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CBRUV 2019
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Charlie Borowicz (C BRUV) // Filmmaker/Photographer/VideoArtist//

I have been producing serious work since 2002 beginning with Short Narrative and Documentary pieces when I co-founded AnC Movies a three-person Movie making ensemble. Along with them I shot and finished my first feature, Science Sex and the Ladies in 2014 a Visual Essay exploring the Science, History, and Social constructs surrounding the Female Orgasm. AnC Movies is currently working towards their next feature

My Personal work has revolved around experimental form concerned with a fascination for the every day and the monumental moments within. I find deep satisfaction exploring chance, the awkwardness of our shared reality, and the power of the simple. I enjoy the magic of the normal.

Close collaborations with the Dance community in Indianapolis have led me from Documentation to Video design and sparked an interest in exploring Dance on screen as an experience itself distinct from the stage or site-specific work. I find exploring both qualities of movement, and the activation of space deeply satisfying.

I am a constant collaborator. I find working with others pushes me artistically, thematically and technically in the pursuit of rich original work.  Over the years I have had the pleasure of collaborating with many Artmakers and Arts organizations : AnC Movies, Lani Weissbach, Motus Dance, Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective, No Exit Performance, The Indy Convergence, Indy Pride, Arts Council of Indianapolis, Rebecca Pappas, Heidi Keller Phillips, Lauren Curry, Sphie,  Burd Phillips, Eisenhower Field Day, Itool, Cat Head Press, Gwendolyn Dot, Nathaniel Blume. For many of these individuals, community artmakers and organizers I was able to bring not only a creative partnership but a level of craft that would have certainly been out of their reach financially otherwise.


Works on Water   9.7.18 - 9.9.18 Governors Island, Manhattan, New York

I explored photographic and conceptual ideas tuned to the creation of

relics, mappings, and experiential placeholders in lieu of strict documentation. Working

alongside choreographic partner Rebecca Pappas we played with ways of accessing her interest

in the relationship of her work to early modern dance.

Indy Convergence   July 2017 Indianapolis, Indiana

Indy Convergence brings together artists of many disciplines to create together. Its focus is sharing process and craft without any pressure to ‘finish’. I presented my feature film script in 5 2 hour workshops gaining valuable insight. I also participated in a multitude of workshops and taught a 2-hour course on Film editing with Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

TarpTarpTarp    Oct 2017 `Los Angeles, California

Over the course of a week. I took documentation from The performance of Parade 2017 and transformed it into a 3 channel installation which I projection-mapped onto an out of use swimming pool. This culminated in a live show involving dance performance alongside and in participation with the video.


Ancestors   (6:37) Experimental Music Video. Official Video for Torus Eyes ‘Ancestors’ from their album


Dancer of the Future  (15:00) Experimental Dance. Conceived of and executed Video elements

alongside Choreographer Rebecca Pappas. 2019

         Highways Performance Space, Los Angeles California, Part of ‘Best of New Shoes’

Road Portraits  (1:00) Experimental. Commissioned by the Arts Council of Indianapolis for the

Indianapolis International Airport (video)  2019

Indianapolis International Airport, Indianapolis, Indiana

Placenta et al  (5:10) Experimental Music Video for Gwendolyn Dot’s song ‘Placenta et al’ from her

album ‘Mystic Responsibility’  (video)  2019

Works on Water Showed videos and prints as relics 2018

Governors Island, Manhattan, New York

BOAT  (8:02) Experimental/Screen Dance (video)  2018

Premiered INDY FRINGE 2018

Indiana Dance Festival 2019 Ft Wayne, Indiana

EnCore Dance on Film 2019 Atlanta, Georgia

Dallas Dance Film Festival ‘Creative Award  2019

Field  (4:01) Experimental/Screen Dance (video)  2018

Presented at Moments in Between: Dancing Butoh and Shin Somatics

Our Lives Whirring   (3:24) Experimental (video/3D/photogrammetry/soundscape)  2018

Grove Haus, Indianapolis

Parade2017   (5:02) Experimental / Screen Dance 2018

Roving Cinema, Indianapolis

Machines + People  (3:13) Experimental / Screen Dance 2018

                Roving Cinema, Indianapolis

                RAD festival, Kalamazoo, MI 2019

Parade 2017:OHIO (1H 05min) 3 Channel projection in a large industrial Room / Screen 2018

                Ohio University, Athens, OH

1984    5 multi Channel projections presented as part.of the immersive theater experience 1984 produced

by NoExitPerformance 2017

Parade 2017:Tarp (1H 05min) 3 Channel projection on an empty swimming pool / Screen Dance 2017 and public installation Los Angeles, California

Lauren + Tanner  (2:28) Experimental / Screen Dance 2017

Our Nature is Screaming  (6min) Experimental 2017

Ruckus Group Show Indianapolis 2017

Circus  Animals (1min) Single Channel Projection  2017

Circus Noir 2017

Before Borns  (5:56) Experimental/Animation 2016

Indy Pride 2016

The Unboxening  Web series 2016


Love in Transition (25:51) Doc 2016

Indy Pride 2016 Indianapolis

Maze  a set of Seven Multi Channel Films for the Motus Screen Dance’s Performance ‘Maze’ 2016

Maze Begin (1:52)

Maze City (1:07)

Maze Child’s Eye (1;49)

Maze Justice (6:14)

Maze Sanctuary (1:42)

Maze Together (2;14)

Maze Finish (2:09)

Glorious Boring  (5min) Experimental 2016

Ruckus Group Show Indianapolis 2016

Wowie Zowie Show  Indianapolis 2016

Science, Sex and the Ladies (98min) Documentary/Essay Film 2014

Best Documentary Minneapolis Underground Film Festival

Best Documentary and Best Direction Imaginarium Film festival

Gateway Film Center Documentary Week Selection

Love.Doc Festival Selection Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Ekaterinburg. Russia

We Create (1:04) Screen Dance Film 2013

Music in the Movement  (4:41) Music Video with Artist Sphie 2013

Stop and Smell the Fixed Gear (5min) Experimental video with track stand pioneer Burd Phillips 2011

                Online Release YouTube/Vimeo

Don’t Eat Children (6min) Narrative 2005

Commissioned by IMOCA and Indianapolis Opera for Hansel and Gretel exhibition

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Assume (16min) Documentary/Essay Short 2005


MD Hearts: A Soap Opera 3 episodes (10-20min) Narrative 2004-2007

        Soap Opera Ball 2007 Indianapolis

        Movie Prom 2005 Indianapolis

Embolism (20min) Experimental Short 2003

        Official selection at 15 Film Festivals Nation Wide.

        BAM Film Fest Brooklyn, New York

Creative Achievement Award Frederick Film Festival Maryland

Movie Prom 2005 Indianapolis

Mustache II: The Second Mustache (19min) Narrative 2003

Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby - joint show IMOCA Indianapolis  and Patterson Arts Center in Baltimore

Him Her Roland (40min) Narrative Short 2002

                Black Point Film Festival Official Selection, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin