Reusable Number Plates FAQs

We are excited to announce that for the 2021 racing season, the A.C. Daughtry Security-H2H Race Series will be switching to reusable number plates with timing chips attached. You will receive your plate at the first race you choose to attend, and then be asked to hang on to it and use it to race at all subsequent races in 2021.

What if I only race one race, can my plate be given to another rider?

Once a plate is registered to a rider, it cannot be shared or re-used by another rider. Doing so will alter times and results. Keep the number plate as a great race-day memory!

What happens if I lose or forget my plate?

The plate will have to be replaced and another timing transmitter will be applied. There is a $15.00 charge for the new plate and transmitter. Replacement plates will be available at each H2H race at the registration area. Your new plate will be re-entered into the system under your name and your old transmitter will be deleted.

What happens if I change categories in the series, or race in a different race or class?

Doing so will not affect results any differently than if you elected to register in another class in previous years. Whatever class you sign up for, that is the category that you would be expected to race in. If you have “pre-registered”, and realize that you want to change your category, those changes can be made the morning of the race at the registration table as long as you address that prior to the “last call” to registration for your category.

See you at the races!