Spanish 3

Spring 2019

Sr Soper

Course Description: SPANISH 3 Course ID: 253333 Open to grades: 10 - 12 UC/CSU eligibility: This course is approved for “E” Language credit Prerequisites: Grade of B or better in level 2 or instructor approval

The primary emphasis in these courses is on oral communication, but the honing of reading and writing skills is also stressed. The courses include class discussions, interviews, spontaneous interpretation, composition, and literature.


Retake Policy

Grading Scale:


        90% - 100% ---- A

        80% - 89.9%---- B

        70% - 79.9%---- C

        60% - 69.9%---- D

        59% - ( how is your effort?)

Additional support is always available, just ask if needed.


        RESPECT - “mi casa es su casa” (Take care of it)

        Be present.  (both physically and mentally)

        Be prepared. ( This is your job!)

Office Hours:

        I am able to meet with you after school most days, Grizz Time, and you can make an appointment.