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Boxing for Health:

Boxing for Health Flyer

September 27 2019

CNIB Night Steps Ottawa:

Night Walk Poster

July 2019

Summer Skate:

The Minto Skating club hosts the largest skating competition in Canada, July 25-28 for 1000+ skaters from beginner up to national, senior level skaters. They are always looking for responsible students who need volunteer hours to help out.

There are roles that don't require a lot of training (security, music, runners) and some that take varying degrees of training and maturity (Skater and Music Registration, Ice Captain). If you have food prep experience, there may be a place for you in Hospitality.

Volunteers are needed for 4 days July 25-8 from 6AM to 10PM.

The location of the event is the Richcraft SensPlex on Sheffield Road (Montreal Rd/Hwy. 174). There is bus service but depending on the hours, a drive may be required to get there.

Volunteers can sign up now at: