Smoky Valley:   Continuous Learning Plan FAQ (updated 3/27/2020)

McPherson County Issues “Safer At Home” Order

Based on guidance provided to USD 400 at this time, we still plan to conduct our Monday, March 30th property and medication pickup from 4-7 pm at each of the school buildings.  As noted in previous communications, we ask that patrons try to stagger their arrival at our schools to help with traffic flow and congestion.  School staff will be following very strict social distancing guidelines so we do ask that you follow directions provided by staff during the pickup process.  Thank you for your support with this project!

  1. When can I expect my child to have lessons or activities provided by the school?

We anticipate that the first “school day” under the Continuous Learning Plan for PK-6th graders will be Tuesday, March 31st.  We plan to have school issued iPads distributed to students by the end of the day on Monday, March 30th.  

Our 7-12th graders will have their first “school day” on Monday, March 30th.  All 7-12th graders should have their school issued laptop with them already. If your child does not have their laptop, please call 785-227-4254 and follow directions to leave a message on the voicemail for your child’s school.

For those families without internet access at this time, your child’s teacher or principal will be contacting you during the week of March 23-27th to provide details on a learning kit for your child.  Learning kits will not require internet access to complete.  

Staff are working to develop a schedule for distributing school issued iPads for students in K-6th grades.  Students in grades 7-12 should have their school issued laptop already with them.

  1. What is the Smoky Valley Continuous Learning Plan?

Teachers will be providing regular academic lessons each week.  Teachers and other support staff will regularly reach out to students to maintain relationships and conduct “well-checks” to support your child’s progress from now until the end of the school year.

The primary method of delivering instructional materials will be through on-line learning platforms.  Each school will be using a consistent learning platform so that students and families will have a limited number of things they need to learn about and manage in their home setting.  Learning kits will be provided to those students without internet access.

Your child’s teacher will be providing more detailed information and support once they have had time to develop and build their classes.

  1. Will I have to purchase supplies or resources for my child to participate in the Continuous Learning Plan?

We do not anticipate a family needing to make extra purchases of supplies or equipment in order to support their child’s education.  Typical school supplies (paper, pens/pencils, calculator, etc.) might be needed to complete a limited amount of school work.  A school issued iPad (KDG-6th grade) or laptop (7-12th grade) will be provided to all students.

  1. When will I be able to collect my child’s personal items and property from the school?  What do I do with school property that I have at my home (library books, athletic equipment/uniforms, etc)?

Staff are creating a schedule for families to come to their child’s school building and pick up personal items and property.  Please watch for an announcement coming soon through the school’s automated messaging system, social media sites and the website for details on when people can come to pick up items.  For K-6 students, we plan to coordinate the pick up of personal items with the delivery of an iPad at the same time.

If you have school property (library books, athletic uniforms, etc) please plan on holding on to those items until a later time when school staff can schedule a coordinated drop off time and location.  

  1. What are my options if we have limited or no internet service in our home?

If accessing on-line lesson materials is not an option for your child, the school will coordinate the delivery of learning kits.  More information about this process will be shared once staff are able to determine which students will need this service.

Students can access the school’s wifi near all attendance centers.  Generally, a student should be able to connect their school issued iPad or laptop from the street near the front of each school building.  

USD 400 Smoky Valley is working with local providers to assist community members who lack internet service.  IdeaTek, for example, will be offering “drive up” wifi locations in Lindsborg.  Starting March 23rd, the following locations will have public access wifi access points in parking lots.  If you plan to use this service, please remain in your vehicle and practice appropriate social distancing.

IdeaTek Free Drive-Up WiFi Access:

Rendezvous Adventure  (113 N Main, Lindsborg)

Raymer Society for the Arts  (212 S Main, Lindsborg)

For more information about IdeaTek’s Drive-Up WiFi Access, please use this link:

At this time, we also are aware of a wifi access point available in Falun.  People can connect to the “Guest” internet at the Falun Lutheran Church.  Best access can be found near the west side of the building.

  1. Are the school buildings open?

Attendance centers are not open to the public and school offices are not being staffed at this time.  See Question #10 for contact information if you need to speak to a school building staff member.

  1. Is the USD 400 central office open?

The USD 400 central office at 126 S. Main is open but with limited staff.  We would appreciate only having walk-in contact for essential business needs. The door is locked, but patrons can ring the doorbell and office staff will assist them.  Please know that a health screening protocol will be used if you need access into the office building.

  1. Can I pick up free breakfast and lunch meals for my child?

Anyone between the ages of 1 and 18 may receive a free lunch and a free breakfast for the following day. Children are not required to be enrolled in USD 400 Smoky Valley schools to receive free meals.  The two meals are provided together and may be picked up from 11:30 am -- 12:30 pm at the following locations Monday-Friday:

Lindsborg:          Soderstrom Elementary (227 N Washington St) -- south side cafeteria door

                Smoky Valley High School (1 Viking Blvd) -- front entrance

Marquette:          Elim Lutheran Church (403 N Lincoln St)

Falun:          Falun Lutheran Church (317 E 3rd St)

Roxbury:          Citizens State Bank (102 N Main St)

Smolan:          Smolan City Park

If you have questions about the free meal service, please call 785-227-2981 or 785-227-4254.

  1. If we are having a technical problem with the school issued iPad or laptop, who do we contact?

Please contact your child’s school office at 785-227-4254 and leave a message.  A technology support staff member will return your call as soon as possible.  Please note we are generally only able to provide technical support for school issued devices (iPads and laptops) and only during regular business hours of 8 am to 4 pm.

  1. Who do I contact with questions?

Call 785-227-4254 and follow the directions to reach the extension numbers for all of our offices and buildings.  

By calling the number above, your call will be routed automatically to our school office assistants via a remote voicemail messaging system.  

At this time, these calls are not being picked up live so please leave a voice message clearly stating your name, your phone number and a very brief explanation of your question, need or concern.  An office staff assistant is monitoring these messages and will route your call to the appropriate person.