Choir Parents Association Meeting

December 10, 2018

Call to Order: 7:06 pm

Attending:        Rebecca Nice Parrone

                Tyffini Furlong

                Kimberly Silva

                Jamie Parks

                Chris Schwarz

                Jennifer Welch

                Amy Rice

                Nancy Llanos

                Alex Stefaniak

                Jennifer Simons

Balance on hand: $24,511.58


Total: $13,549.66 (Balance before Expenses)


        Total Expenses: $1368.58

        Other Accounts:

                Tucker Jones: -$1300.00

                Choir Student Accounts (negative balances): -$1679.17

                Non Choir Students Accounts (negative balances): -$244.63 (hold on graduation)

        Total: $16773.46




                        Concessions: $379.00

                        Shout outs:    $113.00

                        Raffle:                  $261.00

                        Ticket Sales: $1273.00

                        Donations:    $0

01-Dec-18 (2:30pm)

                        Concessions: $194.00

                        Shout outs:    $54.00

                        Raffle:                  $77.00

                        Ticket Sales: $838.00

                        Donations:    $0

01-Dec-18 (7:30pm)

                        Concessions: $558.00

                        Shout outs:    $84.00

                        Raffle:                  $91.00

                        Ticket Sales: $2010.00

                        Donations:    $0


                        Concessions: $428.00

                        Shout outs:    $149.00

                        Raffle:                  $83.00

                        Ticket Sales: $1942.00

                        Donations:    $0


                        Concessions: $1559.00

                        Shout outs:    $400.00

                        Raffle:                  $512.00

                        Ticket Sales: $6063.00

                        Donations:    $67.00

Pre-Ticket Sales                          $5390.00

Actual stub count for Rent was 975 for all three shows.  Need to make sure that students know that the student priced ticket is 1 per student and for only that student.

More candy was purchased and needs to be sorted and then sent to the choir room.  Tim needs to be sent a reminder about putting a new sign up form out for new candy.

Carol Stewart was not in attendance - no report from her  Chris Schwarz mentioned ideas from the students.  Singing grams for Valentines Day.  Chris Schwarz will develop plan.  2nd idea: Miscast Caberet  Need to look for dates when it could be done and a venue, needs to work around West Side Story, possibly after Spring Break.  Chris will have a meeting with the students.

Meeting adjourned at 7:53 pm.