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1029. Instant Checkmate:

An innovative new websiteInstant Checkmate is now revealing the full “scoop” on millions of Americans.

Instant Checkmate aggregates hundreds of millions of publicly available criminal, traffic, and arrest records and posts them online so they can easily be searched by anyone. Members of the site can literally begin searching within seconds, and are able to check as many records as they like (think: friends, family, neighbors, etc. etc.).

1030. 14 supplements:


1031. I need to adjust my daily activities to match the purpose of WS.  I do have my one thing as writing 3,000 words a day which is a 6 hour project, but it does not have to be done all at one time.  It’s just that if I write that much, I have enough original content to write books and make money with affiliate marketing.

1032. For my new flexible schedule, I have to be sure to go downtown or to the beach on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week.  I need to take advantage of Tammy to not be here for those 15 hours.

1033. The other part of my strategy has to be fasting for 3 days, getting down under 100 on my blood sugar all day long, and then eating starches until I can make the starch solution work.

1034. What I may have to do is kill the TV and walk to Cobblestone 2x per day to get at least 2 hours of walking under my belt.  Along with going dirt cheap on my food expenses - starch - nothing will be better during this lean month.

1035. People are about to be forced into the ascetic lifestyle.  My theory is to go that direction now and not have to suffer when all have to go that direction.  Go Gandhi.

1036. walking:


(This is where I tell you, as I am legally bound to do, that you should seek the advice of your physician before starting this or any other exercise program.)

1037. Today is the day I conquer diabetes.  I have made myself sick eating junk food to fight off a bad cold.  For some reason, I believe colds are best treated with regular Coke and plain M&Ms.  I did go dark chocolate instead of milk.  Add in Oreos and Pop Tarts, and my blood sugar is through the roof.  I am now beginning a fast, and the levels are dropping quickly, but I can’t continue to binge and fast.  I’m killing myself.

Three days of fasting will be enough.  I could go longer, but it makes me sick.  I may look to do a 3 day fast once a month instead of intermittent fasting on a daily basis.  Sometimes I think fasting works better when the body does not know what is coming.  Eat all day long one day, and then eat in a 4 hour window the next.  

My diabetes system is hard to start, easy once you get into the routine.  I go with coffee and herbal tea until the blood sugar drops under 100.  Then I might take on vegetable soup, fresh fruit, and protein shakes.  I may let this one last for 2 or 3 days.

1038. As I adjust my daily schedule, it’s becoming apparent that I have to write any time I am in the family room by myself.  When she wakes up and comes in, It’s time to feed her and then do other work like cleaning or carpet cleaning, and maybe get some sleep.  And, as much as I don’t want to, I have to remove all possible distractions including online games and television.  When tempted to watch TV, I need to go for a walk.

1039. Instead of concentrating the writing to 10 pm to 4 am, I need to make use of the entire day. I have to make this work in a way I have never done since preparing for the bar exam.

1040. I can’t stand being in the same room with that woman.  If she is awake and sitting in the rocket chair, I need to be somewhere else.  I cannot control my temper in the wake of her dementia.

1041. Time to get serious.  Too many failures in the rear view mirror.  Having just one thing is not enough.  Having one thing in H,W,R might be.

1042. Solopreneurs

As part of Walkabout Solopreneur, we need to know what an solopreneur is:

“Macmillan dictionary defines a solopreneur as a business owner who works and runs their business alone. Going by this definition of solopreneur, about a third of the American workforce comprising freelancers and consultants fit under category.” 

- https://smallbiztrends.com/2016/05/definition-of-solopreneur.html


“An entrepreneur who works alone, "solo," running their business single-handedly. They might have contractors for hire, yet have full responsibility for the running of their business.”

- https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=solopreneur

“Solopreneur” isn’t a brand-new word, but it has become more relevant in recent years. It’s half of my Walkabout Solopreneur side hustle.

“Solopreneurs are a specific type of entrepreneur who prefer to work alone.“

Read more at https://www.business2community.com/startups/5-major-differences-solopreneurs-entrepreneurs-01870776

The word is often interchanged with the word “entrepreneur,” but there are distinct differences.

An increasing number of professionals and technicians choose to start a business with no intention of ever adding staff.  Solopreneur is a term that will only grow in popularity.

Differences between entrepreneurs and solopreneurs:

1. Solopreneurs work alone.  Entrepreneurs work alone until they have enough funding or profits to add staff.

2. Solopreneurs don’t wait for a buyout.  An entrepreneur works hard to build his business, but he isn’t locked in. Many entrepreneurs build their businesses with at least a small hope that a much larger company, like Google, will come along and buy them out for obscene money.

3. Solopreneurs tend to be introverted.  That doesn’t mean they can’t network, but entrepreneurs look forward to it.  Solopreneurs are happy to work alone and believe in themselves more than anyone else.  Entrepreneurs are extroverted and put a public face on the business.

4. Entrepreneurs are managers.  When someone is an entrepreneur at his core, he’s waiting for the day when he can build and lead his team. He may even begin working with outsourcing and virtual assistants to delegate his work as soon as possible.

5. Entrepreneurs are all about the start-up process. But they don’t always stick around to work the business long-term. Once it’s up and running, they often exit to start another venture.  Solopreneurs, on the other hand, start businesses to fit their desired lifestyle and to pursue a personal passion. They have little interest in building an empire. They want flexibility and control, but they’re happy to stay focused on growing the company.

6. Entrepreneurs usually want the full business trapping from office space to the latest technology, communications, and computers.  Solopreneurs often start at home with the cheapest home office using existing wifi.  Walkabout Solopreneurs start with public wifi.

7. Solopreneurs are typically more technician than manager. They are very good at what they do and prefer to get the job done themselves rather than train someone else.  Entrepreneurs prefer to manage others.

8. Entrepreneurs create brands that are distinct from their own personal identity.   Entrepreneurs are more likely to purchase advertising, use email marketing, and to employ more sophisticated marketing tactics.  Solopreneurs are more focused on getting the work done. They are less likely to invest large sums in marketing, relying instead on networking, social media, and word-of-mouth.

9. Entrepreneurs spend their time planning.  Solopreneurs spend their time executing the plan.

10. Entrepreneurs want maximum sustainable growth as quickly as possible. Value creation for the big sale is always on their minds. Solopreneurs are in it for the long run. The work they do is part passion, part economic necessity.

Solopreneurs are entrepreneurs, but a special breed.  Mostly introverts.  They primarily focus on building a successful business they can run themselves.

1043. Fighting to Keep on Schedule

I am still hurting and fighting off a cold, but I am keeping up my 3,000 words and vegan diet to fight diabetes.  That’s what counts.  I don’t eat anything until my blood sugar is below 100, and I don’t work on anything else until I have my words done.

I’m not going to do Julia Cameron style morning pages during this 21 day reset.  I may add them later, but 3,000 words a day as a habit could be the thing that turns my WS life around.

Baked potatoes are great food.  I put Skinny Girl poppy seed dressing on instead of oil or fake butter.  Potatoes seem to jack my sugar up more than rice, and yesterday I had both.

I just hope like hell that The Starch Solution works.  I may have to do some fasting, but intermittent may be enough since I will fast until the numbers are where I want them.

“The reality we must come to terms with, however, is that in America we live in today, the government does whatever it wants, freedom be damned.”

- https://www.lewrockwell.com/2018/09/john-w-whitehead/suspending-the-constitution-in-america-today-the-government-does-whatever-it-wants/

I have stayed away from politics recently, but what is being done to Trump and now Kavanaugh is a silent coup.  I hate to be alarmist, but the facts just pile up.  I have never seen a better qualified Supreme Court nominee.  If he is derailed, Trump and the Republican Party are done.

I am not a liberal or conservative.  I am, and remain, libertarian.

I am not optimistic.  The nation could come apart.  Who will keep the nuclear trigger?  Which general or colonel will emerge as an interim leader.

One thing I do know.  Nothing I say or do will make any difference.  It’s time to accelerate my creation of books and make that fuck you money and get out of this country.

I am going to spend the day reviewing some of Harry Browne’s best work, available here for free.  Now more than ever in America, we have to stand out as sovereign individuals.  I don’t want to go Ayn Rand on anyone, but we may have to create those cardboard characters to save America.

Back in 1995, HB wrote:  WHY GOVERNMENT DOESN’T WORK. © 1995, 2003 by Harry Browne.

He has generally been ahead of the curve in politics, and ran twice as the Libertarian Party presidential nominee.

1044. From Father Knows Best to Married With Children

Something has gone wrong in America.  

Our Father Knows Best 1950s

IBMs remember when our fathers made enough money to support their families on one income and still have plenty of money left over for a family vacation.  Moms were at home taking care of the kids or volunteering at church or attending PTA meetings.

Most families only had one car.  In my neighborhood, four of the men were engineers, designers, and draftsmen in the shipyard who carpooled to work early and were home for dinner each evening shortly after 5 p.m., unless they could pick up some overtime.

On days her husband drove, the wife would be without a car unless she chose to drive the gang of four to work and pick them up later.  Cars were big metal monsters with bench seats that could easily seat 6 adults.  But no air conditioning.

Unless you were going on vacation, doors remained unlocked.  Crime was rare, and certainly nothing like home invasions.  

And health insurance?  The shipyard had doctors on staff for workplace issues, and the company covered their employees and family in full.  What is this copay nonsense?  There was no Medicaid.  Doctors all took on a certain number of charity patients.

After school, we played backyard football, or rode our bikes for miles around.

Everyone knew everyone in the suburban neighborhood.  If you acted out or played the fool anywhere in the neighborhood, your parents knew about it before your father arrived from work.

The most feared statement your mother would make:  “Wait until your father gets home?”

In those days, it could mean a switch off a peach tree, even a belt.  And probably included being marched to a neighbor’s house to apologize for whatever offense you committed.

God knows how many of those fathers would be fighting social services today.

People in the neighborhood attended different churches, but almost attended somewhere.  No matter how much we protested, they dragged our asses to church every Sunday.  

I know some of the neighborhood folks were Methodists or Presbyterian, and we even had a couple of (big) Catholic families.  But in the South, there were only two religions - you were either Baptist or you weren’t.

It wasn’t until we got older it was okay because we could meet equally bored girls and find a way to sneak off for a few minutes or meet up somewhere later in the week.

Most of us went to the same schools, but the Catholic families sent their kids to the parochial school right across the street from the high school.  They could afford to do this, even the family with ten children.

Schools in those days taught reading, writing, math, science, and history.  Elementary schools had recess every day;  high schools had gym class.  (We did not have middle schools in those days.)

And principals had paddles.  I managed to avoid the strikes on the backside.  Others did not.  Now they call it corporeal punishment, which sounds so much more serious than paddling.

As we got older, the moms in the neighborhood began to seek out employment, more as extra income for luxuries, not to pay expenses.  

My mother went back to college when I was 12 and became a teacher.  Her income paid for my college education and my brother’s without student loans.  

We even had summer jobs in the shipyard that paid well.  Men came down from the coal mines in West Virginia and supported families on what we made.  I figure you would have to make $20 or $25  an hour to equal the buying power of our summer jobs.

1045. Our Al Bundy Present

Married With Children first aired on April 5, 1987, and ran for 10 years.  It’s been rerun ever since.  Back in 1987, it was a farcical joke.  Now it seems like prophecy.

At least the Bundys were a one income household, albeit a not very prosperous one.  Taxes are double what they used to be - about 47% for state, local, and federal.  I don’t know any one income families today unless one spouse is retired.

Crime is 500% higher.  Black men are more likely to go to jail than college.  Student loan debt now exceeds credit card debt, and both were rare when I started college in 1971.

The federal government has grown beyond all belief.

Taxes - both open and hidden - take almost 50% of family income.

Private property used to be private.  Now, governments can take your property, not for a road or school, but to give to another private entity who might generate more tax revenue.  See the Kelo decision.

Health care used to be between you and your physician.  No more.  You have to pay outrageous premiums or risk having your business fined to pay your portion for employees.

Choose your own doctor?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

What happened?

How did we go from the land of the free to a European like high tax welfare state?

Politicians and bureaucrats decided the average American is not competent to live his or her own life and manage his or her own affairs.

You can’t pack a lunch you want for your children.  We will provide hot lunches at school.  Can’t afford it?  We will give it to you free.  We don’t care if you’re Jewish or Muslim or vegan, one size fits all.

At my daughter’s high school, they had metal detectors, lockdowns, and early release days.  Why does the vocabulary sound so much like the criminal courtroom and county jail.

Washington can’t keep the streets of D.C. safe, yet we send troops to dozens of countries to defend “democracy”.  Some alleged Russian hackers can supposedly influence our elections, threatening our democracy.

I’m amazed that a government selling global warming nonsense wants to control the world’s temperature and global warming, but they can’t stop millions of Mexicans and Central Americans from walking across the border and entering the U.S. illegally.

The problem is so big no one knows how it can be fixed.  It used to be that the government would only do what the people could not do for themselves.  Now it seems flipped, and the government wants to do everything it can pry from the citizens’ hands.

A quiet, unfocused revolution is sweeping through America today — as Americans have

grown impatient with big government, high taxes, meddling politicians, bureaucrats, unending crime, and mediocre education.

1046. The New World Order

New World Order seems so Bush 41.  But once it gets started, it’s as hard to stamp out as a bamboo stand.

People are still trying to make the world safe for democracy.  It didn’t happen in World War I, or World War II.  We are still trying to sign a peace treaty for the Korean War (all we have is an armistice).  

A government that can’t bring peace and safety to American cities wants to police the world.

In recent years, we’ve had 2 wars in Iraq, and the longest war in American history in Afghanistan.  We have help take out a dictator in Libya that lead to thugs taking over and selling young girls into sexual slavery.

Even Trump has gotten in on the action by bombing Syria after he promised to make nice with Russia.  We’re lucky American and Russian arms are not firing on each other.

After killing thousands of people and spending over a trillion dollars, we are still tied down in the Middle East.

As Stalin once said, war is one more government program.  Government is not Burger King.  You are not going to get it your way.  Not even if you are the king.

You don’t control the government.  No one can.  Not the President.  Not Congress.  Not the unelected, faceless bureaucracy.  If the government is going to do someone’s bidding, is it likely to be yours, or the 1%?

The government that is strong enough to do what you want by taking things away from or by suppressing others is strong enough to take everything you have and give it to someone else.

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