Tournament & League News

Breaking News! 

The UK Pinball Open and Pinball Classic are coming to Flip Out London...

From Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July, the UKPO and UKPC will be held here as part of "5 Days of Pinball" which begins on Wednesday 17th July at our friends Chief Coffee in Chiswick, West London. Full details can be found on the Pinballnews website

 Super Awesome Tournament!

Sunday, 12th May sees the return of our popular “Super Awesome Tournament”

Players will be split randomly into 3 groups depending on numbers. Each player will play every other player in their group on a predetermined machine. Score card will equally determine who plays first.

Please turn up before 11am to prevent delays. If not arrived by 12:00, player will lose all matches in their group. After all matches played, the top 4 players from each group will be matched up against each other according to qualifying scores.

Players will play best of 3 randomly selected machines. Toss of coin decides play order. Winners progress to next round. This format continues until there is a winner. The 2 semi-final losers also play to determine 3rd place.  

Visitors are welcome to come and play outside the tournament but priority will be given to the tournament players if a machine is being played.

 Thursdays? - We never could get the hang of Thursdays…

Our regular Thursday evening league competition continues, though a recent format change has meant the removal of the high-score competition at the end of the evening.

Everyone plays a game on each of 10 pre-chosen machines (either solo or play with others as you prefer) and your scores are recorded and ranked by tournament director Matt. Your best two evenings count towards your total at the end of the month and winner gets a hearty cheer (and some WPPR points!)

Guests and members can enter, or just play the other games if not competing.