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The Archery Life
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The Archery Life

Here is a short compilation of what being a Target Archer under the "Larry Umbrella" can include - inserting yourself into a community (club members, practice, training, competitions, friendships, etc).  At first it can seem so nebulous as to not exist, but the network and the connections and the journey are real/tangible/rewarding.

Aurora - first lesson age 9, jump to age 14 … progress in archery is so tangible, so trackable, so clear cut.  Everyone has the opp to excel - learning and practicing/improving

JOAD club shooting for achievement pins …

Typical practice;  lots of days and hours spent working on your form/technique.  But it’s not drudgery - it’s soothing, it’s cathartic, it’s meditative, it’s satisfying, it’s joyful …

                   Tulsa Archers Club archers


                   Korean National Team 2011


State Championship Tournaments

Big National Tournaments …

Outdoor JOAD Nationals in Raleigh, NC



Indoor Nationals in College Station, TX

Las Vegas International Open ..

Form Review Page

Study Aida Roman practicing in Vegas