose        1

Ambition/Intention        1

Acceptance criteria        2

Funding requirements        3

October forecast of monthly bill        3

Communication        4

Added value to the project        4

Additional comments        4

Project Details

Project purpose

Describe the need for your project.

The Crown project needs several IT services to run. This includes Gitlab for code development, website hosting so new users can find the project and other bitcoin-fork  specific services.
This proposal is to cover the costs that infrastructure currently running.
Besides that we try to cover as much of the costs community member pjcltd has by making services of his hosting company available.



Tell us the potential benefits your project could bring to Crown.

The ambition of this proposal is to have crown infrastructure costs covered. This proposal’s project is to streamline system administration of the past 4 years into 1 as cost effective operation as possible so any bear market can be survived.
Whilst having achieved the above, we are continuing to do ongoing security/network improvements to the crown environment within our control. And when opportunities arise to lower the costs we will capitalize on them.

Proposal timetable and turning point(s)

Propose exact start and end dates. What will be the turning points of the project, when do you expect certain achievements? Try to give details with a high time granularity.

Currently the migration work has been completed with a new crown version the cost can be cut more.

Acceptance criteria

Under what circumstances would you call your proposal a success? Try to make this measurable if you can.

This proposal can be called a success when migration and cost cutting doesn’t disturb the network infrastructure. For now it is most important the services keep running.



What risks are involved? What events could upset or cancel your project or its deliverables?

The cost coverage part has 1 significant risk: Price decrease.
To try and hold of that risk the requested crown will be turned into FIAT asap. Thereby knowing how much of the cost is covered, so I (edwardmorra) can find other ways to cover the costs.

Funding requirements

Outline your funding request and how you decided on that amount. Provide calculations if possible.

November forecast of monthly bill


Cost in CRW

When, how much USD

Digital Ocean


$185 First of every month

Crown Blade @ pjcltd


£400.00 =  $522 each month at superblock


*** Extra USD gathered due to higher price than expected will roll over into next month***
Cost for the third party services will be fronted by me (edwardmorra) at current price.

Total CRW: 19125 Needed


How will the project manager communicate with the Crown community? How often? On which dates?

Next proposal will contain an update about the cost situation, besides that @edwardmorra and @pjcltd can be pinged in discord and will stay in contact with the community.


Added value to the project

Having the infrastructure ready for visibility and operations of the project is what this proposal provides.

Additional comments


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