Invitations to Write During Play

Writing to Inform

Writing to Convince

Writing to Observe

Writing to Create

Writing to Remember

Writing to Connect

Giving artwork a title

and/or adding a caption after hanging up

Labeling artwork or backdrops for centers

Sign of business/place name + hours

Menus/services and pricing

Labeling parts of center so people know where to go

Keeping a record keeping book for customers

Creating books and magazines for customers to read while waiting

Advertisements (make copies for kids to post around classroom and school, send to families)

Cautionary (i.e. do not touch, save, danger, no running)

Proposals for new centers

Researching topic of center in books, photos online, or via walking trips, then writing about noticings.

Writing about new noticings in environment (i.e. changes in plants, pets, weather)

Plans for play (i.e. jobs, characters, what will happen)

Scripts for plays

Song lists or movie lists for performances/shows

Scripts for plays or puppet shows

Blueprints for building projects or store openings

Plans for new set-ups at the sensory table (i.e. water mixtures, bubbles, colorful sand).

Choice time center labels on sign-up board as topics change

Recipes for slime, play-doh, potions, water table creations

Sharing play with families (using apps such as SeeSaw, Phonto, Shadow Puppet)

Organizational tools - labeling new materials

(i.e. shampoo, conditioner, brushes, nail polish at a salon)

Writing cards for loved ones (to say: “I miss you,” “I’m sorry,” “I love you”)

Sending letters to experts for support with construction or ideas at a center

Writing letters to invite a buddy class in to visit a center at choice time.

Created by Kelsey Corter for Two Writing Teachers blog