Consent Form - Leadership in School Events  


Guidelines for Student Led Events

PURPOSE - All the events scheduled for students are in integration with the curriculum of the school. Students led event gives students an in-depth understanding of the objective of particular events and also gives them a chance to exhibit their talent in various ways to make the event meaningful.

Students get an opportunity not just to participate but also to get themselves involved in planning the marketing and executing the event. It encourages and develops qualities like leadership, teamwork communication, and management strategy.

List of events:  

  1. Nomination and Selection Procedure:

  1. Event Co-ordinator (The person who is completely in charge of the event from student side)
  2. Segment Coordinator (The person who is in charge of the particular segment only)
  3. Activity/venue leader (The person who is in charge of a particular venue or activity only).  

  1. Previous experience in any such role or event
  2. Goal/aim for choosing such an event
  3. Academics of the student
  4. Administrative skills
  5. Relations with other students
  6. Communication skills
  7. Commitment level

2. Arrangements:

  1. Checking the availability of venue (Resource calendar on Lighthouse) to avoid any clashing with any other event/schedule.
  2. Make budget making, if required
  3. Involving teacher/admin staff in planning the event
  4. Transport permission
  5. Food and Housekeeping permission
  6. Mandatory appointment of Safety incharge from staff side for all the student-led the event
  7. Permission to use School/board logo.

3. Passing of Information (communication):

4. Important points to be noted while promoting the event on any social media platform.

5. Security Checklist for Student Led Events:

6. Feedback:


7. Important Guidelines for students participating in Students Led Events.