League Charter and Constitution

  1. League Description
  1. 30-team dynasty basketball league
  2. 9 category, head-to-head scoring system
  3. Reseeding of the 16 playoff teams
  1. League Organization
  1. Commissioner - Stan Son (sson75@gmail.com)
  1. I am King
  2. Just kidding
  3. Responsible for recruiting owners
  4. Maintenance of league site
  5. League Treasurer
  6. Final judge on issues. If I am involved in a dispute, then the next board member will take over judgement responsibilities. So, the order would go Craig, then Alex, then Brent, and then Kostas in that order
  1. Board Members
  1. Stan Son (sson75@gmail.com)
  2. Craig Bozic (storytelling4@gmail.com)
  3. Alex Visbisky (avisbisky@gmail.com)
  4. Brent Carlson (becarlson35@gmail.com)
  5. Kostas Oikonomou (ikokostas@yahoo.com)
  1. Structure and Responsibilities of Board Members
  1. Board will consist of 3 members
  2. All trades need to be approved by a majority from the board
  3. All disputes will be arbitrated by the board, with a majority decision necessary
  4. If one or more of the board members are involved in a trade or dispute, then the other two board members will fill in
  1. League and Franchise Overview
  1. League Structure
  1. All 30 NBA teams are represented
  2. Divisions are: Atlantic, Central, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest, and Pacific
  3. Regular season will start Week 1 and conclude Week 21 of the NBA schedule
  1. Playoffs
  1. 16 total teams make the playoffs
  2. Winner of each division (6) gets an automatic bid
  3. The remaining 10 teams will consist of  5 teams from each Conference. That will be determined by overall record
  4. After the 16-team field is determined, those teams will be reseeded based on overall record.
  5. Single elimination tournament will start Week 22, with the Champion crowned after the conclusion of Week 25 of the NBA season
  6. Tie breakers will be, in this order:
  1. Division record
  2. Head-to-head record vs teams tied with
  1. Fees and Payouts
  1. Fantrax site fee = $80, so $3 per team. It’s technically $2.666666666666666666666666666, so I just rounded up. I’ll give that $90 to the Champion
  2. Entry fee will therefore be $103 per team (includes $3 for Fantrax fee)
  3. Yearly payouts = $3090
  1. RDA Champion = $1790
  2. RDA Runner-up = $500
  3. Division Champs = $100
  4. Regular Season Best Record = $200
  1. Rule Changes
  1. There will be no in-season rule changes.
  2. If something needs to be changed, it will be discussed in the off-season, and must be approved by a majority of the board.
  3. Implementation of any rule changes will happen in the off-season and go into effect the following season.
  1. League Settings
  1. Roster Guidelines
  1. Active Roster
  1. 8 active roster spots: (2) G, (2) F, C,  (3) FLEX
  2. All active roster spots must be filled, even if you are in tanking mode
  1. Reserves
  1. 5 bench players
  2. 2 IR slots. Healthy players must be removed from the IR slot
  3. 2 Developmental slots.
  1. Developmental Players
  1. Any player with less than 82 career games will be eligible.
  2. Once a player reaches the 82 game threshold, said player must be promoted or will be placed into the free agent pool.
  3. Can only be acquired during the rookie draft.
  1. Scoring Overview
  1. 9 category head-to-head
  1. Field goal percentage
  2. Free throw percentage
  3. Three pointers made
  4. Points scored
  5. Rebounds
  6. Assists
  7. Steals
  8. Blocks
  9. Turnovers
  1. Free Agency
  1. FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget)
  1. All free agent acquisitions will be conducted via blind bidding
  2. All teams will begin with $300 FAAB
  3. FAAB dollars are a tradable commodity
  4. NO zero dollar bids. Plan accordingly.
  1. Off-season free agency
  1. Begins September 1st
  2. Ends September 30th
  3. Processed every Monday and Friday at 12 pm PST during the offseason ONLY
  1. In-season free agency
  1. Begins after the first game of the season is played
  2. Ends after the last game of the season is played
  3. Processed every Sunday at 9 am PST during the season
  1. Waivers
  1. Players dropped from a roster will spend at least 48 hours on waivers
  1. Trade Guidelines
  1. Trading can begin on August 1st ONLY after Franchise Fees are paid for that season
  2. All trades must be approved by a majority of the Board. This is purely for collusion and tampering.
  3. Trades can include players and/or draft picks and/or FAAB dollars
  1. Draft Pick Trading
  1. Rookie draft picks can be traded out to one year.
  2. Next year’s entry fee must be paid if trading rookie draft picks.
  1. Rookie Draft
  1. Draft Overview
  1. Rookie draft will always be on September 1st.
  2. Draft will last two rounds and only players who were drafted are eligible.
  1. Draft Order and Lottery
  1. Non-playoff teams will be entered into a lottery hosted by DraftPickLottery.com
  2. Teams will have “weighted balls” corresponding to their regular season finish
  1. Worst team gets 14 balls
  2. Best non-playoff team gets 1 ball
  3. I will screenshot the results
  1. Draft Room
  1. Online draft will begin at 9 am PST every September 1st
  2. Teams will have four hours for each pick
  3. Pre-rank and/or set up your queue
  4. Please be considerate and click the auto draft button if you can’t make it
  1. Start Up Draft
  1. Will be July 1, 2019. All league fees need to be collected before draft.
  2. Initial start up draft only will be a slow, online auction done through Couchmanagers.com.
  3. Settings will be posted on the Fantrax league site.
  4. The initial start up draft will include the 2019 rookie class.
  5. It is imperative that you make the draft, as we cannot auto pick for you. If all 30 owners are not present at the draft, the league will be terminated.
  1. Code of Conduct
  1. Don’t be an asshole
  2. Have fun
  3. Don’t be an asshole
  4. You will be kicked out of the league if:
  1. You’re an asshole
  2. Not having fun
  3. You will be given 2 warnings from the Board on any issue. 3rd strike and you’re out
  1. Tanking
  1. I believe that tanking is a viable and strategic strategy, therefore the RDA will allow it.
  1. A full and active roster must be maintained every week, though
  1. You will be given two warnings
  2. 3rd strike and you forfeit your 1st round pick in the upcoming rookie draft
  1. League Calendar
  1. Initial league fees due - TBD
  2. Start up draft - July 1, 2019
  3. August 1st - New season opens
  1. Trading begins
  2. League fees due via Fantrax Treasurer
  1. September 1st - Rookie draft (Not applicable in 2019)
  2. Start of NBA regular season is when the RDA gets down
  3. Week 25 of the NBA season crowns the RDA Champion and concludes the RDA season