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Tairangi School Procedure Statement

SOCIAL STUDIES        NAG 1 Curriculum

Tairangi School’s Social Studies programme will ensure that the children will learn to think clearly and critically about New Zealand society and the impact of other counties, regions and peoples on New Zealand.

The following procedures are to be followed by the school:

  1. Tairangi School’s Social Studies programmes will meet the requirements of the New Zealand Curriculum Framwork and Social Studies in the New Zealand Curriculum.
  2. A cyclic two year plan will operate.  This plan will be reviewed during Term 4 in the year.
  3. Syndicates will plan co-operatively using the school-wide planning sheets.
  4. The needs, interests and experiences of the students must be taken into account when syndicates plan their units of work.
  5. Each unit will include a relevant context for study.
  6. Important national and international events (Olympics etc ) should be incorporated into the school Social Studies programme.
  7. Social Studies may be integrated into other curriculum areas, however, those designated as Social Studies must retain a clear Social Studies perspective and assessment should be measured against the established Social Studies Achievement Objectives.
  8. Risk Management aspects should be a consideration when planning a unit of work (visits to work-sites, museums etc).
  9. Student’s progress will be monitored against the Achievement Objectives, which have been incorporated into the unit of work.
  10. A variety of types of assessment should be used.
  11. Assessment data will be recorded on the school-wide coverage sheets.
  12. All programmes will be balanced and manageable.
  13. A range of resources and media should be used with each unit of work.
  14. The school’s ICT facilities should be utilised both by teachers in the planning stages and students during the learning component of any Social Studies unit of work.
  15. The Social Studies Curriculum Committee will make budget recommendations to the Principal.
  16. The Social Studies Curriculum Committee will retain an overview of the school’s Social Studies Long Term Plan and assessment processes.
  17. Where practical, In-service in Social Studies will be made available to staff.

File:socstud1.doc        Procedure Statement -  Social Studies