Richard Reichenbach October 2019 Staff Spotlight

Mr. Reichenbach brings passion and enthusiasm to our students every day he teaches here in our district.  The energy he brings into the classroom stimulates the students to engage in various art activities throughout the year.  He started working with 3D printing a few years ago and has taken it to a whole new level.  He has provided presentations and trainings at Colby College, WMEC  Rendezvous, and teachers from neighboring districts.  His newest creation is 3D flies used for fishing.  He is currently running a Fishing Club after school, teaching the student how to make flies with the 3D printers.

Mr. Reichenbach served our country in the United States Coast Guards for 25 years.   After retiring from the coast guard, he and his family moved from Alaska to Maine.  Once in Maine, Mr. Reichenbach decided to pursue a career in Art.  He graduated from the University of Maine in 2012 with a Bachelor's Degree in Art and Studio Art.  After graduation he began teaching art classes to students.

His passion for art goes outside of the classroom as well.  At home he made a kiln to bake clay pottery which he creates on his off time from work.  He also is a stone sculptor and painter.  He has participated in local and international exhibits in Maine, Connecticut and Alaska.

We are truly fortunate to have Mr. Reichenbach on board here in RSU #74.