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Camtasia Training - Workshop Handout (Advanced)
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March - May 2021

HKU Camtasia Workshop (Advanced)


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Step 1: Selecting an area that you want to record using Camtasia Recorder

  1. You are recommended to record your video in a 16:9 ratio.
  2. Select “1080p (1920x1080)” in the Camtasia Recorder > Click on the ‘Lock’ icon to lock the recording area to a 16:9 ratio.
  1. [For Mac]
  2. [For Windows]

Step 2.1: Video editing

  1. Area selecting and ‘Cut’
  1. Purpose:
  1. Edit out unwanted sections in your video
  1. [For both Windows and Mac]
  1. Use the red/green handles of the Playhead to select an unwanted section (the area will be highlighted in blue) > Click ‘scissor icon’ for a ripple cut OR  
    Right-click on the area and select ‘Ripple Delete Range’
  1. Exercise: Select the area between Point 1 to 2 and ‘Cut’

Step 2.2: Adjust clip speed

  1. Purpose:
  1. You can fasten the clip speed if you think your narration is too slow.
  1. [For both Windows and Mac]
  1. Right-click on the clip > Select ‘Add Clip Speed’ > Change the speed from 1.00x to 1.30x in the ‘Properties’ panel.
  1. Exercise: Change the speed of the clip from 1.00x to 1.30x

Step 3.1 & 3.2: Adding annotations - Arrows & Lines, Callout box

  1. Purpose:
  1. Annotations are useful in highlighting essential content in your video.
  1. Exercise:  Go to ‘Annotations’ > Select ‘Callouts’ or ‘Arrows & Lines’

Step 3.3: Adding annotations - Blur & Highlight

  1. Exercise: Go to ‘Annotations’ > Select ‘Blur & Highlight’ > Add ‘Pixelate’ OR ‘Spotlight’ the texts in Blue

Step 3.4: Adding Cursor Effects

  1. Exercise: Select ‘Cursor Effects’ in the Toolbar > Add ‘Highlight’
  2. Tip: Split a section of the clip if you just want to use this effect in a particular section

Step 3.5: Adding Transitions

  1. Exercise: Select ‘Transitions’ in the Toolbar> Add ‘Fade through Black’ at the end of the sample video

Step 4: Creating advanced animations

  1. Purpose:
  1. Zoom in to a specific area helps to draw your viewers’ attention to the details in that area which would be useful in a demonstration video.
  1. [For Mac]
  1. Select ‘Animations’ in the Toolbar > ‘Scale Up’ (Zoom in) and ‘Scale to Fit’ (Zoom out and return to normal video size)
  2. Preview in Canvas
  1. [For Windows]
  1. Select ‘Animations’ in the Toolbar > ‘Zoom-n-Pan’
  2. Preview in Canvas
  1. Exercise: Zoom in to the underlined words in Step 4 exercise

Step 5: Audio editing

  1. [Step 5.1] Voice Narration

  1. Exercise: Replace the original audio at Point 4
  1. [Step 5.2] Audio Effects

  1. Tips: You are recommended to use a good quality USB microphone for recording your audio.
  2. Exercise:
  1. Import background music from the Exercise Files
  2. Select ‘Audio Effects’ in the Toolbar, then:
  1. Try ‘Noise Removal’
  2. Try ‘Fade In/Fade Out’

Step 6: Backing up/Sharing with others

  1. Exporting for different purposes:
  1. If you would like to back up the project for yourself:
  1. Mac - ‘File’ > ‘Save As…’ > tick ‘Create standalone project’
  2. Windows - ‘File’ > ‘Export’ > ‘Zipped project’
  1. If you have finished editing your project and want to export a video (.mp4):
  1. Mac - Click “Export” (green button at top right corner) > Select ‘Local File’
  2. Windows - Click ‘Share’ (green button at top right corner) > Select ‘Local File’
  1. If you would like to share your unfinished editing project for others to continue to edit:
  1. Mac - ‘File’ > ‘Save As…’ > tick ‘Create standalone project’ > Share your project with others
  2. Windows - ‘File’ > ‘Export’ > ‘Zipped project’ > Share your project with others
  3. Notes: Windows users can export an unfinished editing project for Mac users, and vice versa. To do so:
  1. From Mac to Windows - ‘File’ > ‘Export’ > ‘Project for Windows’
    *This is a known issue of missing audio for videos recorded in TechSmith Capture (iOS) when imported into Camtasia (Windows). When a video is imported into Camtasia, a single audio track from a video can be imported. When a video is recorded using TechSmith Capture, it is common for a video to have both a device and microphone audio track. However, when the video is imported in Camtasia, only one audio track is imported and the other is ignored. Ref: Videos from TechSmith Capture Have No Audio
  2. From Windows to Mac - ‘File’ > ‘Export’ > ‘Project for Mac’
  1. Exercise

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