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Gourmet II/ Grades 10-12


Marygail Muller


Phone Number

856-848-8200 ext. 3102

Course Website

Remind  text 42gca3 to  81010 from cell phone

Google classroom- dagfzb

Course Description

        This Family and Consumer Science course students use a more advanced approach to food preparation and plating.  They use their skills in preparing and cooking techniques for air brushing on cakes, specialized desserts, ethnic cooking, and everyday foods.  Foods are prepared to have the avant-garde gourmet flair.

Course Expectations and Assessments

* Nominal fees may apply depending on student project choices, such as cake mix and icing for cake deco unit assessment project otherwise use a pan. A field trip to a restaurant will place for visual effects and presentation of food preparation. Field trip is optional.

        Marking period 1 - Food Preservation, Appetizers, Roast

Course Policies 

        Students may retake traditional benchmarks however, students may NOT retake hands - on food project work in the kitchen. Students will use the rubric for self evaluation and teacher evaluation. There are deadlines for assignments that students are expected to meet to stay on task for the marking period and not fall behind.

        There are no take home homework assignments given in this class. Students will need to make a ¼ sheet cake using one box cake mix with one large container of icing or home-made icing for a benchmark grade project of decorating and will need one box cake mix and two large containers of icing or home-made icing for cake wars

        Students will critique their work.

        Students will use a rubric for a self evaluation as well as a teacher evaluation.

Required and Recommended Materials 


Students may schedule an appointment with Mrs. Muller to complete a missed food preparation assignment. Mrs. Muller stays after school every Wednesday but will schedule individual appointments if that does not coincide.


Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences

Keep Chromebooks away and closed unless it is for instructional purpose.

No Ear Buds or wearing around neck while working in the room.