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Year 6
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Year 6 Home Learning

Welcome to the Year 6 Home Learning page. I will be updating this page regularly with a range of tasks that can be completed at home and websites which may be of use.

If you need to contact me for any reason or want to share any work you have done, please email me at . If you are in need of technical help please contact Mr Gleeson at .

You can access the Norfolk cloud portal through this link Norfolk Cloud Portal for your email, Google drive, Google classroom as well as Espresso Coding.

FOR PARENTS: Now that most of the children are engaging with Google classroom on a regular basis, I would like to invite parents to join us too. Any parent who wishes to have their own access to our Google classroom page can send me their email and I will be able to link it to your child’s page. You will receive a weekly update of the tasks set and how your child has done.

Last Updates: 29.6.20 (This week’s we will continue to work on our theme of Theme Parks)

It was lovely to see some of you on our google meet on Wednesday, and we have made a good start on our theme park work- who knew we had so many theme park and roller coaster fans in the class.

The theme for this week’s tasks is still theme parks and we will finish what we’ve started with designing our own. All of the tasks are listed below and have been set on Google Classroom.

Here is an overview of the work I’ll be expecting you to do at home depending on whether you are coming to school or not:


Those not coming to school:

Early work







Early work added:

Tuesday Thursday

1)Daily maths lessons from Oak National Academy

2)Weekly Sumdog challenge,

3)Weekly Sumdog times table test

3 Writing tasks per week.

30 minutes daily reading.

Tell me about your books.

Daily BBC lesson

Words added wednesday.

Take the Sumdog test by the following Wednesday

2 or 3 tasks a week added Monday.

Those coming to school for 2 days:

Early work







You need to do 1 of the  early work tasks

(whichever day you are not in school for)

1) Sumdog Times tables challenge

2) 3 days of Oak National Academy lessons(Mon, Tues, and Weds)

1 of the set tasks

30 minutes daily reading

3 days of BBC bitesize lessons

Sum dog spelling test

1 of the set tasks

Optional tasks for anyone:

Fun quiz- Fridays

Art- Monday

Book reviews-anyday

Task grid- anyday

BBC Daily lessons:

You can access all of the year 6 lessons for the week here.

Week beginning 29.6.20 schedule looks like this:

Early work:

I will set some early work on a Tuesday and Thursday through a Google classroom form.


Details on tasks will be posted here with any other useful information. Tasks may be set on Sumdog,  MyMaths or could be a practical task based around different maths skills.

To login to MyMaths follow the link and use the username: holtprim and password: circle

29.6.20: This week I’d like you to practice your 11 x table.

Practise it out loud with your family or use the website to help you. Then, when you’re ready, go to the Sumdog website to test your skills with this week’s challenge so I can see how you’ve got on.

29.6.20- Fractions

Go to the Oak National academy  website and find the year 6 maths lessons. This is what you’ll be learning:

Monday: Constructing line graphs

Tuesday: Interpreting pie charts

Wednesday: Using fractions to express proportions

Thursday: Using ratio to express relationships

Friday: Scale factor in Shapes

Work your way through each lesson. Start by taking the quiz then watch the lesson video and have a go at the independent tasks.

 Don’t forget to contact me if you need any help.

Sumdog Weekly Challenges:

Every week I will set you 3 challenges

  1. A challenge linked to the lessons I have set above
  2. A times table challenge
  3. A spelling test

Please make sure you do these challenges before the deadline.

This week’s theme is: Theme Parks

I will be setting you tasks through Google classroom each week. This could be sentence work or could be a bigger piece  of writing. Please send me your work through the classroom so that I can comment and give you a mark.

Feel free to get creative in your free time too. You could write a story about anything you want, do some research for an information sheet or even write a poem. You can use your homework books or type your ideas. If you want to send me your work, I’ll be happy to read it.

Week beginning 29.6.20: Theme Parks part 2

This week your tasks all link to our theme of theme parks again.

Read the tasks carefully and make sure you check your spelling and punctuation.

Task 1 (everyone):.Watch the video of a roller coaster ride filmed by one of it’s passengers here. Once you have watched the video, write a review as if you have just been on it.

Think about these elements:

Describe the ride's main features

How would it feel?

Which bits would be the scariest?

How does it compare to other rides you have been on?

Task 2 (everyone): I'd like you to design a poster to promote your theme park. Remember to make it colourful, easy to read and eye-catching. Does your theme park have a logo? A mascot?

You can either use the google slide I've created or you can work on paper and send me a picture of your work.

Task 3 (those at home): To go with your work from last week when you started to design your own theme park, I'd now like you to think about promoting your park and attracting customers. I'd like you to write a 30 second long script for a radio advert. This could be just one person speaking or could have more than 1 person involved, it is up to you.

Your script must promote a key ride at your park and encourage people to visit by using persuasive language and exciting language, explain the themes you have included and give a promotional offer.

If you like, you could even record yourself performing the script, making it into a real advert.

Task 4 (Those at home): Now that you are promoting your park you need to think about how much your tickets will cost. Write down your possible prices and show one way that you could make £1000 from ticket sales.

Task 5 (those at home): Come up with ideas for 3 different items of merchandise for your theme park or one of the rides at your park. These could be t-shirts, magnets, cuddly toys, badges, hats, models- anything you can think of.

Remember that the purpose of merchandise is to make profit and also promote your park so you need to make sure you display the name of the park/ride clearly. Draw your 3 items, decide on a selling price and send me a picture of your work when you are done. Have a look online to see what merchandise different theme parks have.

If you finish your tasks and want to do more work- I highly recommend you doing the lessons on the Oak National Academy website which you can access here.


You should be reading everyday for 20-30 minutes. It is a great idea if you build this time into a routine (such as everyday before bed) to help you achieve this. You should also read a range of texts- this could be newspapers, poems, information texts as well as books.

If you finish a book, I’d love to know what you thought of it, so please send me an email with a short review.

Class Reads

These are books for us all to read. Leave your comments on the Google classroom discussion boards

Y6 Book Club

Add your comments to the Google Classroom discussion.

I have decided not to give you all specific pages to read anymore. Keep reading and leave any comments on the Google classroom message board.

Norfolk Library ebooks

The new book club book is Cogheart. I have read this book at its great- we also read an extract for guided reading if you can remember that far back. I highly recommend it!

The book club books have an unlimited number of copies so you can all read them at the same time on your devices.

All of the books will be free to download using the Libby app on tablets or phones.  All you need is your library card and PIN.If you’re not a member of the library, you can use this link here to join online.

Our Class Book Reviews

Email me with your reviews and I’ll add them here

It’s basically about a girl that tells stories but in a very fascinating way. She tells them to her cousins but there are a couple of twists during the story. I read it every night. I can’t wait to finish it !!!!

I recommend this to people who like adventure but in an everyday life way.

I really liked this book. It is a great adventure story with lots of action. The main character is Pip the mouse joins the fight against the Nazis in WW2. It’s all about a secret army of animals who work together to help defeat the Nazis and help Britain win the war and it’s full of danger and courage.

By Patrycja

By Miss Wilcox


I will be regularly updating a spelling list on this page. Please take some time to practise the words and learn any connected spelling rules.  I will set a test on Sumdog each week to see how much you’ve learnt.

29.6.20 Spellings: Take the Sumdog spelling test by next Sunday.

Amateur   awkward   community   conscious   controversy   determined   especially   leisure   necessary   thorough

This week’s spellings are all from the year 5&6 spelling list. Don’t forget to take the Sumdog spelling test when you think you have learnt them.

You can access the spelling games on Sumdog. Just use the following link to take you to the login page Sumdog login page  for some extra practise. Another useful site  for practising spelling rules is Spellingframe.


We will be taking the opportunity to recap some of the key parts of grammar with a variety of tasks. Make sure you use the skills you learn in your writing to ‘Make every sentence count’.

29.6.20- BBC Bitesize daily lessons You can access the lessons here.

Just for fun:

Look here for a fun challenge to have a go at each week. This is an optional task you can try with your family.

29.6.20- This week I have sent you some Hink Pinks to solve. You will get a clue which will lead to a 2 word rhyming answer.

For example: A black bird that isn’t very fast= A slow crow.

See how many of them you can get and I’ll post the answered next week.

Escape room:

Escape rooms are challenges in which you need to solve a series of clues in order to escape from a room. I have found some free online escape rooms I thought I’d share with you. You need to think carefully about the information you are given in order to workout the answers and get to the end of the challenge.

It’s a great team challenge to do with your family and will certainly get you thinking!

There are 3 free puzzles to solve on the Escape from home website. Just scroll to the bottom of the page to find them.


Each week I will add a new link to an art activity. I’ll leave older links up so you can still access them if you’d like to try them again.


Illustrator Rob Biddulph You can access them all at Draw with Rob

How to draw a bird step by step.

Watch the video here

How to draw a leaf

Interesting Reads:

Here are some links to some topical reading you might find interesting.


First News


A new book has been released for children. It is all about the coronavirus and explains all about it in a really clear and easy way. It is fantastic if you have any questions. You can get the book here.

First News, the fantastic newspaper designed specifically for children is now available online. You can keep up to date with everything happening around the world here.

The Book of Hope- words and pictures to comfort, inspire and entertain children in lockdown.

This ebook for children is full of short stories, poems, essays and pictures.Access the book online here.

Task Grid:

Here are a selection of activities you could try if you get bored or want to try something a bit different. I’d love to see any photos!

Join lots of other children and make a rainbow picture to put up in your window to spread cheerfulness in the community. Read about the project here:

Watch a ZooCam- if there’s not much happening try again another time. You can watch different animals in zoos around the world.

Draw alongside an author. Watch the videos of famous illustrators creating characters.

Take a virtual tour of The National Gallery.

Plant a seed/bulb or help out with the gardening.

Plan and cook an evening meal (with adult supervision, of course) for your family – don’t forget to set the table and create your own restaurant style menu! Perhaps your family members can rate the experience based on presentation and taste.

Learn how to sew/knit/crochet.

Build a model- could be lego, junk or anything else.

Go star gazing. There is a useful guide here.

Read to someone.

Follow a recipe.

Complete a jigsaw puzzle.

Set up a still life and draw/paint what you see.

Write a diary entry for today.

Make a bird feeder.

Learn how to make hand shadow puppets.

Find out what happened today in history.

Learn some sign language here.

Help to tidy up/ help with the housework.

Explore The Science Museum with videos, games and investigations.

Watch a bbc bitesize clip about the Anglo-Saxons or Vikings.

Watch a bbc bitesize clip and learn some new French words.

Sort some of your old toys to take to the charity shop when we can go out again.

Explore the National  Geographic Kids website for science and nature facts.

Complete a crossword, word search or sudoku.

Create your own board game to play with family members.

Play a board game.

Learn about your family history and create a family tree.

Create an indoor/outdoor obstacle course for your family to take part in.

Make a den in your back garden.

Set up a camp in your back garden (or living room). Will you camp out overnight?

Research and memorise the Kings and Queens (UK). You can use the Horrible Histories song here.

Make fruit kebabs.

Design a ‘positive thoughts’ poster for your bedroom wall or to put up in the window.

Make a sock bunny. Instructions here.

Learn to  touch-type (this is when you don’t need to look at the keys).

Other Useful Websites:

BBC Bitesize

Primary homework help

Top marks

Remember to take care over your work and if you need any help, contact me.

Miss Wilcox