9th Grade Electives

ART (Fine Art credit)

Art Foundations (Art I)

Sculpture (Art II)

Ceramics I - Handbuilding

Ceramics II - Wheel Thrown

Ceramics III - Sculpting

Honors Art I (Drawing I & Drawing II)  (year)

Basic Film Photo (need 35 mm camera) (CTE)

Basic Digital Photo (need digital camera) (CTE)

Design and Visual Communications (CTE)

BUSINESS  (CTE credit)

Robotics I

Gaming Development Fundamentals

Mobile Development Fundamentals

Computer Programming I (DS)

Computer Science Principles (DS)

Web Development I (DS)

Exploring Computer Science (DS)

Business Office Specialist (DS)

DEBATE / DRAMA  (Fine Art credit)

Debate (year)

Theatre Foundations (Drama I)

Stage Craft/Tech Crew (year)

MUSIC  (Fine Art credit)

Men’s Choir (year)

Women’s Choir (year)

Color Guard (year)

Concert Orchestra (year)

Sinfonia (audition only)

Philharmonic Orchestra (audition only)

Concert Band I (year)

Jazz Band I & II (audition only)

Percussion (year)

Percussion I (year)


Woods I - Woodworking

Woods II - Cabinetmaking (sem 2)

Wood Turning

CAD Arch Design I

CAD Arch Design II (sem 2)

CAD Mechanical  Design I

CAD Mechanical Design II (sem 2)

Auto I (Intro to Automotive)

Metals I

Metals II (sem 2)

Small Engine Repair


Child Development

Apparel Design and Production I (Clothing 1)

Apparel Design and Production II (Clothing 2) (sem 2)

Fashion Design Studios

Interior Design I

Interior Design II (sem 2)

Food & Nutrition I

Food & Nutrition II (sem 2)

PHYSICAL EDUCATION (Dance = Fine Art or PE credit)

Run Fitness


Dance & Pop Culture (Dance IB)

Dance IA

Dance IIA (sem 1) & Dance IIB (sem 2)

Dance III - by audition only

Ballroom Dance - Beginning

Ballroom Dance - Intermediate

Ballroom Dance Team

WORLD LANGUAGES  (Elective credit)

ASL I - Beginning

ASL II - Developing


Chinese AP Language

Chinese DLI 5 Honors

French Beginning

French 3

French AP Language

French DLI 5 Honors

German Beginning

German 3

German AP Language

Japanese 2

Japanese 3 (Pre-AP Japanese)

Spanish Beginning

Spanish 2

Spanish 3

Spanish AP Language

Spanish 3 Honors (Spanish for Heritage Speakers)

Spanish DLI 5 Honors



College & Career Literacy

Peer Tutor


If you take Release Time to attend seminary, it will count as one of your classes, but it is a non-credit class. Students wishing for early morning must contact seminary before registration.