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SVBA Bylaws adopted 2-24-2014 amended 5_19_22
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Sycamore Vocal Boosters Association Bylaws

Approved February 24, 2014

Amended May 16, 2016

Amended May 19, 2022

Article I – Name

The name of this organization is the Sycamore Vocal Boosters Association, also herein referred to as SVBA or the Association.

Article II – Objective

The purpose of the Sycamore Vocal Boosters Association is to promote interest in and financial support for the vocal music program at Sycamore High School by involving parents, educators, and students in a cooperative endeavor.

Article III – Basic Policies

Section 1: Non profit Organization

  1. The Sycamore Vocal Boosters Association is a not-for-profit organization as defined by section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and it must abide by all regulations concerning such organizations.


  1. No part of the net earnings of the SVBA may be used to personally benefit any member or officer of the organization, or any other person. SVBA may, however, pay reasonable compensation for services rendered.

  1. The SVBA may, within the limits established by the IRS for 501(c)(3) organizations, contribute money or volunteer time for lobbying purposes, in order to influence voters regarding issues, or to influence local, state, or national legislation. The Association may not make any contribution, financial or otherwise, toward the campaign of any individual running for office.

  1. If deemed advisable by the members, the Sycamore Vocal Boosters Association may be dissolved in a manner consistent with Ohio law. Upon dissolution of the SVBA, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all liabilities of the SVBA, all assets shall be distributed to one or more not-for-profit organizations, as defined under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government for a public purpose.

Section 2. The fiscal year of this organization shall be June 1 through May 31.

Section 3. Neither the name nor the membership lists of this organization may be used for commercial purposes.

Article IV – Membership and Dues

Section 1: Membership. The membership of the Sycamore Vocal Boosters Association shall be open to anyone interested in the furtherance of the objectives of this organization. In addition, every parent or legal guardian of a student participating in curricular or extra-curricular activities of the vocal music program at Sycamore High School shall be considered a member.

Section 2: Dues. A specific amount for dues shall not be charged. However, it is appreciated if every member contributes through some voluntary service.

Article V – Officers and Elections

Section 1: Officers. The officers of the organization are a president or co-presidents, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.

A. President or Co-presidents. The president or co-presidents shall set the agenda for and preside over meetings of the organization and Executive Board, serve as the primary contact for the Choral Director(s), represent the organization at meetings outside the organization, serve as an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee, and coordinate the work of all the officers and committees, so that the purpose of the organization is served.


B. Vice President. The vice president shall assist the president and carry out the president’s duties in his or her absence or inability to serve. The vice president initiates bylaws review in even-numbered years and initiates the review of standing orders and procedures annually.  The vice president chairs the Nominating Committee. If nominated for a position, the vice president resigns from the Nominating Committee and is replaced by another Executive Board member as Nominating Committee chair.


C. Secretary. The secretary shall keep all records and minutes of all regular, special, and annual general membership meetings, and Executive Board meetings; prepare the meeting agenda; handle SVBA correspondence; and prepare and send notices ten days in advance of annual and special meetings to the Choral Director so that notice can be posted on the choir website and e-mailed to the membership. The secretary is responsible for the permanent file of meeting minutes. In the case of Executive Board decisions made by electronic means (e-mail), the secretary keeps copies of relevant e-mails.


D. Treasurer. The Treasurer is responsible for all funds of the SVBA, and as such shall receive all funds of the organization, keep accurate record of receipts and expenditures, and pay out all funds in accordance with the approval of the Executive Board. The treasurer will follow financial controls and procedures as set by the Executive Board. The Treasurer keeps track of all documentation of expenditures and deposits and sends information to the outside accountant each month (by mid month) for the creation of financial reports that is done by the outside accountant in time before the monthly meetings. The Treasurer gets reports from the outside accountant, and presents the financial reports at each monthly meeting.   The outside accountant is contracted by the SVBA and is responsible for all annual tax filings (990-N and 1099's) and retaining the financial records of SVBA for a minimum of seven years.


Section 2. Number of Officers. The number of officers may be amended, but may not be less than three.

Section 3. Members-at-Large. At least one and as many as four members-at-large will be elected to serve on the Executive Board.

Section 4. Nominations and Elections.

A. Officers and members-at-large are elected by a majority vote at the annual meeting in April or at a special meeting called for that purpose and are installed at the regular May meeting.

B. The Nominating Committee shall canvass the membership and recommend a candidate for each office and up to four member-at-large positions and present a slate of nominees at the regular meeting held one month prior to the election.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor, but each nominee must certify his or her willingness to accept the position if elected. Every effort will be made to ensure that the interests of all groups under the auspices of the Choral Music Program of Sycamore High School are represented on the Executive Board.

C. The list of officer and member-at-large candidates will be posted on the choir website ten days before the annual meeting or special meeting when elections will be held. In addition, the Choir Director will e-mail the list of candidates to all members (at the e-mail address furnished to the Choir program), ten days before elections are scheduled to be held.

D. Voting shall be by a voice vote if a slate is presented. If nominations are taken from the floor or more than one person is running for a position, a ballot vote shall be taken.


Section 5. Eligibility. A member is eligible for office or for a member-at-large position if he/she is the parent or guardian of a student in a curricular and or extracurricular choir, is a member in good standing, and is willing to serve. For the position of treasurer only, after due diligence, if the nomination committee is unable to present another candidate for the position, it is within the discretion of the board to hire a suitable candidate.

Section 6. Terms of Office. Officers and members-at-large are elected for a term of one year, running in conjunction with the fiscal year from the first of June through the end of May the following year. No officer or member-at-large may serve more than three consecutive terms in the same position, unless, after due diligence, the nominating committee is unable to present another candidate for the position.

Section 7. Indemnity. Each member of the SVBA Executive Board shall be indemnified by the Association to the full extent permitted by the law against any liability incurred by him or her in his or her capacity as a member of the Executive Board. The SVBA may purchase insurance for this purpose.

Section 8. Attendance. All members of the Executive Board shall attend all Board and general membership meetings and shall support the activities of the SVBA.

Section 9. Vacancies. If there is a vacancy in the office of president, the vice president will become the president.  Any other vacancy occurring on the SVBA Board shall be nominated by the remaining Board members and elected by a majority vote of the remainder of the Board. The appointment shall be for the time remaining in the term.

Section 10. Removal from Office. Any officer or member-at-large can be removed from office, for any reason, by a majority vote of the Executive Board or at a special meeting called for that purpose, where previous notice has been given. If a member is absent two meetings in a row, without reasonable cause, Board members can declare a vacancy by 2/3 vote.


Article VI – Meetings

Section 1. Regular Meetings. The regular meetings of the Association are held monthly, beginning in August or September and running through May, with the exception of December (no meeting) and April (annual meeting). Meetings are held at a time and place designated by the Executive Board. All meetings will be published on the school district calendar and posted on the choir website.

A. All members are welcome at regular meetings. However, the Executive Board reserves the right to meet privately in executive session before or during a regular monthly meeting.

B. The quorum for a regular monthly meeting is 3 members.

Section 2. Annual Meeting. The annual meeting is held in April for the purpose of receiving reports, electing officers, and conducting other business that should arise. The time and place of the annual meeting, which is designated by the Executive Board, will be posted on the district choir website at least ten days prior to the meeting. The Choral Director will notify the members of the annual meeting in an e-mail sent to the e-mail address provided to the Choir program, at least ten days prior to the meeting.

  1. All members are welcome at the annual meeting.

B. The quorum for the annual meeting is the number of members present at the meeting.

Section 3. Special Meetings. Special meetings may be held throughout the year, as deemed necessary by a majority of the Executive Board or the Choral Director of Sycamore Community Schools. Notice of special meetings will be posted on the choir website by the Choral Director at least 10 days prior to the meeting.  Notice of the special meeting shall be sent to the members by e-mail at least 10 days prior to the meeting.

  1. All members are welcome at special meetings.
  2. The quorum for the annual meeting is the number of members present at the meeting.

Section 4. Voting.

  1. Unless otherwise stated in the bylaws, simple majority vote is required for business to be transacted.
  2. Proxy votes are permitted at annual, special, and general meetings, provided a proxy statement is submitted in writing to the Choral Director or secretary prior to the meeting.


Article VII – Executive Board

Section 1. Membership. The Executive Board shall consist of president or co-presidents, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, past-president, Choral Director(s), Uniform Committee chairperson, and up to four Members-at-large.

  1. The past-president serves in an advisory role to the Association and performs duties as requested by the president. The past-president is a non-voting member of the Executive Board.
  2. The Uniform Committee Chairperson for the upcoming year is appointed by the Executive Committee in April and joins the Executive Board June 1.
  3. The at-large member(s) are nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected at the Annual meeting.
  4. The Sycamore High School Choral Director(s) serve(s) on the SVBA Executive Board as an ex-officio member with no voting privileges.

Section 2. Duties. The duties of the Executive Board shall be to provide leadership for the SVBA, coordinate activities of the Association, approve all contracts SVBA enters into, transact business, create or disband standing and temporary committees and oversee the activities of all SVBA committees, keep the membership fully informed of the activities of the Association, prepare reports for and make recommendations to the membership. The Executive Board may make standing rules and procedures provided these do not conflict with SVBA bylaws, state code or federal code, or IRS code related to 501(c)(3) status. Executive Board members will maintain all required records and notebooks and turn over all records and notebooks to their successors in a timely fashion, at the end of their term. All members of the Executive Board and committee chairs shall read the SVBA bylaws and sign the conflict of interest agreement at the beginning of their term.

Section 3. Meetings. The Executive Board meets monthly or as deemed necessary to transact business of the SVBA. The Choral Director and president or any two officers may call a Board meeting with at least 48-hours notice by phone call or e-mail.  

Section 4. Quorum. Three (3) members of the Executive Board comprise a quorum for Board meetings. Voting by e-mail or written correspondence may be allowed if the vote is e-mailed or delivered to the secretary or Choral Director prior to the meeting.

Section 5.  Business can be transacted by e-mail provided there is unanimous written or e-mail consent of the Executive Board.

Article VIII – Committees

Section 1. Membership. Committees may consist of members and Board members, with the president acting as an ex officio member on all committees with the exception of the Nominating Committee.

Section 2. Standing Committees. The following committees shall be held by the Association: Nominating and Uniforms.

A. Nominating Committee – The Nominating Committee seeks out candidates for vacancies on Executive Board and presents a list of candidates at the meeting preceding the annual meeting. A Nominating Committee, consisting of three members of the organization, including the vice president as chair, will be elected by the Association at the February meeting. In the event of a lack of response, the president of the organization will select the members, with the approval of the Executive Board.  The Nominating Committee will remain in effect from February to February of the following year.

B. The Uniforms Committee – The Uniforms Committee oversees inventory, purchase, fitting, storage, and maintenance (repair, alteration, and cleaning) of uniforms for all choirs.

C. External accountant - An external accountant will be contracted to review source documents such as deposits and bill payments, enter data into the accounting system, reconcile bank accounts, and prepare financial statements.  These financial statements will be provided to the Director of Choral Activities and the Treasurer, who will review and share with the Executive Board. The Executive Board reserves the right to contact the external accountant at any time with questions or concerns. Executive Board members may not serve as the external accountant.


Section 3. Additional Committees. The Board may appoint additional committees to carry out business prescribed by the Executive Board as needed. The Executive Board may change the membership of, fill vacancies in, and disband special committees as needed.


Article IX – Finances

Section 1. Annual Budget. The annual budget shall be determined by the Executive Board and approved by the members.

Section 2. The Board shall set financial control procedures and standing orders for the Association.

Section 3. Two authorized signatures shall be required on each check over the amount of $1,000.

Section 4. The Executive Board may approve disbursements of non-budgeted expenses of $500 or less, not to exceed a total of $1,000 in non-budgeted expenses during the fiscal year. The Executive Board shall notify the membership of any such expenditure at the next general membership meeting.

Article X – Parliamentary Authority

Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern meetings when they are not in conflict with the Association's bylaws.

Article XI – Standing Rules

Standing rules may be approved by the Executive Board, and the secretary shall keep a record of the standing rules for future reference.

Article XII – Dissolution

The organization may be dissolved with previous notice (14 calendar days) and a two-thirds vote of those members present at the meeting.

Article XIII – Amendments

These bylaws may be amended or revised at any regular or special meeting, providing that previous notice was given in writing at the prior meeting and then sent to all members of the organization by e-mail by the Choral Director at least ten days prior to the meeting. Notice and copies of the current bylaws and proposed changes will be posted to the choir website at least ten days prior to the meeting. Amendments or revisions must be approved by a two-thirds vote of those members present at the meeting.

Article XIV – Conflict of Interest Policy

SVBA will adopt a policy and procedure to prevent financial conflict of interest or a possible excess benefit transactions and to address situations where a financial conflict of interest may have occurred. The policy and procedure will be reviewed annually with officers and committee chairs and will be available on the organization’s website or by request of the membership.

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