SoCalCross Prestige Series 2010-20 Riders Guide



2019-20 SoCalCross Prestige Series Riders Guide

A. Governing Rules & Regulations

The SoCalCross Prestige Series strives to follow the highest professional standards with regard to safety, the standardization of rules, scoring, rankings, results, start order, and course set up guidelines. SoCalCross Prestige races may be permitted under the authority and sanctioning rules of the UCI, USA Cycling or the North American Bicycle Racing Association, and shall abide by the rules specific to that sanctioning body. It is the responsibility of all riders to read this guide.

B. Participation        

1. Categories

The Series will offer the following categories:

  1. Elite Men A CX 1-5
  2. U23 Men CX 1-5 (CX age under 23) (Race day prize list eligible with Elite Men A plus U23 prize list.)
  3. Men B CX 3-5
  4. Men C CX 4-5
  5. Elite Women A CX 1-5
  6. Women B CX 3-5
  7. Women C CX 4-5
  8. Single Speed Men A CX 1-5
  9. Single Speed Men B CX 3-5
  10. Single Speed Women CX 1-5
  11. Masters Women 35+ CX 1-5 (CX age on 12/31/2020)
  12. Masters Women 45+ CX 1-5 (CX age on 12/31/2020)
  13. Masters Women 55+ CX 1-5 (CX age on 12/31/2020)
  14. Masters Elite Men 35+ A CX 1-5 (CX age on 12/31/2020)
  15. Masters Men 35+ B CX 3-5 (CX age on 12/31/2020)
  16. Masters Men 35+ C CX 4-5 (CX age on 12/31/2020)
  17. Masters Elite Men 45+ A CX 1-5 (CX age on 12/31/2020)
  18. Masters Men 45+ B CX 3-5 (CX age on 12/31/2020)
  19. Masters Men 55+ CX 1-5 (CX age on 12/31/2020)
  20. Masters Men 65+ CX 1-5 (CX age on 12/31/2020)
  21. 70+ CX 1-5 (CX age on 12/31/2020)
  22. Junior Boys 9-14 CX 1-5
  23. Junior Boys 15-18 CX 1-5
  24. Junior Girls 9-14 CX 1-5
  25. Junior Girls 15-18 CX 1-5
  26. Youth Boys age 6-9 (current year calendar age)
  27. Youth Girls age 6-9 (current year calendar age)

(Single speed definitions shall follow the rules set by the permitting body, e.g., USAC, NABRA, etc.) 

Understanding SoCalCross Prestige Series categories

2. Cyclocross Racing Age

Riders’ racing age in cyclocross is their age on December 31st of the year that the international cyclocross season ends. The cyclocross season begins September 1st of this year and ends on the last day of February of next year.  Therefore, your CX racing age for the 2019-2020 season is your age on December 31, 2020. Riders under the age of 6 are not permitted to race other than Kiddie Cross.  

The following terms refer to specific age groups. The only exception is that for the minimum age for a licensee of 6 years old, this refers to chronological age, not racing age*.


CX Age

Birth Year


(current calendar age for youth) 



Junior 9-14 



Junior 15-18






Master 35+ 

35 or Older

1985 or earlier

Master 45+

45 or Older

1975 or earlier

Master 55+/65+

55/65 or Older

1965/1955 or earlier

*A CX age 9 year old youth may race in the Youth or Junior category.

3. Annual and One-Day USAC Licenses.

For USA Cycling sanctioned races: All riders, with the exception of Category 5 Men and Women, must have an annual USAC license. Cat 5 Men and Women may purchase a USAC one-day license for $10 online or at each USAC race. Youth who race in the Youth Category have a special license available LICENSE info can be found HERE

For All SocalCross Prestige races: All A category racers must an a valid USAC license.

4. Prestige Series Mandatory Category Upgrades for Cs & Bs

Mandatory category upgrades are based on earned Series points based on the rider’s finishes in Prestige Series races. Men and Women racing C category shall face a mandatory upgrade after reaching 60 Series points or three wins, and are no longer eligible to earn Series championship points in the C category (see the SoCalCross Prestige Series Points chart below).  Cs upgraded to level B will take 30 earned Series points with them to their level B race category.  Cs who have reached a mandatory upgrade but still choose to race C shall not continue to receive championship points, nor will any points earned go to the rider’s Team Rankings. 

Riders who upgrade to B are still eligible to return for the C series final, which is a “winner take all” race.

The upgrade policy shall apply to level B riders who have earned 100 points or five wins to level A in the Men, Women, Masters, and Singlespeed categories. Although upgrades are always encouraged, whether or not they are mandatory is at the discretion of race organizers. Decisions will be based on a case-by-case basis, primarily taking into account the racing history of the individual in questions. 

All B riders upgrading can take up to 50 accumulated Series points with them into their new category.  

Series Upgrade points are tabulated each week, posted on the SoCalCross web site, and are effective for the following race date.  Upgrade points shall be calculated from each race day’s final results.  When riders have reached a mandatory upgrade, they shall be notified via email and a list of upgraded riders will be posted at race sign-in each week.

5. Category Changes and Series Championship Points

When a rider changes categories (or upgrades) during the season, a maximum of 50 points earned from the prior category shall carry over with the rider into the new category.  All other Series points remain in the respective categories they were earned in.  All points earned during the race Series, however, shall apply to a rider’s Team Rankings (see below for details). 

6. Series Points and Series Championship Points

Series Points are awarded at the end of each race day based on each rider’s final results for each category. (See chart below under Individual Rankings & Series Points.)  Note, a rider may race in more than one category. The rider with the most points in their respective race category at the end of the season is the Series Champion of that race category. An individual Series championship is based on a rider’s points earned in his/her BEST 8 FINISHES. 

7. Team Ranking Points & Team Names

Riders may race in more than one race category to earn Series points.  The Series points earned by individual team riders in all categories raced during the Series are used for team rankings. Team Rankings and are based on the combined earned points of ALL team members in all raced categories. At the end of the season, the team with the most combined earned points for ALL team members, in ALL race fields and for ALL races completed during the season wins the Series Team Championship.

To accumulate Team Ranking Points, riders must put their team name on their entry form so that points earned from that day’s results will count toward their team’s accumulated points.  Team rankings will be updated weekly from the final results and will be posted on the SoCalCross web site. For your team to receive team points your Team Name must show on final results of the day. Note: All teams must have ONE designated team name for the accuracy of tabulations.  

8. Individual Ranking & Series Points

All race categories will rank riders in the Series according to the points earned based on the SoCalCross Prestige Series Chart finishing order below. For the last scheduled race of the Series, Series points are based on 1.5x the points available.  Riders must be present at the Series final to receive overall Series prizes.

The best 8 finishing results for each rider will be used to calculate their individual Series ranking including the final race.  In the case of a Series points tie, the finish order from the last race will be used to rank tied riders. For example, if a rider races in the last scheduled race of the Series and ties another rider who raced, or did not race the last race, then the finishing order will determine the winner. Standings are calculated weekly and posted on the SoCalCross results page.

SoCalCross Prestige Series Points Chart

Places 1-10


Place 11-20










































9. Results Location & Protest Period

Results shall be posted at a specific place at the race venue.  The results location will be indicated at sign-in and staging.  Results will be processed as correct and as soon as possible, and when posted, shall have the time of posting written on them.  When results are posted they will be announced on the speaker system.  There is a 15 minute Protest Period once results are posted.  Protests will be handled at the timer/scorer's tent at the Finish line.  It is up to individual riders to check race results before their results become final after the Protest Period.

10. District Championship Races

Downgrading categories to participate in a SCNCA or NABRA championship race is not permitted.

C. Racing 

1. Pre-Registration

All riders are encouraged to pre-register to save time and race day registration fees.  When you pre-register there will be a completed printed race day registration form and all you have to do is to sign the form.  Discounted multi-race season passes are available online or can be purchased at registration.

2. Race Day Registration

Registration for all events will be available on race day.  An additional fee may apply to race day registration.  Except for UCI races, race day registration closes 20 minutes before the published start times of each race.  UCI race day registration closes 1 hour before the published race start time. 

When you complete registration you will receive a race number (or numbers).  Left/Right side placement is dependent on the race day finish set-up. Pins will be provided to pin on your number.  Always ask what side the number is to be pinned on or refer to the registration table at the race for correct side placement.  Attach your number “right-side up” on the designated side!  (An exception is made for the superstitious who may receive the #13 and put it upside down.)  You should attach your number so that it is parallel to the ground when in the riding position. 

3. Timing Chips

During registration you will receive a timing chip.  The chip number will be noted on your registration form.  The timing chip must be secured by the velcro strap to either ankle. Ankle placement is the most consistent placing for accurate lap times and seamless bike swaps in the pit.  Do NOT place the timing chip on your bike (e.g., on the stem), as it will not read properly.   Please return the timing chip promptly when your race is over, unless you have a Season VIP - Personal Pro chip.  There will be a $50 replacement fee assessed for lost and unreturned chips each season. Chip return boxes will be clearly marked.

4.Course preview

There will be a break between races for riders to pre-ride the course.  The course preview will be open once the race wave leader crosses the finish for the win and upon direction of a race official.  (All riders on the course finish on the first waves winner’s lap.)  Previewing course riders must enter the course past the Finishing area at a designated point and proceed in the direction of course travel.  Do not pass anyone that is currently racing and pull over for someone who is still racing.  While pre-riding the course never cross the finish line.

5. Pre-Staging Area, Start Grid, Call-up & Staging Order

The race announcer will announce staging to riders before their start time.  It is the responsibility of an individual rider to be on time for their start. There will be a clearly marked Pre-Staging Area near the start.  Stay in that area before your field is called up.  Staging for the start will be at the designed Start Grid. Call-up staging order will be based on the Series riders rankings for that field.  Do not enter the start grid before call-up or told to do so by the Starter. To avoid crashes Do Not overlap wheels in the grid.  In the case of races with multiple field waves there will be a break between each wave for their respective call-ups and start. 

6. The Pit 

A double entry bike pit or two separate pits will be on the course.  Always enter the pit in the direction of course travel at the Pit Entrance and always Exit the pit in the direction of travel.  If a rider has passed the entry of the Pit Entrance but has not yet passed the Pit Exit for that direction, riders may come back to the Pit Entrance. Dismount and return to the Pit Entrance on foot.  Riding backwards on the course or short-cutting through the pit will result in an automatic disqualification.  

“Your equipment in, your equipment out.”  Using other riders’ or teams’ equipment without permission is strictly prohibited.  In the event of neutral service, using any equipment provided (e.g., wheels, bikes, etc.) is not prohibited.  Riders are encouraged to label the wheels they leave in the pit area. Please remove any equipment left in the pit promptly after your race.

7. Finish

All riders finish on the race wave leader’s finish.   Lap cards at the finish line will be displayed for riders to see as they pass indicating “laps to go” based on the leading wave’s race leader’s “laps to go.”  The announcer will try to announce “laps to go” as well.  A bell will be sounded for the start of last lap.  

It is the rider’s responsibility to pay attention to how many laps there are to go.  Please clear the course in a safe manner as soon as possible after finishing so staff can prepare the next race.  At some races a lapped rider may be pulled if officials decide. If you do not finish (DNF) due to a mechanical or other reason, please come to timer/scorer's table/tent and let them know so they have an accurate account of who finished.

8. General

Stay on course while racing.  Under normal conditions, do not cut the course when course tape is down due to crashes, wind damage, or other reasons.  For safety do not ride in reverse or against the direction of race travel during a pre-ride or a race.  Allow faster riders to pass when clear to do so.  In the event something unexpected happens during a race (e.g., a medical emergency, a course obstruction, inclement weather, etc.) listen to/watch race staff for directions on what to do with regard to the incident.

9. Appropriate Bicycles

Mountain bikes are acceptable for C category races. Mountain bikes are frowned up but ultimately acceptable for B category races. Mountain bikes are not permitted for A category races. 

D. Other

1. Course Crossings   

Please use designated marked course crossings.  Always look both ways before crossing regardless of the direction of course travel.  Avoid damage to the course tape if crossing the course at a non-crossing section. Avoid “surprising” riders or pre-riders when you cross the course.  Staff working on course repairs or course building shall exercise caution.  Likewise, riders should exercise caution when staff are building or repairing the course.

2. Trash

Do Not Throw Trash on the ground or on the course or around the racing venue.  Deposit all trash in the appropriate containers.  Please respect the parks and course venues we race in so in the future we may return.

3. Feeding

Feeding is permitted by the Chief Referee in accordance to USAC handbook, rule 4A15.  Exceptions may be made by the Chief Referee as to where and when feeding may take place. Normally there is no feeding permitted in the first two and final two laps of a race, and all feeding is to take place in the pit lane.  UCI allows riders to enter the pit and retrieve a bottle from their second pitted bike.  The Prestige Series abides by these USAC rules. However, the Prestige Series recognizes that using the pit area as a dual function area (i.e., for feeding and pitting) can cause problems.  Therefore, in non-USAC sanctioned Prestige Series races, an exception may be made to allow feeding at other designated areas besides the pit. Note: riders are allowed to carry bottles or ride with a hydration system (e.g., Camelbak) during the race.

4. Helping with Course Take-Down.

Cyclocross is ultimately a community endeavor. If at all possible, riders and spectators are encouraged to help staff “take-down the course” after the race has finished.  This may mean helping to collect course tape, stakes, banners, barriers; helping to take down pop-ups, a fly-over, the finishing stand, the podium; helping with loading equipment, supplies and with general clean-up, etc. Helping with course take-down is greatly appreciated! Contact if you are interested in getting more involved.  


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