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Privacy Policy & Data Protection Consent
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Privacy Policy & Data Protection Consent

Privacy Policy & Data Protection Consent


Hartford Sub-Aqua Club take your privacy very seriously. We aim to be fully compliant with the Global Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR). This document describes what personal data we store, how it is stored, and what you can do if you are unhappy.

What Data Do We Store?

The contact details provided by non-members who make an information request to the club are only used to get back in touch, and are not retained any more than 30 days from the most recent point of contact.

When you join, the club records the following details from your membership application:

  1. Name, Telephone Number, Email, Street Address - stored so we can contact you
  2. Diving qualifications - stored to allow processing of renewals and training records
  3. Date of Birth, Emergency contact details, Allergies - stored in case of emergencies, and to generate your ICE (In Case of Emergency) card
  4. DBS check status (instructors only)
  5. Medical self-certifications
  6. Data Protection consent

Note that emergency contact details are details optionally provided by you, indicating who to contact in case of an emergency. It is your responsibility to ensure that emergency contacts are aware of their role, and are aware that the contact details you give us will be stored by the club.

Personal Data may be recorded in several places:

  1. Membership Database - all data as described above
  2. Training Database - stores member’s name, training status, email and phone numbers
  3. Consent forms - name only
  4. Kit Rota - name, email and phone number only

In addition the club uses security CCTV in our equipment store. Images taken by this system are recorded for a maximum of 72 hours before being automatically deleted.

Who Do We Share It With?

Club Members

Permission to access personal data is granted by the Membership Secretary to members on a “need to know” basis, and access is revoked by the Membership Secretary immediately permission is no longer required.

Third Parties

Personal data is never shared with any third party, except in the interests of the safety of members participating in club events.

All members are necessarily also current members of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC), who will store much of the same data. However we are not in a position to make any statements about how BSAC may store or use your personal data.

Where Do We Store It?

Personal data held by Hartford Sub-Aqua Club are stored using the free version of Google Drive, which is an online cloud data service. We believe that Google’s privacy policy and their compliance with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework are sufficient to protect our personal data stored on Drive.

CCTV images are recorded in a stand-alone security system at the club equipment store.

How Long Will We Store It?

Personal data is deleted from daily records at most 3 months after membership ceases, but will be kept in backups for at least 3 years (handy if you are having a hiatus but may want to re-join in the future.)

While we will make our best efforts to ensure you are forgotten, please note that the club makes use of certain backup and history facilities of Google Drive that may make it impractical to remove all records.

CCTV images are automatically deleted at most 72 hours after being recorded.

How Can You Control The Data We Store On You?

If you want to see all the data the club has on you, and / or get personal data changed, corrected, or deleted, please contact the Membership Secretary at

Please note that for the safety of other club members, and to comply with Safe Diving practices, the club may not be able to make all modifications you might request while you still remain a member.

What Happens When You Ask For Changes?

We have strict procedures in place that cover what happens when you ask to see your data, or get any data changed. You can review these procedures here:

By signing below you agree that you have read and understand this document, and consent to Hartford Sub-Aqua Club storing your personal data within the limitations described above.

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