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Stocking Program Agreement


Dimachem Inc., 3258 Marentette Ave., Windsor, ON, N8X 4G4, Canada


Dimachem is pleased to offer this service due to the long lead times of some raw materials and manufacturing processes. This will Stocking Agreement significantly reduce the lead time for your routine orders and ensure product is available for rapid shipment for emergency situations. Per this agreement, we will stock the following items:

Product Name



Lead Time

Dimachem will manufacture/stock the above items on a rotating basis until this agreement is cancelled in writing. In the event of a business condition or purchasing change or the orders are discontinued or stopped for more then 30 days, the Customer agrees to accept delivery of all remaining stocked quantities of items that Dimachem Inc. is holding as stock, as agreed to by both parties. If should experience any problems with quality, we would require that you notify us in writing immediately in order to make any changes necessary. Any price increases accepted by the Customer are deemed to be accepted updates to this Stocking Agreement. Upon return consent from we will proceed with stocking/manufacturing of the above mentioned items. Please sign below and return at your earliest convenience. Thank you for allowing us to provide our product and services to you.  

Both parties agree to be bound by the Stocking Program Agreement as described above.


(I have the authority to bind the company)

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