I've seen a lot of people trying to start a ketogenic diet like Zero Carb get derailed by weighing too often.  I recommend weighing no more than once a month and for women doing it at the same phase in their menstruation if that is an issue (the first day of every period is a good choice) that gives much more reliable information and I have said that women should expect to lose between 3/4-1 1/4 lb (340-567 g) while men can expect to lose 1-1 1/2 (454-680).  (I know it's not fair but it's what I've seen).  I think it's possible but unrealistic to lose more without resorting to calorie restriction which is not sustainable and 90% of the time will result in regaining all the weight within one year.  The other problem I have seen is people see the scale go up when they think it should be going down which can happen to hormonal or mineral shifts and feel their diet is not working and so change their diet for the worse.  I have even seen patients weight themselves several times a day which to me is an addiction.   My recommendation is buy a big leather belt and once a month put it around your abdomen at the level of the naval and pull it snug.  Take a pen or sharpie and put a mark and the date.  This is much more useful information.   https://www.dietdoctor.com/scale-liar-acolytes