MGA Pace of Play Guidelines

  1. Play Ready Golf:  The maximum time for any round is 4 hrs.15 mins. Do what you can to keep play moving.


  1. Things You Can Do: (1) Always be ready to hit or putt when it’s your turn or the opportunity arises.  (2) Don’t worry about honors, play “Ready Golf”. (3) Take several clubs with you when cart path only. (4) Park your cart behind the green. (5) Enter scores at the next tee. (6) Keep up with the group in front of you. (7) Be courteous to the Marshalls and comply with their requests.

  1. Know the Rules:  It is each player’s responsibility to know the USGA and local rules of golf.  If there is a rules interpretation problem, consult with your playing partners.  If there is no clear agreement, play and score a second ball as well, then review with the tournament director after the round.

Rev 12-9-2018