Welcome to eResources Digital Learning, your one-stop shop for online course options for students (grades K-12)!

You can check out the course catalog (over 3,000 discounted course options) or view our Course Providers’ details without a login account. If you would like to enroll students in courses via the Portal, you just need to request an account. No contract is required, and your district will be billed only for the courses you request. Please see below for information about the Portal, including how to enroll your students.

Course Catalog

We have improved our course catalog, and have over 3,000 course options. The catalog shows each course, provider, subject, grade level, type, length, and cost. We have also added an indicator (a blue ribbon next to the course) that shows whether the course is approved to count toward the one required digital course for graduation! There are 3 course types:

(this information is also viewable by sliding your cursor over the “i” next to each course type)

Searching for course options is easy. You can search by subject and/or provider, and then further narrow your options using the slider-bar to select the grade range. To search for a specific course, begin typing the course title or code in the Search box (located on the far right, below the grade range bar. You can view from 10-100 course options on the page, and at the bottom of the list you will see the total number of courses that match your search. You can also view the course details for each by clicking on the course title.

Requesting a Login Account

Getting started is easy. Click on this button (main page near the bottom):

and fill out the form. (Note:  If you had an account for the original Portal, you will still need to request a new account due to the enhanced security on the new Portal. You will receive login credentials via email. Return to the Portal and sign in via this button found in the upper right corner:

You are now ready to enroll students! If any of your students do not already have a record on the Portal, you’ll need to create one for each student.

Adding Student Records

Click on Students, and check to see if the student already has a record. (Note: You can also view deactivated students by clicking on the downward arrow next to “+Add From CSV” to see if the student has an existing record you can reinstate.) If not, to create a student record click on

if you want to add one student at a time. Complete the fields, and then Save the record.

If you want to add multiple students in one step, then click on

where you will be able to download a template/file, add student data, and upload it to the Portal. You will also have the option to revise the file (adding an additional student, for example) prior to submitting it for upload.

Note: If you need to change a student’s record, simply click on the student’s name and then you can edit the record. Be sure to save your changes!.

Requesting Course Enrollments

We have enhanced the enrollment options! There are three ways to request an enrollment:  

  1. Click on the gear next to the student’s name (far right) or on the green plus sign if your screen is compressed, and select Request Enrollment.
  2. Click on the student’s name, and then Request Enrollment (upper right).

To select a course, click on the box to the left of the course. You have now added this to your student’s enrollment request table (at the top of the page). Note: you can now select the Start and End dates for each course. Continue adding courses for the student, and when you are finished you just need to submit the course request(s) by clicking on

If you want to enroll a number of students in the same course, click on “Courses” and then click on the gear next to the course you want. Your student list will be displayed and you can select the students to be enrolled in that course. You will also be able to select the start and end dates for the group. (Remember to click Submit once you have the students and dates finalized!)

Requesting drops and extensions

If you need to drop a student’s course or request an extension, click on the student’s name. The student’s enrollments are displayed below their student record, and you can click on the gear next the course you would like to drop or extend.

Checking Status of Requests for Enrollments/Drops/Extensions

There are two ways to check the status of a request:

  1. For all requests: click on “Requests” on the left, and you can select the status type you want to view (pending, approved, cancelled, or denied).
  2. For a specific student: click on a student’s name and check the status below their student record.

Course Status

Until a course enrollment request has been approved, the course status is Pending. Once the course provider has enrolled the student, the status will change to Enrolled. Please note that the course status will change to Closed after the end date has passed.

Coming Soon - Reports

Soon you will have access to a downloadable report that will  include the following fields:

Questions?  Contact us!

We are here to help! If you have questions or need assistance, please call us at (501) 492-4300 or send us an email at jketcham@apsrc.net.