Notice of Race

BSDRA Midland Area Team Racing Championships 2019 Oxford Sailing Club, Farmoor. Saturday 5th October 2019

The Organising Authority shall be Magdalen College School with assistance from OSC and OSTT, on behalf of the BSDRA. 1. Introduction

1.1. The event is for three boat teams and will be sailed in Firefly dinghies supplied by the Organising Authority.

Each boat shall be sailed by two people. 1.2. The event is to be held at Oxford Sailing Club, Farmoor, OX2 9NS on Saturday 5th October 2019. 2. Rules

2.1. The event will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) including Appendix D,

Team Racing Rules. 2.2. Races will be umpired 2.3. Sailing Instructions will be available at Registration. 2.4. In accordance with RRS 70.5(a) the right of appeal will be denied. 3. Entries and Deposit

3.1. Entries are invited from teams that may represent a single school or sailing club and shall consist of six

persons, of which only three need helm. All competitors must be in full time attendance at secondary school. Each team must be accompanied by a responsible adult. 3.2. Entries should be made using the electronic Entry Form linked in section 9 below. 3.3. Entries must be received by no later than 1600 on Wednesday 25th September 2019. 3.4. The Entry Fee will be £85, payable by BACS. See details in section 9 below. 3.5. There is an additional charge of £5 to teams from non-BSDRA schools which covers BSDRA membership for

one year 4. DAMAGE

4.1. No damage deposit from BSDRA Member Schools is payable on entry. Appendix A of the NoR applies and creates a binding contract between the team, their Member School and the Organising Authority. If a team fails to comply with Appendix A of the NoR or any direction issued to them by the Organising Authority, they may be disqualified without a hearing from the Championships. This changes rule RRS 63.1. 4.2. Teams invited at the discretion of the OA under NoR 3.1 who are not members of the

BSDRA will be required to provide a damage deposit of £200 per team. Any damage to the supplied boats while in the care of a competitor shall be deducted from this deposit. In the event that a deduction from the damage deposit is decided by the O.A., it may require the deposit be restored to its original amount before the team will be permitted to continue in the event. 5. Event Format and Schedule

5.1. Registration will take place from 0900. 5.2. There will be a Briefing for all competitors at 0930. 5.3. The first warning signal will no earlier than 0957. 5.4. The Event Format and Schedule will be available at Registration. 6. Buoyancy and Clothing

6.1. Each competitor must wear a minimum 50N CE marked buoyancy aid. 6.2. Each competitor must wear suitable clothing for the conditions which may include wet suits or dry suits.

BSDRA Midland Area Team Racing Championships 2019 Notice of Race

6.3. The organiser retains the right to refuse entry to any competitor who does not meet these

requirements. 6.4. Competitors are strongly advised to wear suitable footwear when sailing at this event. 7. Prizes

7.1. Prizes will be awarded to the overall winners. 7.2. Other prices may be awarded at the discretion of the Organising Authority. 8. Risk Statement and Insurance

8.1. Rule 4 of the Racing Rules of Sailing states: "The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or

to continue racing is hers alone." Sailing is by its nature an unpredictable sport and therefore inherently involves an element of risk. By taking part in the event, each competitor agrees and acknowledges that: (a) They are aware of the inherent element of risk involved in the sport and accept responsibility for the

exposure of themselves, their crew and their boat to such inherent risk whilst taking part in the event; (b) They are responsible for the safety of themselves, their crew, their boat and their other property whether

afloat or ashore; (c) They accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to the extent caused by their own actions or

omissions; (d) Their boat is in good order, equipped to sail in the event and they are fit to participate; (e) The provision of a race management team, patrol boats and other officials and volunteers by the event

organiser does not relieve them of their own responsibilities; (f) The provision of patrol boat cover is limited to such assistance, particularly in extreme weather conditions,

as can be practically provided in the circumstances. 9. Contact and Entry

9.1. To submit an entry, please complete the online entry from here and make payment of £85 per team by

BACS to Magdalen College School: NatWest; Sort code: 60-70-03; Account number: 01530755; Reference: [Your schools’ name]. No further entries will be accepted after 1600 on Wednesday 25th September. For further information, please contact:

James Unwin Magdalen College School Oxford OX4 1DZ


BSDRA does not require teams to lodge damage deposits prior to racing. This is because of the increasing difficulties in issuing and reimbursing cheques. The following system will therefore apply. By entering the Championships, teams and Member Schools expressly agree to follow and comply with this system without delay or dispute.

A.1. Each team is liable for up to £200 of damage costs per racing incident. A.2. Any decision on liability or the quantum of any damage is solely for the Organising Authority

to determine. The decision of the Organising Authority is final and teams and competitors agree to accept it without dispute. A.3. In the event that a team is assessed liable for damage costs, and these are not paid at the

event, BSDRA will issue a damage notice and invoice to the Member School. Invoices must be paid (without set off or deduction) within 14 days unless an extension is agreed with the Organising Authority. A.4. In the event of damage occurring, the Race Committee may require a payment from the

team at the event to be made towards the damage costs. Teams shall make any such payment when required to do so. A.5. Failure to comply with a damage notice within 14 days (or any extension period) is a breach

of this Appendix and the Organising Authority may (a) disqualify the team in question without a hearing; (b) disqualify any other teams from that relevant Member School without a hearing; (c) re-allocate any qualification places immediately to other teams. A.6. The Organising Authority may amend or cancel a damage notice at any time and may

reinstate a team disqualified. A.7. Teams must also be aware that if a damage notice is not complied with, the Member School

in question will not be in good standing with BSDRA and will have its membership rights (including the right to compete at BSDRA events) suspended. The BSDRA Committee wishes to make clear that any failure to comply with the damage system will be regarded extremely seriously by the Committee. This system is used to help Member School and the increasing difficulty of obtaining deposits from their finance departments. If the trust involved in this system is abused, the Committee will take the necessary action to exclude the offending school from future participation until all debts are paid.