Web Development Projects

Ologie Digital Branding/Marketing Agency (ologie.com)

Total redesign and rebuild for this digital marketing agency’s website.

Bloomsburg University Admissions Site (admissions.bloomu.edu)

University admissions microsite -- quite a bit of animation and fancy front-end going on.

Phoenix Rising Printmaking Cooperative (phoenixrisingprintmaking.org)

A migration of data and content alongside a complete redesign/rebrand and full new website build.

Equitas Health (equitashealth.com)

Versatile website with intricate filtering tool for searching Location & Staff based on zip code, services offered, keyword search, and staff name -- take a look here.

Salon Lofts (salonlofts.com)

Worked with the dev team at Salon Lofts helping with the web application built in Ruby on Rails.

BOLD Transmission Services (www.boldtransmission.com)

Entire website redesign & rebuild.

Health Out Loud (healthoutloud.us)

Share Your Story feature allows you to upload photo & auto-generate meme w/ custom phrase for sharing.

Simonton Windows & Doors (www.simonton.com)

The "My House" user experience is worth checking out. Also, the "Pro Widget" is a unique UI/UX product -- built for regional distributors to embed on their company’s websites.

Ply Gem Windows & Doors (plygem.com)

Parent company of Simonton Windows & Doors (above).

Kemp, Schaeffer & Rowe Co., L.P.A. (www.ksrlegal.com)

Entire website redesign & rebuild.


Mobile App Development

BrewDog USA [Ionic/Angular]

Salon Lofts

VapeView [Java/Kotlin]


Bernie’s Playground (berniesplayground.simpledigital.net)

A fun mobile and desktop 2D JavaScript-based game made for the “office dog” at a previous employer. Go for a high score! [berniesplayground.simpledigital.net/#/level/1].

Spendabit (spendabit.co)

This is a product search engine I co-built with my brother and colleague. The UI could use a makeover, but the functional component is rock-solid. The purpose is to allow users to find products that they can purchase using Bitcoin (aggregated from thousands of stores and updated daily).

Professional Networking Profiles