Roundtable 4: Workforce Housing

Workforce Housing Session 4

*Small group, so a more flowing conversation*


Brainstorming ideas

·        Missing middle

·        Want solution for rural housing crunch

·        Shifting community acceptance around affordable housing developments

·        Creative solutions


Affordable housing/deed restricted

·        Could be tiered… could have exceptions (e.g. critical community role, like teachers)

Workforce housing (is this the same as employee housing?)

Employee housing: housing required for employee to provide; lose your job lose your house


Missing middle


·        BC you can use the tourism tax if you can demonstrate housing needs (maybe not the missing middle)

·        Xshaw – built rental housing for their teachers (Canmore talking about it too)

·        Public-private partnership – town Canmore secured some for own staff (transitional housing, perhaps for missing middle)

·        Parks Canada –provides across employee housing, mostly in the park

·        Resort centres required to provide a certain housing percent (e.g. Malcolm Hotel) – this requirement in land-use bylaw and area structure plans (not missing middle)

·        Can you tax second home owners (BC – three places, not AB; US at least some places, ok)

·        CO – you can use a real estate transfer tax….

·        Could you zone mixed use in your master plan and would that be a tool?

·        Employee housing strategy to apply to businesses going forward; apply to new development (question is how to do to existing development).



·        most base homes in expensive communities are luxury homes – only high end developers

·        perception that all can’t live in a community but missing that need that city needs a community to support the community

·        Downzoning = must compensate them