Samaniji Kanchan Pragyaji Bio

Samaniji Kanchan Pragyaji is a disciple of his hoiness acharya Shree Mahashraman, and is a visiting professor of Jain Darshan & Jeevan Vigyan. She has travelled to many countries including USA, Bhutan, Indonesia, Singapore etc and throughout India. She holds M.A.  in Science of Living, JVB Ladnun University as well as M.A. in Philosophy and Comparative Religion, JVB Ladnun University. She has expertise in Yoga & Meditation, Jain Philosophy and she has command over Hindi, Rajasthani, English, Sanskrit & Prakrit languages. She has conducted camps and workshops and is Occupying role of spiritual nun in Terapanth Sect for last 25 years.

Samani Pranav Pragyaji  Bio

Samani Pranav Pragyaji is a discipile of his holiness Acharya Shree Mahashraman. She is lecturer at JVBU India and has  M.A. in English literature, JVB Ladnun University, M.A. in Philosophy and Comparative Religion, JVB Ladnun University, and UGC-NET (2010) Jainism, Buddhism, Gandhian and Peace Study. She has travelled to USA, UK, Rome, Belgium, Bahrain, Dubai, Nepal and many states of India as part of her work. She has expertise in Yoga, Meditation and Jain Philosophy and knows many languages such as Hindi, Rajasthani, English, Sanskrit & Prakrit.  She has conducted camps and has presented Jain prayer in House of Common in London and in Rome.