Daniyal Shahzad

Social Media & Content Coordination 


Twitter Handle - @MindOfFatal

Instagram Handle - @daniyalvz & @mindoffatal

Email – fatalsmind@gmail.com

Alias - "MindOfFatal"

Age – 15

Discord: MindOfFatal#5353



I specialise in Social Media Coordination and Platform Development, I work with creators, individuals, businesses and teams. My passion for Social Media Coordination comes from helping people achieve their online goals on social platforms helping them manage their time, content, uploads, schedules and much more. Furthermore, I help my clients come up with successful tags on social platforms such as TikTok, Twitter and Instagram, these tags help with engagement, impressions and overall growth. Managing socials is also something I definitely think I do best. I help organise posts, layouts and whatnot. In terms of general management, I am capable of a multitude of things ranging from keeping documents updated and organised, ensuring that all other members of the management team are being productive. I am capable of making important executive decisions that will contribute to the development and marketing of a business, organisation or team. I can also be a really excellent leader, I like taking initiative and leading in teamwork, operations and whatnot. What makes me a unique leader is that, I always run the extra mile and I am extremely passionate about management/leadership. I always work hard and stay dedicated while completing tasks on time etc.




@FusionUprise - (General Manager) – You’d be glad to know that Fusion was the first ever team I managed. It was a great experience. Huge thanks to Fire (@FireLeads_) for giving me the opportunity. During my time there I learnt a lot of things. Most importantly I built interest for management and wanted to pursue my career in that specific field. I learnt to work alongside other experienced managers and learn how to be a leader. I recruited a few media managers that worked by my side strengthening the media side of the team. Additionally, I learnt to take care of jobs that needed to be done up to standards throughout a day or even a week. Overall, Fusion was where it all started and I got my most experience from.


@TheThriveHQ - (General Manager) - During my time at Thrive I ran everyday tasks such as keeping roster updated, managing the discord and making sure that everyone is doing what they are meant to be doing. I was overlooked by the Head Manager which I had to carry out tasks for and gave my 100% in completing them.


@517gaming ( Social Media Manager ) - At my time at 517, I managed their twitter account, I had to tweet four times daily to help grow their engagement, I came up with ideas that fans would engage with and I executed them to grow the fanbase of the organisation. I put up new recruits’ announcements and welcomed them to the team etc.




@sacxred ( https://twitter.com/sacxred )

@Shower2x ( https://twitter.com/Shower2x )






Last updated: 14 January 2021