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February 5, 2021; 3:00-4:00PM

Roll Call 3:05 pm | CMS

Present: Francisco Valdiosera, Henry Fernandez, Cathenrine Bhatena, Kathy Souchet Downey, Oscar Gutierrez , Steve Stiegelmeyer, Emma Mahern, Claudia Montes Salinas. Not present: Guadalupe Pimentel Solano & Lindsey Akers

  1. Approval of agenda and minutes of October meeting
  1. Henry started the Board meeting at 3:08 pm after roll call; Announcement that Guadalupe Pimental cannot serve and resigned from the Board
  2. Motion to approve - Bhatena
  3. Gutierrez second
  4. No discussion
  5. All Aye
  6. No Nays
  7. October meeting minutes - no correction to minutes
  1. Motion for approval of October minutes - Souchet Downey
  2. Montes- second to motion
  3. No further discussion
  4. All Ayes- approved unanimously

  1. Review and approval of virtual meeting policy - Charter school board requires board approved policy for virtual meetings, visual or telephonic are available options. Participation of virtual/telephonic  is the same as in person.
  1. Fernandez entertained a motion that Alianza Community Schools inc. official board meetings will be in person or virtual. Either mode will fulfill requirements for board meetings.
  1. Mahern motions to approve
  2. Stieglemeyer seconds
  3. No further discussion
  4. All in favor- approved unanimously

  1. Executive Director’s Update report: l
  1. Incorporation; - Laiana  Community Schools, Inc. was incorporated with the Indiana Secretary of State on January 8th Valdiosera with help from Fernandez - officially a non-profit corporation in Indiana. Working with an agency to obtain Internal Revenue  501(c)(3) status for non-profits. Fagre Drinker staff member Jaqueline Pimentel-Gannon is  working on the application.
  2. Selection of principal - Felicia (Garcia) Sears educator since 2008. Has been working at IPS  in C&I Department, and working with DEI throughout the district. Looking for a Director of Operations as well. Charter application: Next week the prospectus will be submitted. FV will share another PDF version. Felicia has helped a lot with the C&I part. Fue on 2/12. Once it is submitted OEI will review. Capacity meeting with Felicia Sears & FV.  Full application submitted afterwards. Virtual meeting in April/May-  but anyone can join to view. If not approved, we will need community support. We will have a website up. Final version of the logo of Monarca Academy: logos will be sent to board by FV.
  3. New Schools Ventures Fund | Submitted today applied for $215,000.00  to pay Felicia’s salary and Director of Operation Salary.
  1. FV will send a copy of grant application
  2. Will hear in May 2021 if we were approved
  3. If we do not get it, Mindtrust has resources
  1. Over 20 agencies submitted letters of support from family and community members
  2. After hearing- Monarca will submit a charter application
  1. Constituting board committees, and appointing chairs
  1. FV will recuse himself from certain votes
  2. Admit FV as board member
  3. All in favor with no opposition
  4. Executive Committee: four  members
  5. Finance Committee
  1. EM will join committee with Oscar
  1. Stakeholder Committee
  1. CMS will join committee
  1. Academic/Education Committee
  2. Next meeting, chairs will provide reports on work that was done

  1. Review of future 2021 meeting dates; selected dates will be sent to board members
  1. Tuesdays or Thursdays at 3 pm is best
  2. Board Retreat & Training in April 2021 - perhaps a Saturday; poll will be sent
  3. June
  4. September
  5. December

With no more questions or things to discuss, HF adjourned at 3:46 pm