DT Preps   2018-19   8B2

Handing in the prep

Books should be handed in (room 21) on the Monday after the prep is set.

Alternatively, write and submit the prep using Google Classroom.

If there is a problem, please let JC know.

Summer Term 2019

Week 5        (20-24 May)

Continue revising lamps and boxes.  Learn how to fix the top back on the box, e.g. with hinges.

Week 3        (6-10 May)

Make sure you know the correct method for joining all the panels of the plywood box together, including the top and bottom panels.  (It’s in the exam).

Week 2        (29 Apr - 3 May)

Explain the steps followed to make the 4 sides of the box and fix them together.  

This will be needed in your exam.

Week 1        (24-26 Apr)

Explain all the quality assurance techniques we used when measuring and cutting our side pieces for the box.

This means all the things we did to make sure it is neat and accurate.

Words: try square, bench hook, tenon saw

Lent Term 2019

Week 9        (11-15 Mar)

Think about boxes.  We will be making a plywood box soon.  What could you put in it?

Be ready to sketch some designs when asked.

Week 8        (4-8 Mar)

Use Google Classroom to produce a page of research about plywood.

Week 5        (4-8 Feb)

Bryan wants a lamp to clip on to his computer monitor and illuminate his desk.

Draw him a labelled diagram of a suitable design.

Week 4        (28 Jan - 1 Feb)

Bob wants an adjustable reading lamp for his desk.

Draw 2 possible ways that he could make it adjustable.

Week 3        (21-25 Jan)

Give numbered steps, in as much detail as possible, explaining how to make your lamp.

Week 2        (14-18 Jan)

Explain how to solder up the LED lamp module so that it works.

If it doesn’t work, what would you need to check and correct?

Week 1        (8-11 Jan)

Michaelmas Term 2018

Week 13        (3-7 Dec)

Use the isometric grid and the A3 paper to draw at least 2 more cuboids and shade them to be different materials.

Week 10        (12-16 Nov)

Continue making revision notes.  Focus on the reversing switch and the vacuum-formed plastic bodywork.  

DO NOT HAND IN, show me in the next lesson.

Week 9        (5-9 Nov)

Make revision notes about making the chassis and fitting the wheels and motor.

DO NOT HAND IN, show me in the next lesson.

Week 8        (29 Oct - 2 Nov)

We need a handset/controller.  It must contain the switch and the batteries.

Draw a labelled diagram of a possible design.

Week 5        (1-5 Oct)

Week 4        (24-28 Sep)

Doris now needs to make and fit the vacuum-formed top to her Lamborghini model.

How can she do this, and what must she be careful about?

(Link to video of vac former)

Week 3        (17-21 Sep)

Doris is making a sports car.  

Week 2        (10-14 Sep)

Explain in numbered steps how we are making the wooden chassis and fitting the axle brackets (this is what we did today).  Diagrams will help.

Week 1        (3-7 Sep)

Complete numbers 1, 2 and 3 on the “Things to do” list (which we wrote down in the lesson).