During the past few months, the Lord of Tachyon  has been at work to fix as much as possible with the crumbling Order, gaining trust from many of the anti-Tachyean communities. The only problem that he’s been experiencing is an issue as to the actual assignment that the Elders desire him to do. As the first route was discussed as something that the Elders needed to understand for if he had no choice in the route, then Neoum would have to have an even longer prep period for having no background to the situation as well as not being in the mindset to focus on the task. Sulfern had made great effort for the first one to be in Neoum’s terms, but sadly with him not always able to attend the meetings in person, neoum is stuck to the agenda of the Elders.

 If the Elders proposals weren’t so general to the major problems the Order is experiencing. I think that by doing the little things, the end goal will result to a form of trickle effect that would allow more progress to the overall goal. They only want to have the big picture handled, like the massive development of a galactic corporation that’s going around taking advantage of many of the systems without the Tachyium chargers, or have abandoned the Tachyeans completely. The corporation pollutes every system that it takes into its reach. The problems that have been developing are that  the chargers takes a while to be constructed for the fact that there are a lot of the Elites that have been trapped into many areas that have been having large  problems with Tachyean relations as well as overall conflict between the systems or planets amongst them. The biggest issue is to then haul them through the galaxy to each area that needs to replenish their Tachyium supply, and it’s because the longer it takes to establish each one, another system is going to be captured by the corporation that’s been dubbed as the Shadow Makers. The worst part of all of this is the fact that we haven’t been able to find their motives as to what their end goal shall be. They are just the tip of the iceberg though when it comes to problems the Order and I have to deal with.

The latest meeting was called to order as usual by Jelnorelus, which was a bit out of it today from the fact that the meeting was scheduled by Neoum last second for everyone to attend, even Sulfern would have to do it. {Before we start today, I just need to make sure that everyone is prepared for whatever this established meeting will be about. Also I would like to make sure that no one is absent to this serious meeting up ahead} As the others started to prep for this meeting, Neoum went over to Sulfern, who was pouting from the fact that he had to cancel the newest episode of the Universe Showdown. {Thank you for coming all this way Sulfern, I really appreciate it. You did make it here rather fast, were you behind because of the show stuff you had to do or…} {Neoum, comrade, I would just like to get this over with so that I can just call everyone back to the studio, unless you want this to be a big thing?} neoum felt a bit of sass from that, Sulfern was giving everyone a distasteful look. {Sulfern, this is going to be very important, and I just want you to be able to understand my side of the case at hand okay. I need to chat with Jelnorelus about this as well, so don’t get to upset if this takes days to finish.} Neoum started off towards Jelnorelus with Sulfern getting upset fairly quick. (Neoum, are you serious, I shan't be so swift to your aid in this one!)

Neoum confronted Jelnorelus mid-call as he knew that this would be more important than any call that could be transmitted. {Sorry to interrupt your call Jelnory, but I need you to understand this will be… who are you chatting with Jelnory?} Jelnorelus was happier from a moment ago when she was presenting to the Elders. She was quite not there from the call, and Neoum could tell that look she was having, though he has only seen it once back in the flashback quite some time ago during their first battle. {Oh, I, um, sorry Neoum, I’m a bit twisted with my thoughts at the moment. What were you trying to discuss?} { like I was trying to convey to you, I need you to help me out with this challenge as of the moment. I want to make sure that you will be support me in the coming decision as I know this will be the right path for the Order and the known universe as a whole. You and Sulfern may be my only support out of the Elders, so I just wanted to thank both of you for the kindness, and wisdom you have shown me, but it’s time I make a proper decision for my people.} {Neoum, I understand that this could be very important, but as you said, if this really as big of a choice as you’re making it to be, then you will have to earn the respect of at least four other Elders. I also wouldn’t trust Sulfern, he is quite the wild card at times. He could take the entire room to his opinion with ease if you don’t watch him.} {Well, I beat him before right, and I trust that he will behave himself, or at least that’s the plan. I need to get to the podium, hype myself up and what not.}

Neoum never thought of Sulfern as a problem in this situation. He figured that if anything, he would just need to worry about the other Elders for they have been a bit selfish in recent times, but Sulfern has no loyalties except his own. He wants to have the most fun with whatever game he ends playing, and todays will be politics, and the structure of the entire Order of Tachyon. I must be ready for this. Neoum knew that everything needed to go perfectly with this or else he wouldn’t be able to free up more ways to assist the issues the Order has developed.

Jelnorelus went to the Master Elder podium, ready for whatever Neoum was planning. She had faith that Neoum would have the good of the Universe in mind when it comes down to the matter. {Attention everyone, the meeting will start in five minutes! Get the last of your preparations for the meeting wrapped up, and be ready to make an important stances to today’s topic for it may affect the very workings of the entire Order of Tachyon!} Jelnorelus felt the pressure building up, as she wasn’t prepared to properly defend Neoum if needed. This will be all up to him to figure out this mess. I just hope that rotten Sulfern doesn’t meddle in this more than he has to. Neoum felt that this will be able to work itself out if anything would go erey, so he just decided the best thing to do would be to just get to his position.Then, just as Neoum went toward the podium, he received a message from nono other than Jacen.