PALS Constitution and By-Laws

ARTICLE I: Name and Definitions

Section 1a: The name of the corporation is Temecula Play and Learn School, Inc. This corporation is a non-Profit community benefit corporation.

Section 1b: In the following document “member” shall refer to a parent or legal guardian. In the following document “CCPPNS” refers to the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools.


The purpose of this corporation is to provide a preschool program for the children enrolled and to further the education of its members in the principles of child guidance. PALS will provide a means of promoting, fostering, and participating in preschool education by parents toward a better understanding of parent/child relationships.

ARTICLE III: Membership and Enrollment

Enrollment and Enrollment Requirements

Section 1: Priority of membership shall be granted to residents of Temecula and surrounding communities, without discrimination as to race, color, or creed, upon receipt of payment of non-refundable registration fee and signed letter of intent.

Section 2: The children enrolled shall be at least three years old on or before September 1st upon entering the junior class only and four years old on or before September 1st upon entering the senior class only. PALS preschool offers a 2-year developmental learning program.   Each child will be on probation for one month. However, probation can be reopened by the Director or Executive Board at any time during the school year should a child present continuing problems of adjustment.

Section 3: The number of children accepted shall not exceed 18 for the junior class and 21 for the senior class at any one session, unless adjusted by the Executive Board.

Section 4: Order of acceptance for membership shall be:

  1. Existing PALS families- subject to receipt of signed letter of intent and non-refundable registration fee on or before January 31st prior to PALS first open house. A letter of Intent and email will be sent out to existing PALS families on January 1st by the membership coordinator.  
  2. Returning PALS families – Subject to receipt of signed letter of intent and registration fee on or before January 31st prior to PALS first open house. If an exit interview was conducted, the Executive Board will review it prior to enrollment. A “PALS returning family” is defined as a family that is currently and has previously been in good financial and volunteer standing with PALS, along with having completed at least one school year of PALS or if a child was deemed “not ready” by the director, to have completed that previous year. This only applies to immediate family members. A letter of Intent and email will be sent out to returning PALS families on January 1st by the membership coordinator.  
  3. Open enrollment- In order to be eligible for enrollment potential members must first contact the membership coordinator, be placed on a contact list, and attend an open house informational session, whereby placement in the class will be determined by lottery.  Once chosen by the lottery, a $50 NON- REFUNDABLE registration fee will secure a spot in your child’s designated class.  Once all open spots have been secured, a wait list will be created.

Section 5: For CCPPNS purposes, all members shall be required to attend orientation. A parent, legal guardian, or a preapproved family member must complete the council approved parent education courses, (i.e. monthly guest speaker presentation and mandatory general meetings.)

Section 6A: Both participating family members and children are required to meet the health standards as set by the County of Riverside Department of Health Services, including a physical prior to entering school. The Mantoux TB test is required for any participating family members.

The State of California requires that children be immunized and PALS is required to provide documentation of these immunizations, should it be requested. Therefore, each child must have had the required immunizations and a copy of the child’s immunization record must be presented prior to enrollment. In compliance with SB 277, child must be vaccinated with no personal belief exemptions (only Medical exemptions with a Doctor's signature will be accepted).

The State of California requires that volunteers and teachers be immunized for pertussis, measles and influenza (optional) and PALS is required to provide documentation of these immunizations, should it be requested. Therefore, each volunteer/teacher must have had the required immunizations and a copy of the adult's immunization record must be presented prior to working in the classroom. In compliance with SB 792, adult must be vaccinated with no personal belief exemptions (only Medical exemptions with a Doctor's signature will be accepted).

Section 6B: Each parent wishing to volunteer in the classroom must have a current Megan’s Law Background Check on file prior to entering the school. Parents are only required to complete this form once for the duration of their child’s time at PALS. It is not necessary to complete the background check each school year. Returning families will be required to complete the form for subsequent children attending PALS.


Section 7: Should a member, for whatever reason, decide to resign, a 4-week written notice must be submitted to the Membership Chairperson, and an exit interview conducted by the membership coordinator and the Executive Board.  The tuition for this 4-week period must be paid.

Section 8: If a member resigns before the first day of school, any tuition paid will be refunded. Registration fees will not be refunded.

Leaves of Absence and Vacation 

Section 9: All members shall be exempt from Workers’ Compensation.

Section 10: Full tuition is required in the event of vacation taken during the school year regardless of duration.

Section 11: All members are required to fulfill their working obligation pertaining to vacation. All working days must be made up.

Section 12A: Pregnant Moms – if the baby is born during the school year, a total of six weeks leave (8 weeks for Caesarian births) will be granted after delivery, even if that six weeks falls during a PALS' vacation. Attending General Meetings during leave are also waived. Maternity Leave begins the day the baby is born. However, the mom will not be scheduled to work in the classroom two weeks prior to delivery but will still be responsible for her job/committee requirements and attendance at meetings during that two weeks as long as her health allows. Should the mom not be in good health a doctors note will be required in order to waive any responsibilities. The missed workdays, during this period, do not have to be made up.  However all other responsibilities which occur during the leave period must be fulfilled. The Executive Board must approve any additional requests for leave.

Section 12B: Surgery is an acceptable reason for a leave of absence. Surgery leave duration will be determined by the member’s medical restrictions given by their physician. A written physician’s note should be turned in to the Executive Board, and scheduling restrictions shared with the Scheduling parent. Any physical limitations, lasting any longer than 8 weeks, will constitute a family as not being able to meet the work requirements and will put their membership up for possible dismissal upon review of the Executive Board.

Section 12C: Jury Duty is an acceptable reason for a leave of absence. Jury duty will be based on actual number of appearance days as required by the courts.

Section 13: In the case of prolonged illness of parent or child the Director and the Executive Board shall decide each case on its merits in regard to monetary responsibilities and participation days.

Section 14: Leave of absence may be granted at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Parent Participation and Membership Requirements

Section 15: All members are held to the membership agreement.

Section 16A:  Each participating member must have legal guardianship of his or her enrolled child/children.  Members are required to volunteer (work) in the classroom 2-4 times per month/per child. Only one parent per family may volunteer (work) on any particular workday. Additional family adults are welcome to attend your Child Of the Day workday as a visitor, but shall not be counted as a working parent.   A visitor must get prior permission from the director and a visit shall not exceed 30 minutes.

Section 16B: On a child’s birthday Child of the Day, an additional working parent may work in the classroom for the duration of the workday. This presence of this second parent shall not be counted as another working parent day.

Section 17: Grandparents may come in to visit the classroom for a total of 30 minutes at any time, but may only interact with the children if they meet the school immunization requirements.  Grandparents may not take the place of the working parent or legal guardian unless they are the legal guardian and meet all of the working parent requirements, including immunizations.  If a grandparent is a former PALS parent, they will have the privilege of working in the classroom, as a working parent, at a maximum of 50% of the time and must meet all of the working parent requirements, including immunizations.

Section 18:  On workdays, parents are required to stay for the entire duration of the day from 9:15 am - 1:00pm.  Working parents may only bring their child/children for morning set-up (9:15-9:45), and afternoon cleanup (12:45-1:00). Exceptions to this will be at the discretion of the Director/Teacher.

Section 19: Working parents must adhere to the following dress code while working in the classroom

Section 20A: All members are required to participate in three mandatory fundraisers throughout the school year. Members must sell five $5 tickets for the Holiday Program Ipad fundraiser.  Members may either contribute $25 dollars toward a Family Picnic raffle/silent auction basket or solicit donations equal to this value for their contribution.  Members must purchase or sell two (2) $25 tickets (per child enrolled in PALS) to the Spring Social.  (If the member cannot attend the event they may transfer their tickets to another party.)

Section 20B: Each family is required to participate in one of our biannual garage sales, as required by the By-Laws and Membership Agreement. Members who fail to participate in a garage sale must pay a $50.00 fee due 10 days after the fine is issued.

Section 21:  Families with multiple children enrolled will follow the specified predetermined guidelines. The articles here will specify which items are to be treated as “per child” and “per family”.

Per Child:

  1. All financial responsibilities (tuition, registration fees, material fees, and non-participation deposits).
  2. Working parent days may not be combined with two parents working the same day to count as two workdays.
  3. Cleaning Days: Saturday cleaning day would have the option for two parents to work the same day to fulfill the required spots of cleaning responsibility.
  4. Child of the day privileges.
  5. Snack parent responsibilities.
  6. Jobs.
  7. Tuition Discount- 10% discount for second child enrolled
  8. Committee jobs
  9. Garage Sale Workday
  10. Job Day Attendance

 Per Family:

  1. General Meeting and Orientation attendance.
  2. Votes.
  3. Seats at school events (Holiday program and Graduation).
  4. Lottery draw.
  5. Fines.

Grievances and Termination

Section 22: The process for filing a grievance is as follows:

  1. Contact the class representative and give notification of the grievance.
  2. If the class representative is unable to resolve the grievance, then it will be escalated to the executive board.
  3.  If the grievance is in regards to your child, discuss it with the director/teacher(s). 

Section 23: The Executive Board may terminate a membership with just cause. Just cause includes, but is not limited to the following: failure to comply with Corporation’s Rules or By-laws; conduct detrimental to the stated purposes and goals of the corporation; failure to perform membership agreement or any cause deemed reasonable by the Executive Board.

  1. Procedure for termination: Should the Executive Board determine that termination of a member or members is called for the following procedure will be followed:
  1. Verbal Notification
  2. A written notice shall be delivered personally or emailed to the most recent address of the member as show on the Corporations records, setting forth the proposed grounds for discipline. Such notice shall be sent at least fifteen (15) days before the date upon which the Executive Board proposes to act upon the termination.
  3. The member being terminated shall be given an opportunity to be heard, either orally or in writing, before the Executive Board meeting specified in the notice or proposed termination, at the option of the Executive Board. The 15 day notice to the member shall state the date, time and place of the meeting.
  4. Following the meeting, the Executive Board shall decide whether or not the member should be terminated. Notice of this termination shall be sent to the member in the same manner as the notice of the meeting. The determination of the Executive Board shall be final by a majority vote of members present.
  1. Members who exhibit behavior that is threatening to another member, child, board member, director, or teacher will have their membership forfeited immediately.

ARTICLE IV: Allergies

Section 1A: In order to keep safe and accommodate a child with a food allergy, a written diagnosis from the child’s physician must be kept on file at the school.  This particular food item will not be allowed to be part of the daily lunch menu unless permission, in writing, is given by the parent/guardian and kept on file at the school.

Section 1B: If an allergy requires medication, unexpired medication (“EPI” pen or Benadryl) must be clearly labeled with the child’s name on it and be left at school with the Director as a precaution, along with specified licensing forms.

Section 1C: If a child has a food intolerance and DOES NOT have a doctor’s note, then the food item can still be part of the daily lunch menu and a safe alternative can be pre-stocked in the PALS classroom (by their parent) for that child.  

ARTICLE V: Finances

Section 1: The registration fee of $50 shall be paid per child, payable at the time of enrollment. The fee is non refundable.

Section 2A: A materials fee of $75 for each Senior and $70 for each Junior will be due and payable as noted in the membership agreement. The fee is non refundable.

Section 2B: September tuition and Non-Participation payments are due at Orientation meeting. Non- Participation payment will be counted as June’s tuition payment as long as your family is in financial good standing with PALS, including but not limited to fundraisers, tuition, and any fines owed. The Non participation amount is equal to one month’s tuition. If this money has to be used to cover any money owed, that amount will need to be replenished immediately. If the amount is not ever used, that money will be used for June tuition. All fines attached with using the Non Participation money are still due.

Section 2C: If delinquent tution payment (still not paid by the 20th of the month) necessitates pulling funds from the non-participation fee, then full replenishment of the non-particpation fee is required by the end of month for which the tuition is delinquent. If not replenished by the final day of that month, then PALS considers this a formal resignation by the family and the child(ren) will not be able attend PALS beginning the 1st day of the following month.

Section 3A: For families with two children enrolled in the program simultaneously, there is a 10% discount applied to the second child enrolled. They are still responsible for two material fees, and two registration fees.

Section 3B: Active Duty military families receive a 10% discount on tuition.

Section 4: Monthly tuition shall be payable by the 1st of each month or at the first General Meeting, whichever is later, with a 5 day grace period, unless you have opted for the annual payment plan. Tuition shall be paid whether a child is able to attend each session or not. If tuition is late a $20 fee is charged. Tuition shall be paid directly to the Treasurer.  who must be bonded prior to the start of the school year. PALS will cover any bonding costs incurred.

Section 5A: Tuition is an annual cost divided by 10 months regardless of the number of school days per month. Members are responsible for the months enrolled regardless of attendance.

Section 5B: Tuition is not pro-rated regardless of when a member joins PALS.

Section 6: A fee of $10 will be charged for returned checks, plus any incurred bank fees.

Section 7: A review of the budget shall be made annually upon closing of the fiscal year.

Section 8: Tuition may be waived or prorated with the approval of the Executive Board for extenuating family circumstances and will be kept confidential.

Section 9: Any expenditure must have prior Executive Board approval. Checks must be signed by one of the following: President or Treasurer. Requests for reimbursement must be made by the Monday following Graduation of the current school year in order to be considered. Reimbursement requests MUST be turned in to the Treasurer no later than 30 days from date of purchase with receipts and a reimbursement form attached. Requests after that point will be denied and the money spent will be considered a donation to PALS.

Section 10: The properties and assets of this non-profit corporation are irrevocably dedicated to educational and charitable purposes. No part of the net earnings, properties, or assets of this corporation, on dissolution or otherwise, shall insure to the benefit of any private person or individual, or any member or director of this corporation. On liquidation or dissolution, all properties and assets and obligations shall be distributed and paid over to an organization dedicated to charitable and/or educational purposes, provided that the organization continues to be dedicated to the exempt purposes as specified in Internal Revenue Code Section 501©(3).

Section 11: Failure to meet any of the membership requirements will result in a fine:

Late tuition

$20 (If not paid by the 6th of each month)

Late pick-up

$10 (Plus $5 for each additional five minutes) calcuated in 5 minute increments starting at 12:51PM

Non-participation fundraiser

$50 (Per mandatory fundraiser)

Missed Saturday cleaning

$50 (Must pay fine and make-up cleaning day)

Missed snack

$20 (plus you must go out and buy snack)

Missed work day

$50 (If you do not work on your scheduled day)

Tardy on a work day

$10 (Not @ PALS by 9:15 Mon- Fri)

Missed General Meetings

Missed Board Meetings (1 miss excused without fine)

$25 (1st meeting missed)

$50 (2nd meeting missed)

$75 (3rd meeting missed)

Late General Meeting

$10 (if you do not arrive by 6:30pm)

Leave early General Meeting

$10 (Leave before meeting adjourned)

Non-Participation assigned job

(If you do not fulfill your assigned job throughout the year)

$25 First offense

$50 Second offense

$75 Third offense

Non-Participation Special Committee

(If you do not fulfill your assigned special committee job throughout the year)

$25 First offense

$50 Second offense

$75 Third offense

Returned check

$10 (plus additional fees incurred by the bank)

Inadequate snack

$10 First offense

$20 Second offense

$30 Third offense

Section 12: After three fines a review meeting with the Executive Board will be required to review your standing with PALS.  Your membership may be terminated if the Executive Board feels you are not meeting your commitments to the school.

Section 13: It is the responsibility of any job/committee member to deliver all money collected for a fundraiser, field trip, garage sale or any special event directly to the treasurer.  A receipt from the treasurer may be requested. If the money is lost or misplaced before it is given to the treasurer, the total sum that is lost must be paid in full by the job/committee member.

Section 14: If a PALS member uses PALS Preschool as a means to sell products for his or her personal business, a minimum of 10% of all sales must be donated back to the school.

ARTICLE VI: Meetings

Section 1: Class will be held at the classroom located at 42690 Margarita Road in Temecula. Class will be Monday through Friday for 3 hours each day. The junior class meets Tuesday and Thursday. The senior class meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Class hours may be changed with Membership and Board approval.

Section 2: PALS will observe as closely as possible the school year calendar of the Temecula Valley Unified School District.

Section 3: The regular meeting of the Board shall be held during the last week of designated months. The regular meeting of the parents (General Meeting) shall be held the first Wednesday of each month. If there is a holiday the General Meeting will be moved to the next available Wednesday. Meeting dates may be changed at the discretion of the Board. Each member is expected to notify the Vice President before the Board meeting if they are unable to attend. Executive Board Meetings are held during the last week of every month.

Section 4: Only nursing infants (twelve months or younger) are allowed at the General Meetings.

Section 5: Attendance at the General Meeting is mandatory. Only a parent/legal guardian, or family member pre-approved by the Executive Board, may attend General Meetings. A $25 fine will be charged if you fail to attend a mandatory General Meeting. Any additional meetings missed will result in greater fines. You may file a petition to dismiss the fine by forwarding a letter to the Vice President. The Executive Board will review the reason for the missed meeting. Failure to attend meetings is grounds for dismissal. Members must arrive on time and stay until the meeting has concluded from 6:30 pm until meeting is adjourned.

ARTICLE VII: Duties of the Director & Teacher(s)

Section 1: The duties shall be to supervise the physical well being and emotional growth of children, training of working parents and parent counseling regarding child related issues.

Section 2: Shall be responsible for the planning and implementing of curriculum according to program goals and objectives. They shall make recommendations as to the purchasing and maintenance of classroom supplies, as well as the planning of classroom activities.

Section 3: Shall be directly responsible to the Executive Board.

ARTICLE VIII: Officers and their Election

Section 1: The officers shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, also known as the Executive Board.

Section 2: Officers shall serve for a period of one year, beginning in June. No officer shall be eligible for the same office for more than two consecutive terms unless no other qualified and willing candidates are nominated. No majority vote by the members is required for any Executive Board Officer who agrees to a consecutive term, only if there are no other candidates or nominees. Executive Board vacancies shall be filled by either current or returning Board Members or by current or returning members who have completed at least 2 years of PALS and are deemed by the Executive Board and class representatives to be suitably qualified. In the event there are still vacant positions, they may be filled by returning PALS members with the discretion of the Executive Board.

Section 2A: All jobs may be held for one year with the option to return to the same job for the following year if the Director, the Executive Board, and the class representatives feel they are the most qualified when considering all job requests.

Section 3: Nominations for the Executive Board positions will begin at the General Meeting in February. Nominations will be accepted until the General Meeting in March and at which point will be closed and final. The junior and senior class representatives will review all nominations and qualifications of each individual. So long as qualifications are met, the nominees will be contacted to accept or decline their nominations. A formal letter (email) will be sent to all PALS families one week following the March general meeting of all nominees who have accepted their nominations for open executive board positions and will be listed on the voting ballot for the April Meeting.

Section 4: If a member is nominated for more than one position, they may decide which position they will run for prior to the election.

Section 5: Officers shall be elected at the April Meeting via secret ballot by a majority vote of members present, regardless of the number of candidates being voted upon. (Candidates must be voted in by a majority vote, even if there is only one candidate nominated for a position.) If an equal number of votes are cast at the General Meeting, the Director will abstain from voting. Should the secret ballot result in a tie, the Director will cast the final vote.

Section 6: In the event that a class representative is nominated for and accepts the nomination for an Executive Board position, then they will not be able to continue with their election duties and will have to remove themselves from the process. A  back-up election moderator will be picked at random from selection of PALS that will not be returning the following year.

Section 6: Absentee voting is not permitted.

Section 7: If an elected or appointed officer of the Executive Board misses more than two (2) meetings without good cause, the position may be declared vacant by the Executive Board and a successor appointed.

Section 8: If a member is elected to the Executive Board with two children enrolled in the program simultaneously, that officer’s partial scholarship would replace all other tuition discounts.

Section 9: Campaigning by any member shall be held to the same standard as PALS philosophy.

ARTICLE IX: Duties of Officers

Section 1: The President shall act as a facilitator at all meetings of the membership and of the Board, appoint Special Committees as required, keep licensing status current, shall be an unofficial member of all committees and shall act as liaison between the corporation and the Director. The President of PALS shall receive a partial scholarship of 30% per month.

Section 2: The Vice President shall act as a facilitator in the absence of the President and shall maintain: The earthquake disaster supplies and notebook. It shall be the Vice President’s duty to oversee the responsibilities of the Fundraising Committee. The Vice President shall also keep track of membership participation in extra committees to ensure equal participation. The Vice President shall also initiate any necessary termination proceedings. Additionally, the Vice President will coordinate and hold Job Day. The Vice President of PALS shall receive a partial scholarship of 20% per month.

Section 3: The Secretary shall keep minutes of all General Meetings, shall handle all correspondence, maintain record of attendance of the meetings, check phone messages, and keep class rosters up to date. The Secretary of PALS shall receive a partial scholarship of 20% per month.

Section 4: The Treasurer shall be bonded, shall receive all funds, pay out all necessary expenditures, complete all necessary tax forms, submit a monthly financial report, pick-up mail at the Post Office and shall act as Chairperson of the Budget Committee and recommend the tuition fee to the Board. It shall also be the Treasurer's duty to oversee the responsibilities of the Fundraising Coordinator as well as collection of fines. The Treasurer of PALS shall receive a partial scholarship of 20% per month.


Section 1: The Board shall consist of the Executive Board and the chairpersons of the jobs on the Board and shall meet in August, September, November, January, March and May. Additional meetings may be called of necessary.

Section 2: The Board is the governing body of the corporation.

Section 3: The Executive Board shall negotiate salaries for the Director.

Section 4: The Executive Board with a committee of one senior parent and one junior parent shall be responsible for hiring & discharging salaried employees.

ARTICLE XI: Duties of the Board and Membership

Section 1: The duties of the Board and Membership shall be to conduct administrative matters such as finance, licensing, liability and legal matters and maintaining records. They shall also conduct membership activities, maintain and purchase all equipment and supplies with recommendations from the Director.

Section 2: The Board shall ask the specific approval of the membership in matters involving more than $200 expenditures, except contracted salaries, not specifically provided for in the budget.


  1. ARTS AND CRAFTS COORDINATOR 1: Meets monthly with the Director for all necessary preparation and supply purchasing. Coordinates and divides tasks among Committee members.
  2. ARTS AND CRAFTS COORDINATOR 2: See Arts and Crafts Coordinator 1.
  3. JR CLASS REPRESENTATIVE: Acts as a liaison between parents and Executive Board/Director. Is an ambassador for the class, understands by-laws, is available for questions, facilitates and runs the election process.
  4. SR CLASS REPRESENTATIVE: Acts as a liaison between parents and Executive Board/Director. Is an ambassador for the class, understands by-laws, is available for questions, facilitates and runs the election process.
  5. MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR: Shall maintain the active membership and waiting list, plan Open House and be responsible for having all health reports organized and up to date. New members shall be reported to the Director and executive board.
  6. ROOM ENVIRONMENT COORDINATOR: Shall be responsible for organizing the committee for the monthly seasonal decorations on all PALS classroom walls.
  7. FUNDRAISING COORDINATOR:  Shall be responsible for holiday raffle/silent auction and family picnic raffle/silent auction items. Shall work with the Ways and Means committee members to coordinate all fundraising event details.  Responsible for any non-mandatory fundraisers.  Collects ideas from the Ways and Means committee and presents them to the Board.
  8. TECHNOLOGY COORDINATOR: Schedules class photos and distributes.  Creates yearly class rosters.  Maintains PALS website. Creates PALS love notes and all other printed materials.

ARTICLE XII: Standing Committees

Section 1: Committee members shall be obtained from the general membership.

Section 2: Non-Board Positions

  1. ARTS & CRAFTS ASSISTANTS: Responsible for all arts and crafts preparation as assigned by the Coordinator.
  2. FIELD TRIP COORDINATOR: Shall help plan all field trips as recommended by the Director. Provide permission slips and collect fees from PALS families for each planned field trip. BE the liaison between the PALS families and the field trip venue prior to and on the day of the field trip.
  3. CLEANING DAY COORDINATOR: Contact all families for monthly cleaning prior to scheduled cleaning day. Oversees monthly picking up of items on Friday and then opens the classroom on Saturday morning. Responsible for weekly washing and returning of PALS laundry.
  8. HOLIDAY PROGRAM COORDINATOR: Organizes the Holiday special committee for the Holiday Program held at the Church. Attendance at the fall Board meetings is suggested.
  9. DAD’S DAY COORDINATOR: Plan’s and coordinates Dad’s Day with Director and committee.
  10. SPRING SOCIAL COORDINATOR:  Plan’s and coordinates the Spring Social with Director and committee.
  11. GRADUATION COORDINATOR: This position will be a Junior member to organize the committee for the Senior graduation; all Junior members are required to participate. Will work closely with Director.
  12. HISTORIAN COORDINATORS: (one senior, one junior) Shall upload and organize the classroom photos by Pal onto the PALS external hard drive on a monthly basis, keeping track of how many photos each Pal has. Maintenance of PALS camera and its batteries. Work with the Director and create photo discs for the graduating seniors. Creates class directory and Love Notes.
  13. LIBRARY COORDINATOR: Responsible for care of all books and Scholastic book order. Works with the Director to switch out books monthly and for all season changes for the PALS book shelf.
  14. NUTRITION COORDINATOR: Shall be responsible for the purchasing all kitchen supplies.
  15. FUNDRAISING ASSISTANTS: Shall be responsible for collecting and distributing any fundraising materials to the Coordinators with Fundraising and to help fundraise for school fundraising events.
  16. ROOM ENVIRONMENT ASSISTANTS: Shall meet monthly as set by the R/E Coordinator to decorate the classroom. This meeting is designed to be a parent only meeting for safety and time constraints. In the event that there are children that do need attend because of babysitting issues, only PALS enrolled children will be permitted and one member of the committee will be assigned the sole responsibility of child care.
  17. FAMILY PICNIC COORDINATOR: Shall plan and organize with its special committee the annual PALS picnic, including activities, food, photos and events.
  18. GARAGE SALE COORDINATOR: Responsible for coordinating and running two garage sales at their home (Fall and Spring.) Coordinate refreshments for working parents. Arrange/Delegate advertising. Also schedule for items not sold to be picked up/brought to another facility.

Section 3: The function of the committees is to plan their activities and to make major policy recommendations to the Board

Section 4: If more than one person requests to be a committee chair for the same position (board position), the Executive Board and Director will decide and appoint the chairperson.

Section 5: Committee Chairpersons, not on the Board, may be asked to attend certain Board Meetings if applicable.

Section 6: The Executive Board may call any Board Member to an Executive Board meeting if the subject of that meeting pertains to a specific board position.

ARTICLE XIII: Special Events

PALS annual special events consist of the following:

  1. Holiday Program
  2. Dad’s Day
  3. Family Picnic
  4. Graduation
  5. Spring Social

Special Committee Coordinators are assigned and committees established at the start of every year to plan and execute each event (see Article XIV).  

ARTICLE XIV: Special Committees:

Every family is responsible for being on one Special Committee for the school year. If you are the Coordinator of a Special Committee this is your job position for the school year and you are still required to serve on one Special Committee.

  1. Holiday Planning Committee
  2. Dad’s Day Planning Committee
  3. Family Picnic Planning Committee
  4. Graduation Planning Committee (Juniors only)
  5. Spring Social Committee

ARTICLE XV: Cancellation of Membership

Membership in the corporation may be canceled at the discretion of the Executive Board for failure to comply with By-Laws causes as noted in ARTICLE III, Section 20.

ARTICLE XVI: Amendments to the By-Laws

Amendments to the By-Laws may be proposed at any regular General Meeting and may be passed by a majority vote of the members attending. Members must be notified in advance of the proposed amendment and that a vote is to be taken at the following General Meeting.  Members must be present in order to vote. All members including current Board members, both regular and Executive, are encouraged to vote on the annual revision of the By-Laws. The majority of those votes cast will constitute a changed By-Law.

The Executive Board reserves the right to make by-law changes if deemed necessary.  If such change is deemed necessary, a unanimous Executive Board vote is required.