2019 6844 Prototypes Technical Binder

Table of Contents

Strategy        3

Game Strategy        4

Priority list        5

Design        6

Drivetrain        7

Cargo Intake        8

Cargo Shooter        9

Hatch Panel Intake        10



Game Strategy 

Our primary goal this year was to improve our team and robot capabilities so that we could play in the elimination rounds. We decided to specialize in scoring low because of the many opportunities to do so in the rocket and cargo ship.

We felt that prioritizing a hatch panel mechanism was an important ability because hatch panels must be placed before cargo can be scored. We also think that the ability to pick up hatch panels from the floor in a regional like ours would be valuable because we anticipate them being dropped frequently and hope to reduce our cycle time by being able to pick up and place quickly. To do this, we designed velcro rollers attached to an arm activated by pistons that can pick up hatch panels both from the floor and the loading station. However, the velcro rollers proved to struggle somewhat with picking them up from the loading station, so we added a claw that helped hold the hatch panel better.

We felt that cargo was important to be able to pick up from the floor as well. We decided to go with a touch it-own it strategy, so we made an intake bar that was as wide as possible and used a combination of mecanum and omni wheels to center the cargo into our shooter. We decided to use a second set of wheels further inside the frame to direct the cargo up towards to the flywheel that shoots it. We wanted to be able to shoot into the cargo ship and the rocket, but because of the height and angle differences, we created a piston-actuated hood that adjusts based on where we are shooting.

Priority list



Cargo Intake

Cargo Shooter

Hatch Panel Intake