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The Art Mobbing at USAA

Mobbing is a criminally motivated technique used today by USAA’s Stewart Blaine Parker and Lester Lawrence Lyles (invented by Robert F McDermott and further perfected by Robert T Herres, Robert G Davis, Josue J Robles Jr, Stephen A Bennett Esq, et al.) [1] to criminally evade insurance claims.  In essence, they assign 10-20 clerks to make sequential approaches so that one never deals with same clerk more than once.  Each clerk is completely uninformed about the previous clerks representations and promises.

Here is a good example:

Emilio Sanchez appeared out of nowhere, unintroduced, wrote two arguably important letters [Letter 1] [Letter 2] , and then disappeared.

Look at the letters: at no point in either letter does Sanchez either invite a way to get back to him to correct any errors on his part:  and his letter supplies no telephone number.  It’s quite extraordinary.

The art of mobbing is now extended by USAA’s Stewart Blaine Parker and Lester Lawrence Lyles to the use of many many different lawyers and judges to intimidate, harass and jail members who point out the emperor's lack of clothing.

No USAA lawyer, no USAA judge (and trust me - they are USAA judges  - USAA owns them), and no USAA employee seems to know what was discussed with the last:  but that willful blindness is shadowed by a broader misconduct which has at its core the purpose of resolving nothing.  I have never once had a substantive conversation with either a lawyer or an employee representing the syndicate manager at USAA;  much less one of the judges that USAA bribes with future job offers. [2] [3]

Here again is Emilio Sanchez - a good example of a person who knew absolutely fucking nothing about anything - but who exerted/exhibited tremendous power:

And finally, the process of mobbing yields hundred and hundreds of pages of cover-your-ass documents which are gratuitous and have the effect of “mobbing honest judges”:  there were no such honest judges mobbed in this matter because apparently there were no honest judges.

The list of lawyers and judges who were incorporated by Stewart Blaine Parker and Lester Lawrence Lyles to defeat a simple straightforward $15,000 claim to replace a NYC cooperative apartment floor beggars belief.  

Each of these judges (below) had a material and substantial involvement in Stewart Blaine Parker’s and Lester Lawrence Lyles’ little na-na and kvetchy evasion of a simple straightforward property damage claim.


Andy Mireles [RIP]


Carol Haberman [RIP]


David Berchelmann


Janet P Littlejohn


John D Gabriel


John J Specia


Michael J Peden


Solomon Casseb


Carol E Huff


Diane Alexis Lebedeff  [impeached and fucking thrown off the NYS Supreme Court; this is the judge that USAA lawyer Robert Spadaro bribed]


USBCJ Dorothy Eisenberg (major witch)


Jerald R Klein [RIP] - the judge who was auctioned on eBay.


USDJ Joanna M Seybert


USDM Arlene Rosario Lindsay


NYDC Lucy Billings


USDM Michael Orenstein


Mediator Milton Mollen [RIP]


Peter B Skelos


Milton Tingling


Robert Roberto


Sheila Abdus-Salam [RIP- by Suicide, East River]


Sherry Klein Heitler


USDJ Orlando Garcia


USDJ W Royal Ferguson


NYS Supreme Court Judge Martin Schoenfeld


Referee Julian R Birnbaum


Judge Stuart C Cohen


VT Superior Court Judge M Patricia Zimmerman


VT Superior Court Judge Helen Toor


VT Superior Court Judge Robert R Bent


VT Superior Court Judge Michael S Kupersmith

How could there be so many judges to handle a simple claim from a fully-insured steam pipe explosion in a NYC cooperative apartment?

If there was ever a real point of contention, it was whether the most proper claims settlement process was either:

  1. The Koenig family would meet their contractual obligation and costs to restore their exploded steam pipe damaged cooperative apartment; followed by USAA’s subrogated claim to the cooperative apartment corporation; or,
  2. Whether USAA’s Robert F McDermott would “walk on the Koenig family” and then mob the Koenig family with 24 Judges, 45 lawyers, and about 20 USAA claims clerks to perfect his criminal evasion.
  3. Or some other formula, as ordered by the court.

Here is the list of lawyers:  every single one of these lawyers received huge fees to dance and juggle in McDermott‘s Kabuki court appearances:


Aaron Goldstein  (Chubb)


Aaron Schulewitz


Alan M Goldberg  (Chubb)


Ben C Kirschenbaum


Carol Ann Pisano  (Chubb)


Daniel Ward White  (Chubb)


Don Liebowitz (55 Liberty)


Fred L Seeman (55 Liberty)


Henry Saurborn (55 Liberty)


Michael S Feuer [jailed and disbarred] (55 Liberty)


Phyllis Weisberg (55 Liberty)


Robert Jerome Apfel


Ashley Elizabeth Street


Barry Chasnoff


Kirt O’Neill


R Lawrence Macon


Andrew W MacIlwaine


Anthony D Perri


David A Jones


David Arnold Woodard


Deborah Ann Pochtar


Elizabeth Fuller


Elizabeth Kase


George E Joy


James O Druker


Jessica Taylor Spangler


The partners of Jones Day


The partners of Akin Gump


Kenneth O Smith


Linda King


Lori Massey


Michael F Barry


Michael W O’Donnell


Neil L Kanzer


Paula Schwartz Fromme


Reid Meyers


Robert G Newman


Robert L Hoagland


Robert M Spadaro


Robert Sprague


Russell K Scott


Sally B Narey


Samuel J Hoar


Theodore Schultz


Will D Davis [RIP]

Aaron Ron Goldstein Esq (Chubb)

and of course:

Barry J Yellen

William A Simon

Randolph E White

How could there be so many lawyers for one claim?

Now - if there was settled point of contention requiring a trial and a court order, wasn’t one USAA lawyer enough?  And wasn’t one judge enough?  And if USAA had wanted to handle the determination of the claim in an orderly fashion:  wouldn’t there be a record?

Beyond Mendiola’s first letter and Jannie Morse’s criminal evasion:  where is the record?

And even more interestingly:  where are the people who were really handling the matter behind the scenes.

Let’s put it this way:

Let’s say that son-of-a-bitch, USAA’s senior law officer:

Bradford Whitman Rich
General Counsel

  1. had cared to institute a system where a large claim [4]  was processed through an objective claims settlement process which resulted in an objective written claims rejection; and,
  2. the rejection contained an elemental error of fact or reasoning:

what was the procedure for instituting a discussion as to that error?

Well, Stewart Blain Parker and Lester Lawrence Lyles pushed forward these people, one after the other:

Connie Estrada

Delia Gamez

Diane D Aguilar

Duane Divich

Emilio Sanchez

Gilbert M Hernandez

Irene Negrete

Jack Variano

Janice M Detreville [RIP]

Jannie Morse

Kenneth W Smith

Leonard Dasle Stewart

Norma Mendiola

Paul A Berry

Richard A Eagan

Rudolph Ostovich

Sandra L Sausman

Sharron M Brake

Veronica Guevara

William Michael Chandler


This report on Stewart Blaine Parker and Lester Lawrence Lyles criminal activity is made in the hope of generating a set of new state-by-state regulations that require insurers to assign one person to handle a complex claim from beginning to end.

While Stewart Blaine Parker and Lester Lawrence Lyles seem to have known all along that our claim from exploded steampipe damage was large and complex:  Stewart Blain Parker and Lester Lawrence Lyles did not assign a Large Claim Examiner until 2 years later:

Leonard Dale Stewart

417 Scarlet Sage Drive

League City TX 77573

Leonard D Stewart worked with (and maybe under):

Richard A Eagan

8918 Shady Winds

San Antonio TX 78254

+1.210.681.9670 (good 03 feb 16)

It is my position that the claim had been a large loss matter from day one:  but that Stewart Blaine Parker and Lester Lawrence Lyles, with criminal intent, assigned it to low-ranking and unknowledgeable personnel from the git-go to sort of ho-hum the deal.

While it could be argued that staff changes make a single-person assignment impossible, it actually turns out that the first two clerks that Stewart Blaine Parker and Lester Lawrence Lyles predecessor assigned in 1989 and 1990 are still with USAA - and still doing the same job.  The adjuster was fired for failing to be licensed and went bankrupt: but he’s right there in the same home he occupied in 1989.

Starting in 1989:

Norma Mendiola

Richard J Froese

Jannie Morse

really screwed up the claim through serial lying and evasion.  I love to detail Mendiola’s little whiny TexMax crap about “not understanding why we Easterners lived in those tall leaky buildings” - or whatever.

Jannie Morse, who’s still there at USAA cranking it out,  wrote one of the most extraordinary yet elegantly fraudulent letters in the annals of insurance settlement.  Read Jannie Morse’s and see if you can figure it out:

I can’t even parse the letter into meaningful statements that can be argued.

But it may be that I am uncharitable and unkind to Mendiola and Morse as it is indeed possible that they were no more than robo-signers selling their signatures for a salary - and signing letters written by others.


Norma Mendiola, in her very first letter [Exhibit “_”] sent the day after I noticed USAA about the steam pipe explosion, began with this bizarre statement:

The “we” she was referring to was either the “royal we” or these two people:




But now let’s re-read Norma Mendiola’s first utterance in its entirety:

Will somebody please phone me on my personal cell phone (+  and tell me what the fuck exactly Norma Mendiola meant (above).  She supplies 4 reasons why my family’s ordinary journeyman run-of-the mill New York State Homeowners policy “may not provide coverage”.

But she actually supplies no reasons.  Why did snitty bitchy little Norma Mendiola promise reasons why our claim might be denied?  And then why didn’t she supply the reasons?

The reason why Norma Mendiola didn’t supply reasons was because there were no reasons our claim could be denied:  not one!

But Norma wanted a copy of the Master Policy:

  1. Either Norma knew that there was no Master Policy - in which case she was engaging in criminal fraud by trying to set me back with a criminally fraudulent notion that there was some non-existent document I had to produce: or,
  2. Farting belching vituperative Norma Mendiola actually believed that 55 Liberty Street # 17C was a condominium.

But even more likely is that Norma Mendiola had no fucking idea which way was up and probably thought that Robert F McDermott’s recently constructed Cooperative Apartment Building, with a proprietary lease constructively identical to the Koenig family’s lease, was a Mayan Temple or something.  In essence: this little bitch had no idea what she was talking about.

I don’t mean to be that tough on Norma.  But Norma has now had 5 years to recant and repiudiate what she did not my family and what she said to me over the phone.  Her lawyer, Theodore Schultz, paid for by the syndicate names at USAA, but covering for Stewart Blaine Parker and Lester Lawrence Lyles, has counseled her to hang tough.  And so there she is - hanging tough.

 The Multi-peril Policy customarily carried by cooperative apartment corporations is not freely available for shareholders to mail out: but I did supply her the next day with the Insurance Company and Policy number. The cause of loss was exploded steam pipes as was fully documented  by USAA’s own adjuster and his supporting photographs. The cause was an explicit named peril: “steam”.  Norma was supplied with several written estimates.

Norma Mendiola, in what seems to be a bid to put herself in jail, also commissioned a secret undated adjustment report from another adjuster, Grace Ward:

Grace Ward’s secret undated adjustment fully admitted to Robert F McDermott’s duty to implead the 2.5 million other USAA  syndicate names to pay the costs of restoring our exploded steampipe damaged home.

And then Mendiola, with criminal abandon, failed to set in place and commence the subrogated legal action against the cooperative apartment corporation’s own insurer.

Mendiola, Froese, Morse, Divich, Cooney, Bishop, McDermott, Ward, and on and on:  they all knew that the cooperative apartment corporation was responsible and negligent for the steam pipe explosion as the cooperative apartment corporation knew that the steam pipes were going to explode.


If Norma Mendiola wants to travel away from her plumbingless adobe hut and come to NYC:  she will see that 55 Liberty Street Owners Corporation has now installed this flexible connector on every radiator steam-riser run-out - the Stainless Steel Flexonics Series 100 - which was the exact remedy laid out on engineer Joselow’s letter:

Stainless Steel Flexonics Series 100


Mendiola then went on to harangue me over the phone that she didn’t understand why we Easterners back in NYC lived in those tall buildings that leaked all the time.  I was speechless.  I suppose that I should have told this little piece of TexMex shit that her single-floor adobe hut doesn’t leak because she doesn’t have plumbing.  What the fuck did Norma Mendiola mean by telling me that my family shouldn’t expect our contractual insurance coverage because we lived in tall buildings in NYC that leaked all the time.

I genuinely believe, looking back, that Norma Mendiola was trying to rile me up.

But the follow-on act shows that Jannie Morse was living in some alternative world and she knew that our family home was not condo but rather a coop.   And Jannie knew that the Koenig family had the primary duty to restore the steampipe damage and was the first payor of all costs to restore.  And Jannie knew that the legal document which laid out the allocation of costs was our proprietary lease.  And Jannie had the proprietary lease in her hand as USAA adjuster Richard J Froese had sent her a 2nd USAA file copy of the proprietary lease - to supplement the full copy of the proprietary lease I had sent Robert F McDermott and Janice Marshall in December 1986:

Janice Detreville has passed on.  But if Jannie Morse feels that the USAA file lacks the proprietary lease, she can contact the USAA adjuster who sent it to her:

Richard J Froese

6 The Mall

Syosset NY 11791-4127

+1.516.349.9615 (ng)

+1.516.496.9625 (business) [needs verify as to this  Froese]

In the alternative, she can contact the current adjuster on the case, who took over Froese’s business (for free, Joe Madden tells me) when Froese was fired by USAA for lacking a NYS adjuster’s license:

Grace L Ward

Excel Claims Service, Inc.

103 Fort Salonga Road - Suite 8

Northport NY 11768


fax:  +1.631.261.2676 (good 05 oct 13) (good 28 nov 17)

Excel Claims Service Inc

63 Berg Avenue

Kings Park NY 11754

Grace L Ward

324 Meadow Road

Kings Park NY 11754


That brings me to my second suggestion for new insurance legislation:

The person signing the insurer’s letter should be the same as the person who wrote the letter.

If it is machine letter - then the insurer should be required to disclose that as well as the conditions that triggered the form of the machine letter.

I am writing the libretto for a Rock Opera about Christen Michaela Shannon whose family was gratuitously abused by criminal Robert F McDermott with a form of mobbing.

Mobbing is a cousin of  robo-signing.  Mobbing is variation on:


or Dannie Kaye’s The Chalice with the Place routine from The Court Jester:

Click here for Danny Kaye

This Danny Kaye scene is adapted from Norma Mendiola’s and Jannie Morse’s routine when they explained to me how and why my family’s absolutely 100% perfect insurance contract on our NYC cooperative apartment was not quite the right policy to restore the apartment after the steam pipes exploded.

Mobbing is often observed in the animal kingdom: where a group of animals will mob together to defend against a predator who is coming to lunch.

Lester Lawrence Lyles and Stewart Blaine Parker preside over a large claims settlement process which explicitly uses mobbing to defeat the claim.  The Koenig family has arrived for lunch:  

And USAA’s Lester Lawrence Lyles and Stewart Blaine Parker are going to make sure that they don’t get it.





One of the finest example of the criminal act of mobbing was played out:

USAA’s Leonard D Stewart Large Loss Examiner,  who was not even licensed to adjust losses in New York State, was sent in by USAA’s NorthEast and Overseas Regional Team to further confuse the matter.

USAA’s Leonard D Stewart Large Loss Examiner knew that a steam pipe explosion had occurred and Stewart know that the apartment was uninhabitable.

Here is a brief narrative of where things stood in late 1991.  In November 1989, the high pressure ConEd-fed industrial power-plant steam behind the walls of our cooperative apartment exploded.

The standard NYC coop water/steam damage routine when the tenant’s property is damaged is this:

  1. Tenant’s insurer pays for the restoration
  2. Tenant’s insurer files a subrogated claim directly to the cooperative corporation’s insurer.
  3. Tenant’s insurer is made whole.

In those cases where a tenant is the cause of the damage, not eventrhogh negligence: the cooperative corporation (the landlord)  might subrogate a claim to the tenant’s insurer.

The proprietary lease requires that the cooperative corporation carry a multi-peril policy.

The Koenig family had the standard insurance contract on the standard form.  55 Liberty Owners Corp had the standard multi-peril policy which is common to cooperative corporations.

So the game is on.  The steam pipes have exploded and Douglas Elliman’s Paul R Gottsegen is going to start to do loops and swirls to assist 55 Liberty Owners Corporation to evade the claim.  And USAA is going to begin its own dive bombing and criminal routines to evade its duty.

Hold on - wait a second - what does  Douglas Elliman’s Paul R Gottsegen evade.

The cooperative corporation has no duty to restore the Koenig family home from the steam pipe explosion.  So why would Gottsegen evade a claim with criminal abandon  Everybody understands that it is good old USAA and Robert F McDermott who have to foot the bill to restore the Koenig’s apartment.  It’s right in the fucking policy and it’s right in the fucking God-damn proprietary lease.

nb:  This document was started November 21 2013

Signers (too many signers) at USAA:

Wilson C Cooney, Robert F McDermott, Janice Marshall, Charlie Bishop, Duane Divich, William McCrae, Bradford Rich, Richard Froese, Janice M Detreville (deceased), Jannie Morse, Veronica Guevara, Leonard D Stewart, Daniel P Ragsdale, Sharon M Brake, Grace L Ward, Irene Negrete, Delia Gamez, Gilbert M Hernandez, Emilio D Sanchez, Connie Estrada, Rudolph Ostovich III, Sandra Lynn Sausman

Key Words:  signers; usaa signatures; signatures

  1. Too many damn people coming at me and my family from too many directions, and each one spouting a different variation of the same lie.
  1. Wilson C Cooney’s “signature” on November 4, 1986: when he admitted to criminal misconduct by telling our mortgage holder, out of the clear blue sky, that we had not paid our Montclair NJ’s homeowners policy - when in fact we had:

  1. Robert F McDermott’s signature on our homeowner’s policy: McDermott  lying to us saying he planned to have the other subscribing members pay our claims.

  1. Insurance agent Janice Marshall on our 1988-1989 homeowner's policy: Marshall lying to us saying that insurance for my family’s cooperative apartment and the contained tenant installed fixtures were properly insured when she had deliberately used the wrong form:

  1. Subscribing member Norma J Mendiola’s signature on March 25, 1989:  applied to her letter without any study of the facts and the required determination of the metrics/merits of our claim for damage to our NYC Cooperative Apartment.   Criminal Mendiola summarily denied the claim - a decision which still stands 24 years later.  We now know that Mendiola had secretly and fraudulently decided that we lived in a “condominium” and that was how she was going to evade the claim.  Had criminal Mendiola written the word “condominium” somewhere in her letter, we’d have been able to see the fault and correct it.  But it was her very effective and successful plan to baffle me, cheat my family, mystify the lawyers, and corrupt the judges (most notably the very corruptible Judge Diane Lebedeff).

  1. Subscribing member Richard J Froese on June 8, 1989:  a dumb shit who was given the physical copy of our proprietary lease for a NYC cooperative apartment, but who followed criminal Mendiola’s instructions to adjust the loss as if it were an uncovered loss in a NYC condominium.

  1. Subscribing member Janice M Detreville of February 7, 1990 (by telegram):  a consummate and criminal liar.

  1. Subscribing member Jannie Morse on July 25, 1990:  a bitchy, lecturing, hectoring,  overbearing, and ultimately criminally “wrong” fellow subscribing member/employee of the unincorporated reciprocal interinsurance exchange.  Morse’s letter is so vile  that it is annexed as Exhibit “C”.

  1. Subscribing member Veronica Guevara on October 26, 1990

  1. Subscribing member Leonard D Stewart on November 21, 1990:  Stewart never sent me a copy of his letter cooperative apartment board member Louisa Kennedy.  It’s important to understand that Stewart’s criminally-motivated hold over co op association board member Kennedy was that McDermott/Mendiola/USAA lawyers were already making it clear to the coop that if the coop allowed my claim to go forward [5]  , that the ~ $25,000 repair bill would simply be subrogated back to the cooperative corporation.

  1. Daniel P Ragsdale, March 20,1991

  1. Sharon M Brake:  12 nov 93 non-payment letter.

  1. Subscribing member Grace L Ward on August 9, 1994

  1. Subscribing member Duane Divich on October 24, 1994:  when I asked Divich why he had overpaid a false $475 auto claim by $26 so as to push it just over the $500 limit to charge us back, Divich threatened my wife and myself with criminal prosecution for insurance fraud.  Cock-sucker!

  1. Subscribing member Irene Negrete on December 21, 1994

  1. Subscribing member Delia Gamez on February 10, 1995

  1. Subscribing member Gilbert M Hernandez on March 15, 1995

  1. Subscribing member Emilio D Sanchez on July 31, 1995

  1. Subscribing member Connie Estrada on March 23, 1995

and on February 12, 1997 [completely different signature]

  1. Subscribing member Rudolph Ostovich III on July 10, 1995:  Ostrovich sanctioned Divich’s threat to prosecute my wife and I over a $475 false automobile claim that had been filed by a mentally unstable daycare center employee.

  1. Subscribing member Sandra Lynn Sausman

  1. Subscribing member William McCrae (in letter to Jim Shannon on September 6, 1995

  1. Subscribing member Connie Estrada (again) on February 12, 1997

  1. Subscribing member Sandra L Sausman on July 11, 1997

  1. Subscribing member Diana D Aguilar


  1. Subscribing member Grace Romo on her letter terminating my cooperative apartment insurance

02 feb 2016:  More USAA employees and fellow subscribing members who never signed anything but with whom there was substantive contact.

Richard A Eagan

Richard A Eagan
8918 Shady Winds
San Antonio TX 78254
+1.210.681.9670 (good 03 feb 16)

Roger Quisenberry

Patti Horlen

Troy Little

Lea Ann Anderson

Koenig wrote and phoned on 05 Nov 96

Jack Variano
In-House Adjuster
PO Box 85
Rockville Center NY 11571
+1.516 763 2523 (ng 03 feb 16)
fax:  +1.516 763 2617 

He phoned and demurred:  handing off assignment to Ward

19 jan 18 1925 GMT

Laura A Olguin
[Laura A Velenzuela]
Member Investigations
United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio TX 78288
+ (o-direct)

Dear Ms Olguin:

You may wish to refer to my essay on mobbing: 

Here we go:

When USAA’s Leonard D Stewart, Large Loss Examiner:

Leonard Dale Stewart
417 Scarlet Sage Drive
League City TX 77573

wrote his November 21 1991 letter:

to Mrs Morehead Kennedy (wife of chargé d'affaires and senior hostage at Tehran Embassy) : was USAA’s Leonard D Stewart, Large Loss Examiner licensed in New York State?

Please:  Yes or No.

Question # 2:  Were Mr and Mrs Morehead Kennedy ever syndicate names at USAA?  I will proceed on the assumption that they were unless I hear from you to the explicit contrary.

Question # 3:

Is there anything in USAA’s Leonard Dale Stewart - Large Loss Examiner’s November 21 1991 letter (with color photographs)  which could be taken as a refutation of either:

  1. USAA’s admission of the imperative need to replace our floor; or,
  2. that the extensive damage was caused by exploding steampipes

Question # 4 Preamble:  in this October 21 1991 letter I reported to Leonard Dale Stewart:

and at the same time I supplied this October 4 1991 bullshit letter from 55 Liberty’s Managing Agent:

which had been in response to my letter to J C Klein’s Cusenza  on October 7 1991:

It should be noted that in response to my October 7 1991 letter, 55 Liberty’s managing agent Joseph Cusenza neither:

  1. supplied a reason why it was my duty to repair the floor; nor,
  2. supplied a bill or pro forma bill for my share of the repair

Instead, 55 Liberty Managing  Agent Joseph Cusenza lodged a claim against my family for over-watering a planter.

The claim was later amplified by Robert J Phillips’ affidavit [Exhibit “_”].

Phillip’s affidavit is a fairytale as there was no planter and in any case USAA’s own adjuster Richard J Froese photographed the section of floor that was to be removed on June 23rd 1989:

My blue arrow - the small arrow is Froese’s.

The hole to investigate the presence of water was cut on July 28th.

I wrote Froese and 55 Liberty’s managing agent the same day:

Criminal USAA lawyer Robert J Spadaro, before corrupt New York State Supreme Court Judge Diane Lebedeff, with supporting testimony from criminal USAA adjuster Grace Ward, and with surprise witness building superintendent Robert J Phillips [RIP], later asked the court to agree that I had purposefully over-watered a planter at the location that the 55 Liberty Street carpenter Mark Brannon had cut a hole to investigate for the presence of water before beginning his floor removal.

Fucking cocksucking USAA lawyer Spadaro accused me in open court before a corrupt pre-bribed Judge Diane Lebedeff (whom he had bribed) that I had intentionally over-watered a planter.

As is fully documented, it had been 55 Liberty Street’s staff carpenter (supplied by Douglas Elliman) Mark Brannon’s plan on July 28 1989 to remove the floor but to truncate the floor removal if water was discovered - in order to supply USAA Adjuster Froese with the opportunity to inspect the water damage.  Mark Brannon immediately encountered ½” of water under the unheaved subfloor on his first cut.

Mr Froese came on August 3 1989:

inspected, snapped photographs, and took with him samples of the water-stressed wood finished floor and rusted flooring nails and the water-stressed ¾” plywood subfloor with rusted Hilti-gun powernails that attached the  ¾” plywood subfloor to the concrete slab..

Criminal USAA lawyer Robert J Spadaro knew all that.

Criminal USAA lawyer Robert J Spadaro also knew that USAA adjuster Grace Ward had free unfettered and unsupervised access to every piece of the flooring that had been removed:  and that Grace Ward had inspected and photographed and taken with her samples of the floor during her ________ visit.

Cusenza’s October 14 1991 letter was written in anticipation of criminal Robert F McDermott’s claim against 55 Liberty as the subrogee of our rights to claim against the cooperative housing corporation for negligence in the matter of the exploded steampipe.  Cusenza was already defending that claim.

In truth, Cusenza probably couldn’t believe that criminal Robert F McDermott hadn’t simply paid the Koenig family’s simple and completely ordinary claim - and already commenced the subrogated action.

Ms Olguin:  it’s juvenile to think otherwise.

In any case - it is inarguable true that I immediately reported 55 Liberty Street’s over-watered planter claim to USAA Large Loss Examiner Leonard Dale Stewart. Is there any dispute as to whether or not I reported 55 Liberty Street’s over-watered planter claim?

So - is there a question here?  I apologize for the sidebar.

Question # 4:  Was there a response to my October 19 1991 report of 55 Liberty’s claim as to an over-watered planter?  If so - please supply me with a copy of USAA Large Loss Examiner Leonard Dale Stewart’s response - today.

Question # 5:  Please supply the evidence that USAA Large Loss Examiner Leonard Dale Stewart did in fact mail me a copy of his November 21st 1991 letter to USAA member Mrs Morehead Kennedy.   nb:  it is on the record that I only received a copy of USAA Large Loss Examiner Leonard Dale Stewart’s November 21st 1991 letter to USAA member Mrs Morehead Kennedy three years later:

Given the significance of USAA Large Loss Examiner Leonard Dale Stewart’s November 21st 1991 letter to USAA member Mrs Morehead Kennedy:  we all know that the existence of USAA Large Loss Examiner Leonard Dale Stewart’s November 21st 1991 letter to USAA member Mrs Morehead Kennedy would have reflected in the record somewhere.

USAA Large Loss Examiner Leonard Dale Stewart’s November 21st 1991 letter to USAA member Mrs Morehead Kennedy is an admission that Robert F McDermott criminally evaded his duty to supply the promised indemnity of the other 2.5 million subscribing members and insurance syndicate names to the satisfaction of our duty to repair our home’s substantially exploded steampipe damaged floor.

What is becoming clearer and clearer is that 55 Liberty Street Owners Corporation and Robert F McDermott as the trustee and attorney-in-fact for my family’s insurance syndicate were already circling each other with the intent to do combat.

Neither wanted to pay.

What is unfortunately true is that 55 Liberty Street Owners Corporation and Robert F McDermott’s people had already engaged and were in secret  discussions - behind my back.

If those discussions had my cooperative housing corporation and my insurance syndicate engaging in a secret combination to defraud my family - then we have a problem.  And the statutes have not run.

I believe that there was just such a secret combination to defraud my family.

And I believe that in 1992 these persons were the NY frontmen for that unlawful fraudulent combination:

Anthony D Perri Esq

46 Bayville Park Boulevard

Bayville NY 11709


Bayville Village Justice Court

Village of Bayville

34 School Street

Bayville NY 11709


fax: +1.516.628.3740

Deborah Ann Pochtar Esq

Imperial House

150 E 69th Street Apt 17C

New York NY 10021


Deborah Ann Pochtar Esq.

Stonberg Moran LLP

505 8th Avenue, Suite 2302

New York NY 10018


fax:  +1.646.349.3528

Joseph Cusenza

Chief Executive Officer

J C  Klein Inc

3 Hanover Square

Apartment 15 F

New York, NY 10004

I believe that the entire claims settlement spun out of control and that these two USAA staff attorneys back-filling and engaging in a cover-up which fatally tainted already corrupt Judge Diane Lebedeff’s court.

Robert M Spadaro Esq

80 Grymes Hill Road

Staten Island NY 10301-3821


Joseph B Kuroly Esq

In-house counsel for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Harris King & Fodera

1 Battery Park Plaza - 30th floor

New York NY 10004-1437


NY Registration #:  2905909

USAA photographed the exploded steam pipes on November 30 1989:

By December 5th 1989, the claim should have been reserved and the initial check to retain a contractor should have been cut.

And by December 30, 1989, Robert F McDermott should have already commenced his subrogated action as a subrogee of my family’s rights against

Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company
NAIC 22187
Policy # 1131M75921-S

as the subrogee of  55 Liberty’s rights in the matter.

The parties who executed the criminal combination will be dealt with.

The exquisite question is whether Laura Olguin, who is herself a syndicate name at USAA, wants to persist as an agent in furthering the fraud.

Stewart Blaine Parker should want to settle this matter right away.

Very truly yours,

Robert J Koenig
+ (cell, sms, mms + FaceTime)


Leonard Dale Stewart
417 Scarlet Sage Drive
League City TX 77573

Elizabeth Dominguez

55 Liberty Street Owners Corp

New York, NY 10005
(pending email)

Robert M Spadaro Esq

80 Grymes Hill Road

Staten Island NY 10301-3821


Joseph B Kuroly Esq

In-house counsel for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Harris King & Fodera

1 Battery Park Plaza - 30th floor

New York NY 10004-1437


Deborah Ann Pochtar Esq (please forward a copy to Perri)

Imperial House

150 E 69th Street Apt 17C

New York NY 10021


Exhibit “_”: Leonard Dale Stewart not licensed in NYS

Exhibit “_”:  Robert J Phillip’s affidavit

Exhibit “_”:  Norma Mendiola’s May 25 1989  letter, in its entirety.

Exhibit “_”:  Professional consulting retained engineer Joslow’s January 15 1988 letter, as transmitted to the 55 Liberty Street Board of Directors.

Exhibit “_”:  Emilio Sanchez letter # 1

Exhibit “_”:  Emilio Sanchez letter # 2

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[1] Stewart Blaine Parker and Lester Lawrence Lyles, who operate in the environment of of unincorporated Texas for-profit association known as USAA (which is separate and distinct from United Services Automobile Association, an unincorporated reciprocal inter-insurance exchange) are the successors in interest to the crimes committed by Robert F McDermott, Robert T Herres, Robert G Davis, Josue J Robles Jr, and John H Moellering, et al.).  The responsibility, duty, and fully funded (they’ve got the money) capability to rectify all wrongs resides with these two - Parker and Lyles.  In the meantime, please have Laura Olguin in Executive Investigations forward me the name and address of the USAA pilot who caught Robert G Davis and Dawn [can you believe the name] Johnson screwing in the members’ G4 at 12,000 ft while overflying the California wildfires.  I feel free to use Robert F McDermott and Lyles and Parker interchangeably.  Lyles and parker can begin the process of separating themselves from the record of their predecessors in crime by separating themselves. That necessarily begins with apologizing to my mother [RIP - meaning my mother’s estate] and and my ex-wife and children and making them whole.  It’s not complex.  Do Lyles and Parker want to own what Robert F McDermott, Robert T Herres, Robert G Davis, Josue J Robles Jr, and John H Moellering, et al. did?



[4] We know that it was a large as Robert F McDermott had assigned a large claim examiner, Leonard Dale Stewart.

“Going forward” meant that 55 Liberty Owners Corporation, Inc. would make a formal demand that we repair the apartment;and that 55 Liberty Owners Corporation, Inc also state in writing that it was the belief of Robert J Phillips (superintendent), Douglas Elliman (contract managers) and the coop board of directors that my wife and I had intentionally punctured the 1 ¼” high pressure steam pipe so has to destroy the apartment.  that was the 2000-2001 argument made by USAA subscribing member/employee/lawyer Robert Spadaro in court before the highly corruptible NY State Supreme Court judge Diane Lebedeff - subsequently fired.