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2023-24 - Parent Handbook
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 Updated - 17 April 2024

1   General

1.1   School Statement

The School Statement sets out the shared vision of education shared by all members of the school community and is used to guide all decision-making at all levels of the school.


We aim to ensure that all students at HFS grow into responsible global citizens with a love of learning, resilience and compassion toward fellow human beings.


Core Values

Our Core Values are the way we talk to our students about the school’s vision and mission and you should hear your child talking about these values.  Star of the Week awards are given each week based on the core values.

HFS Core Values are...

Curiosity - Creativity - Confidence - Respect - Responsibility - Leadership

Teamwork - Growth Mindset - International Mindset - Environmental Awareness

Our Core Values are the way we talk to our students about the school’s vision and mission and you will hear your child talking about these values.  Star of the Week awards are given each week based on the core values.

1.2   Accreditation

Hyundai Foreign School (HFS) is fully accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS).  CIS accreditation involves the school complying with CIS standards and being subject to regular inspections.

CIS standards cover:

The school’s latest CIS inspection report stated:

At HFS, all staff are dedicated to the students in their care. Every child is known by name and individual needs and talents are known as well.’

‘Hyundai Foreign School is a small, close-knit community where a totally dedicated staff care for and support each individual child.’

‘Students report enjoying their learning, feeling happy and safe at school and enthusiastically discussed aspects of their learning and school life, in particular, international-mindedness.’

1.3   School Site

Hyundai Foreign School moved to its current site in Dongbu Campus of Ulsan College in December 2023. The new site features a three-story building, which has undergone a complete renovation to meet the school’s needs, with a futsal pitch, a basketball court, plenty of outside play areas, a nature garden, a terrace garden, an auditorium which will double as an indoor gym, etc. The facilities available at the current site have been carefully designed and adapted to best meet the educational needs of our students and were praised by our accreditation agency, the Council of International Schools.  The health and safety of our students is always our highest priority and therefore extra attention has been paid to these aspects.  The school site is regularly inspected by Korean and international agencies and policies and practices are in place to ensure that we provide a safe and stimulating educational environment.


Hyundai Foreign School

101, Bongsu-ro, Dong-gu, Ulsan

South Korea


1.4   School Calendar

The latest version of the school calendar can be downloaded from the school website.

1.5   Staff

At HFS we are fortunate to have a talented and dedicated staff of teachers, teaching assistants and support staff.  All our class teachers are fully qualified from the native country and many of our staff have been with the school for many years.


Name and Email

Executive Board Member

Mr. Paul E.S. Kim


Mr. Dan Green

FS 1-2 Class Teacher

Ms Marie McClellan

Year 1-2 Class Teacher

Ms Emma Temple

Year 3-4 Class Teacher

Mr. Nathan Dunn

Year 5-6 Class Teacher

Mr. Richard Morgan

Year 7-9 Class Teacher

Mrs Leah Eyerly

Art Teacher

Ms Yuli Kwak

Korean Teacher

Mrs Gang Lee

EAL Teacher

Ms Tanisha Roberts

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jiyu Byun

Teaching Assistant

Ms Jasmine Hong

Teaching Assistant

Miss Mary Park

Volunteer Teaching Assistant

Ms Barbara Kum

Executive Manager

Ms Esther Yeo

Admin Manager

Ms Yujin An

Admin Staff

Ms Isla Yunju Jeong


Mr. Jungheon Choi

1.6   School Day

The school day starts at 9 am and finishes at 3:30 pm.

After-school activities run from 3:30-4:30 pm.

A more detailed view of the school day for each class is available from the class pages on the school website.

2   School Administration

The Admin Office deals with all non-teaching and learning issues, such as buses, uniforms, etc.

2.1   Admin Office Staff

Executive Board Member

Mr. Paul E.S. Kim

Executive Manager

Ms Esther Yeo

Admin Manager

Ms Yujin An

Admin Staff

Ms Isla Yunju Jeong

Most day-to-day issues are dealt with by Ms Isla Yunju Jeong who is contactable via email:

2.2   Office Hours

The HFS Admin Office is open on school days from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.

2.3   Admissions

Admissions are managed by Ms Isla Yunju Jeong who can offer advice and support.  Families wishing to enrol should complete an Admission Form on the school website.  Admission applications are usually responded to within 1 week during term time, or at the end of holiday breaks.

Once admission has been approved you will be sent a Placement Letter stating the class and teacher, (or waiting list,) that your child has been assigned to.  Placement Letters remain valid for the period indicated on the letter only.  

2.3.1   Korean Passport Holders

Korean government restrictions apply to entry for students holding Korean passports.

Students holding Korean passports are only eligible if:

Due to government regulations, we have limited places for these students at each year level. We will need to check the number of Korean students in your child’s year level before we can confirm enrolment, and may have to place your child on a waiting list in some cases.

2.3.2   Class Placement

Students are placed in classes according to the table below.

2.3.3   Composite Classes

At HFS we operate composite classes, with more than one age range being taught together.  Composite classes allow the school to utilize the resources available to us to best meet the educational needs of all our students.  Composite classes also provide stability and allow us to make groups of students that will work well together.  We are well aware of the potential issues associated with composite classes and work hard to mitigate these. We also strongly believe that composite classes, if managed properly, present many educational opportunities for all students that would otherwise not be present.

Due to our small class sizes, extra support available and the skill and dedication of our teaching team we are confident that we can provide an outstanding education for all our students.  Our teachers are well-trained and experienced in providing differentiated instruction and also in taking advantage of the opportunities presented by composite classes.  We are dedicated to making the small size of our school a strength by paying close attention to the individual needs of each student.  

Due to the nature of our main clients, it is often difficult to predict future student numbers with any accuracy. Projects arrive and leave the shipyards regularly and information about prospective students is often difficult to obtain.  Class compositions are reviewed regularly and we can make changes quickly if circumstances change.  We are also flexible in terms of placing students in classes.  In circumstances where the school and parents agree that the educational needs of a student would be better met in a different class, we are willing to move students.  Students are regularly assessed to ensure that they are benefiting from the educational program we offer and strategies are in place to deal with issues that may arise.

2.3.4   Students with Low Levels of English Language Ability

HFS has no English language proficiency requirements for admission and accepts students regardless of their English language level.

At our school the language of instruction is English and students are expected to use English at all times, both inside and outside the classroom.  We do however accept that a student’s home country language is an important part of their identity and students are not reprimanded for occasionally speaking their native language.

We often find that students joining with a low level of English proficiency can make amazing progress when exposed to English every day in the classroom and whilst playing with their classmates.

We are well used to welcoming students arriving from overseas with limited English proficiency and are experienced in helping these students to get the most out of their time in Korea.

While we are happy to accept students with a low level of English proficiency, we expect parents to have realistic expectations regarding the progress their children can make.  Some parts of the curriculum will be difficult for these students to access and initially, school may be stressful.  The right attitude is very important.

HFS also provides extra support lessons with a dedicated ESL teacher to help students identified as needing extra assistance.

2.3.5   Students with special needs

The school has limited capacity for students with severe special educational needs.

Please contact the Admin Office to arrange an interview before enrollment.

2.3.6   Waiting Lists

There may be waiting lists assigned to class levels where class sizes are at maximum.  The lists usually progress quickly due to the transient nature of our community and most waiting list students would generally expect to begin school within 1 term or less.

2.4   School Fees and Payment

School Fee Payments are arranged directly with the Admin Office.  

The school is a non-profit school with 100% of all fees being spent to run the school. School fees include exercise books and most buses for trips, PE, etc.  Occasionally teachers need to collect payment for specific class activities.  Please send all payments to the school in a sealed recycled envelope with the child’s name, purpose and amount written on the outside.

2.4.1   Registration Fee

A non-refundable Registration Fee of 3 million Korean won is charged to new applicants. Payment of this fee guarantees that a place will be kept vacant for up to six months from the payment date.

2.4.2   Annual Tuition Fee

Hyundai Foreign School operates on a three-term basis and invoices for school fees will be issued three times each year, approximately one calendar month before the payment date. Payment, in Korean won, must be made before the commencement of each school term.

Invoices will be issued to parents three times during the school year.

2.4.3   Late Payments

A penalty of 5% will be applied to payments received after the commencement of the term. A student whose tuition fee is outstanding 20 school days after the commencement of the school term will be unable to attend school until the termly fee is paid.

2.4.4   Partial Payments

New pupils entering the school more than 20 school days into a term will be charged on a pro-rata basis.

2.4.5   Hyundai Heavy Industries Discount

Students with a parent working with Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) receive a discount on tuition fees. This discount applies to all HHI employees and employees of companies whose work is directly related to HHI. For example, all employees of class societies and ship owners qualify for the lower tuition rate.

2.4.6   Refunds

Children leaving the school permanently during a term will be entitled to receive a refund on a pro-rata basis. If the leaving date is within the last 20 school days of the term, no refund will be given. If a student is leaving and less than 2 weeks’ notice is given, HFS reserves the right to withhold the tuition fee refund.

2.4.7   Payment Calendar

2.4.8   School Bank Details

2.5   Students Leaving

2.6   School Uniforms

2.7  Student Absences

If your child is unable to come to school please phone or email the Admin Office by 8:30 am.

3   Teaching and Learning

3.1 High-Quality Teaching and Learning

At  Hyundai Foreign School we believe that High-Quality Teaching and Learning…

High-Quality Teaching also incorporates HFS Core Values:

3.2   Our Curriculum

At HFS we use a combination of internationally recognised curricula to best meet the educational needs of our students.  

3.2.1    Cambridge Primary International - Maths and English

Maths and English at HFS are based on the Cambridge Primary Curriculum.  This curriculum provides details on what students should be learning at all levels and also forms the basis for internal and external assessment.

3.2.2  International Early Years/Primary/Middle Years Curriculum

HFS also used the International Early Years/Primary/Middle Years Curriculum for non-core subjects.  These are topic-based curricula that cover all the non-core subjects such as history, geography, social studies etc.  

3.2.3   Other Subjects

All students also receive weekly lessons:   Korean

All students from Year 1 are offered the opportunity to take Korean lessons.  Korean lessons are offered at various levels to suit everyone from absolute beginners to native speakers.

3.3   Reports

Written progress reports are published by the school twice a year.  The Mid-Year Progress Report is published in January and an End of Year Report is published at the end of Term 3.

3.4   Parent-Teacher Meetings

Interviews may be arranged at any time to discuss specific matters. To arrange an interview please contact your child’s class teacher.

3.5   Trips and Experiences

Generally, each class plans at least one field trip, event or experience in each term related to current studies.  Parents may be invited to assist with supervision for some of these. Parents will be notified of all trips via updates on class web pages.

Permission forms outlining the programme, its purpose and what children need to bring are sent out 2 weeks in advance of all trips and the school completes pre-visits and risk assessments for all off-site excursions.  

3.6   After-School Activities

We have after-school activities Monday-Friday from 3:30 pm-4:30 pm.  School Activities cover a range of sports, arts, and personal interests.  Additional activities may be offered by private organisations, at a cost.  Activities run from the second week to the second-to-last week of each term, and students are expected to attend regularly.  An additional bus is available after the end of after-school activities.

3.7   Homework

All classes will receive homework set by the teacher.  The class teacher will organise a homework system at the beginning of the school year and communicate this with parents.  The expectation is that students should be spending around one hour a week doing homework.

There are a wide range of additional resources available, both online and offline, that students could use if more homework is wanted.  Please contact your child’s teacher or the Principal for advice.

3.8   Library

Students have weekly library time.  They may borrow a maximum of 3 books at any time for a maximum of 2 weeks.  Students who finish reading their books within the 2 weeks are welcome to return them and borrow more.

Lost books are charged at ₩20,000 each.

3.9   Use of Computers at the School

All students at HFS make use of computer equipment such as tablets or laptops at school as part of their daily learning.

The school provides all computer equipment needed by students.  All students are issued with a laptop computer and Lower School students also make use of tablets.

Students are also issued with a school email address and access to the Google Suite range of applications.  Students are expected to use their devices and school accounts following the school Digital Citizenship Policy.

3.10   Test and Assessments

We use a range of tests and assessments to track the progress of our students

3.10.1   InCAS Assessments

InCAS Assessments are a series of online assessments produced by Cambridge Assessment.  Students in Years 1-9 take InCAS Assessments twice per year - once at the beginning of Term 1 and again in the middle of Term 3.  The results are used to track the progress students are making and identify strengths and weaknesses on a school-wide level.  EAL students will usually attempt InCAS Assessments as they are adaptive and start at a very easy level.  The results of these tests are not published, but parents can ask for a Parent-teacher meeting to discuss them.

InCAS Assessments provide an age-standardised score for

The pupil hears a word, which includes a sentence to put it in context. They then use the onscreen keyboard to select the correct letters for the target word.

Assessing the pupil’s ability to process numerical operations quickly and accurately

3.10.2   Cambridge Progress/Checkpoint Tests

3.10.3   In-class test

Each teacher will have their own system of formative assessment and testing happening to their class.  Depending on their age students may do tests such as

4   Students

4.1   Lunches

Students need to bring food from home for breaks and lunches. We provide facilities for hot water and heating.  The school does not provide any other food services.

No specific foods are banned from school but we do encourage healthy eating.

4.2   Birthdays

Birthdays are celebrated at the end of each month.  Parents who wish to send treats to celebrate their child’s birthday are asked to…

4.3   Student Council

The school runs a Student Council which meets regularly with the Principal to talk about the school.  Most students will get a chance to be involved with the School Council each year.

4.4   Student Behaviour

At HFS we believe:

4.4.1   Consequences

When the wrong behaviour is shown by a student the following consequences will be considered:

4.4.2   Parent’s Concerns

If parents are concerned about the behaviour of a student at HFS they should contact their child’s teacher or the Principal.  Parents are asked not to try to deal with problems between students themselves.  The school is much better placed to deal with such issues in a fair and non-confrontational manner.  

4.4.3   Miscellaneous Rules

The following are some little rules we expect all students to follow

4.5   Student Information Policy

Student personal information is collected by the school for reasons outlined in HFS Child Safeguarding & Protection Policy which can be found on the school website.  

4.6   Care of School Property

Students should be taught to take good care of the school property entrusted to them for their use at the school, including laptops, tablets, headsets, furniture, sports equipment, etc. In case students are found to have either deliberately or as a result of negligence damaged school property, their parents will be billed for the full repair/replacement costs.

4.7   Personal Property Policy

Students are discouraged from bringing toys, games or other personal items to school.  Although these items are not banned, if used within reason, the school may ask that a particular item not be brought to school again if it causes problems.

4.8   Mobile Phones

While we prefer that they stay at home, special consideration will be made regarding allowing mobile phones to be brought to school. The school is not responsible for damage or loss of any mobile phone that a student brings to school. Students are not allowed to use their mobile phones in class without specific teacher permission.  Mobile phones should be turned off and handed to the teacher at the beginning of the school day.

5        The School Day

5.1    Morning Drop Off

5.2   End of School Day

5.3  School Bus

5.4   After-School Activities

5.5   Assemblies

School assemblies are held on Fridays after lunch.  

At assemblies we…

6        Health and Safety

6.1 Parents’ Responsibilities

Parents have the responsibility:

6.2   Air Quality and Yellow Dust

Korea sometimes suffers from periods of poor air quality that can affect the operation of the school.

The school monitors the air quality through the official government website and takes appropriate action to ensure the health and safety of the students.

At times when the air quality is particularly bad, outdoor activities may be restricted or cancelled.

6.3   No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted within 30 meters of the perimeter of the school.

6.4   Medications

6.5   Contact Forms

The school requires that all students attending HFS have completed an up-to-date contact form.  If you move house or any other details on the contact form change, please contact the Admin Office to update our records.  The Contact Form is available on the School Website under ‘Admissions’

7        Parents

7.1   School Newsletters

A School Newsletter is published every Friday during term time.  The newsletter features information about upcoming events and other important information.  Newsletters are automatically sent to the email address provided on your contact form, as well as posted on the school webpage.  If you would like to receive the school newsletter to a different email address, please contact the Admin Office.

7.2   Class Updates

In addition to the School Newsletter, each class also publishes a Class Update every Friday during term time.  The Class Update is a great way to keep track of what students are learning in class, as well as other important information.   Class Updates are automatically sent to the email address provided on your contact form, as well as posted on the school webpage.  If you would like to receive the Class Updates to a different email address, please contact the Admin Office.

7.3   PTA

The PTA is an informal group that meets as required to organise events in consultation with the school.  All PTA fundraising is used to run the PTA events. The PTA has helped organise Halloween parties, graduation parties and other such events in the past.  New parents are always welcome.  Details of PTA meetings and events are published in the school newsletter.

7.4   Parent Volunteers

There are various opportunities for parents to volunteer to help in school.  In the past parent volunteers have been involved in activities such as reading with students, accompanying trips, organising the library and running after-school activities.  If you are interested in volunteering in school please contact the Principal.

7.5   Consultative Committee

7.6   Parking for Parents