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To promote and recognize academic excellence in the student body of North Kitsap High School.

General Guidelines:

The North Kitsap High School Academic Letter is an award given in recognition of academic achievement. Service to the community and school is also required. The Academic Letter is not given based on leadership or teacher recommendation.


For the purpose of determining a GPA for the Academic Letter only, Advanced Placement courses will be weighted as follows:

A = 4.5 points

B+ = 3.8 points

C+ = 2.8 points

A- = 4.2 points

B = 3.5 points

C = 2.5 points

B- = 3.2 points

C- = 2.2 points

Academic Letter

NK block letter and torch will be awarded in the spring of the first year of achievement followed by a bar each subsequent year.

Application Process

Students who meet requirements may apply by completing the Academic Letter Application and writing a reflection essay (200 words or less) on the meaning of their academic achievement and community service. Completed applications must be submitted to Mrs. Marsh in the front lobby by the deadline.

North Kitsap High School Academic Letter Application

Deadline: April 26, 2024

Applicant’s Name: ___________________________________________________Grade: ________

Applicant’s Email Address:  __________________________________________________________

Purpose: To promote and recognize academic excellence in the student body of North Kitsap High School.

Criteria for Academic Letter Recognition at North Kitsap High School:

        Turn in your application, with an unofficial transcript and essay to

Mrs. Marsh at the front desk lobby by April 26, 2024.

Please indicate what you are applying for:

Initial letter, torch and bar ____ (only if you have not received a letter for athletics or band)

Initial torch and bar ____

                Successive Bar _____                            

Please indicate how you are verifying your community service:

Letter from supervisor _____                Certificate _____

Time card _____                        Other ______________________________________

                                                (Please specify)

By signing this form, I certify that I have completed the criteria for earning a North Kitsap High School Academic Letter.

Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: ____________________________

GPA Verified ________  More Information is needed _______ Does not meet criteria _______

Reason __________________________________________________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________________                    ______________________________

                              Verified by Mrs. Marsh                                                                                           Date

                                                                                                Updated 1/18/2024