Breakfast and After School Clubs




Margaret Leishman -  Playleader                        Kathy Jolley - Playleader

Julie Cox-Rogers – Playworker                        Michelle Rowe, Rachel Waters and Carrie

Jones - Playworkers/Catering

Chairperson / School Representative:                Annette Crewe


Governor Representative:                                Jenny Surtell

Finance Officer:                                        Lynda Madani


Breakfast Club              7.45am* – 8.45am

*(7.30am start by prior agreement only with the Headteacher at a cost of £1.00 extra per session).


Afterschool Club          3.00pm – 6.00pm

Please note that the clubs cannot be responsible for children outside of the session times.


7.45 am         Arrive and  register in the school hall. Please arrive by the library door no

earlier than 7.45am unless by prior agreement (see 1st page). 

All children must be signed in by parent/carer on arrival. 

A member of staff will supervise arrivals and take any messages for teachers,

After School Club etc - these are passed onto the relevant staff. 

7.45am         Breakfast available.

8.15 am        Serving of breakfast finishes; children play.

8.30 am        Children start to tidy up.

8.45 am        Reception and KS1 children are taken to class.  Keystage 2 children will walk to



3.00 pm        Reception and KS1 children will be collected from class.

3.10 pm         KS2 children will make their own way to ASC.

3.15 pm        All children signed in by staff on arrival.  Fruit and water


3.30 pm        Free Play – outside area available (Reception class play area or main playground), weather permitting.

4/4.15pm        Children all sit together for a light snack; usually sandwiches, salad, fruit/yoghurt.

4.30pm        Snack away and children tidy up. Free play in small outside area, limited TV

                time, computers -  two days only per week. Other activities freely available.

5.00pm         Free play outside or indoor activities including Lego, toy cars, beads/jewellery

making, arts and craft, books, den building, junk modelling, etc.

Children prepare to go home.

6.00 pm        All children must be collected (and signed out by parent/carer) by this time.


If a child is to attend a teacher-led / private club at school, then the Rec / KS1 children will be collected from the club, KS2 children are to make their own way to ASC at the end of the session.  If the club is cancelled, then the child will go directly to ASC.


Children can be collected at any time at Clubs main door (within Rec/Yr1 Outside Area).

Children must be collected and signed out by the parents/carer no later than 6pm. 

Late collection:  After 6pm there will be a charge for late collection.  

£5.00 for the first 15 minutes, £1 every 5 minutes thereafter.

If a child is not collected 30 minutes after the end of the club and we cannot get hold of parents or emergency contacts, the school may contact the police and / or social services.  During the hours of Breakfast and After School Club parents can speak to club staff on the school telephone number 01235 813367 Option 5.


The clubs recognise the importance of healthy eating and a balanced and nutritious diet.  We follow the healthy eating for schools recommendation.  We will endeavour to make a variety of foods available. All children will be offered plenty of fruit and low fat and low sugar options.

The club and its staff are committed to embracing the cultural and religious diversity of the families who use our services.  We will work with parents / carers to ensure that any particular dietary requirements are met.  


The breakfast menu will be monitored regularly to ensure that the options available are always in line with the school’s healthy eating policy. We offer:  

A choice of 4 cereals, porridge (during colder months).

Toast, muffins, crumpets etc. with a choice of low sugar jam or marmite and low fat spread.

Flavoured yoghurts and/or yoghurt drinks.

Fresh fruit.

Fruit juices, milk or water.  


The afterschool club will be monitored regularly to ensure that the options available are always in line with the school’s healthy eating policy.  Where possible, fresh fruit provided will be fruit in season.  

Children are encouraged to help themselves to food at snack time.  For example; bagels with cheese or ham, wraps with a choice of fillings, toasted tea cakes. Salad, fruit and yoghurts are available every day. Milk or water is available to drink.


Your child will be responsible for looking after their own possessions.  Reception children will be supported in this. Please ensure they have a coat with them in winter, and all clothing is named.


The Breakfast and After School Club will provide a variety of activities that will help to stimulate and entertain the children.  Activities will include:


Construction toys i.e. Lego, Duplo

Board Games

Cars and garage

Drawing and colouring and other craft facilities

Dolls and Dolls’ House

Other “In Trend Games”

Limited access to computers and games

Use of the outside area for the After School Club Children

Our objective is for the Breakfast Club children to arrive in class calm and stimulated, ready for the school day.  

Our objective for the After School Club children is to provide a calm and relaxed setting for them to unwind after their school day.


The Breakfast and After School Club is committed to providing a fair and open system that offers a competitively priced and good value service.  As a provider of registered childcare, we both encourage and actively support eligible parents / carers claiming and taking up the childcare element of the Working Tax Credits.

Invoices will be issued each term and payment is required before the end of that term.  Outstanding and credit balances will be carried forward to the next term.  However, we request that full payment is settled before the next term commences.  


When a parent / carer contacts the club enquiring about a place for their child, they will be given all the relevant information, including details of the Admission  and Fee Policy.  They will also be informed of whether a suitable place will be available for their child.  

If a suitable place is available, the parent / carer and, where possible, the child will be invited to visit the club and speak to members of staff.  If the parent / carer agree to abide by all the terms and conditions of admissions, including the level of fees and arrangements for payment, they will be asked to complete and sign the Registration Form to confirm the child’s place.

Parents / carers will also be encouraged to complete and sign the Emergency Medical Treatment Form.  

Once the admission is secure, the parent / carer will be contacted to arrange a date for the child’s first session at the club.


When a parent / carer makes an enquiry about a place for their child the following criteria must be followed: 

A Booking Form MUST be completed before a child attends the Club.

Provided there is a vacancy, casual (Ad Hoc) bookings are sometimes available.

Requests for an Ad Hoc session must be directed to either the Breakfast or Afterschool Leader or the school office.  The request must be accompanied by a completed Booking Form and payment, in a sealed envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and class.  The session requested will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Places are available on a “first come, first served” basis, subject to the following priorities:

When the club is full, applicant’s names will be placed on a waiting list until a place is available.  

A child’s name may be placed on the waiting list up to one term before they start school.

A child’s registration for the club may be withdrawn and the child dismissed if we issue more than one written or verbal warning for any of the following reasons:

Appeals under this policy should be addressed to the Chairperson.


If a session is cancelled, with at least one week’s notice, we will give credit against another session as long as a session is available (only one session per term carried over).  

We cannot give refunds.  

Bookings cancelled with less than one week’s notice will incur the normal charge.


To ensure that admissions to the club are offered on a fair and transparent basis, the following procedure will apply:

The details of this request will be placed on the waiting list, in the order they are submitted.


Bookings unattended due to illness cannot be refunded. (Exceptional circumstances may be considered).

Please note that if your child has had sickness and/or diarrhea, he/she should not attend school until

he/she has been clear of the symptoms for 48 hours.



The club understands that the cost of registered childcare may seem expensive to a parent / carer.  However, providing a high quality, safe and stimulating service for children is not cheap and to ensure the continued high standards and sustainability of the club, it must ask that parents / carers respect its policy with regard to paying fees.


We hope your child will have an enjoyable time in Breakfast Club and After School Club.  If there is a problem please speak to a member of staff at the earliest opportunity so that they can sort things out.  

If you have a complaint that cannot be resolved in this way, please follow the school policy that is available on the school website.


The clubs follow the school policy - available on the school website.


The clubs follow the school policy - available on the school website.


Available from school on request.