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  1. When the course will be allocated?
  1. Where to get the translator person code?
  1. Where can I get the video content from?
  1. What is the status of submitted translation samples?
  1. Can the deadline be extended?
  1. What is the status of my QC work?

  1. What is the status of my translation work?
  1. Can I get an editable word document instead of pdf?
  1. How can I get permission to access & edit Google docs?
  1. When can I get remuneration for the work completed?
  1. What is partial remuneration?
  1. How can I enroll for a translator job?
  1. How can i change my registered phone number or email ID?
  1. Why are the allocated links have no files in it?
  1. Why am I getting the error “You’ve already responded” while     submitting ‘Apply for Translation’ google form?
  1. Can I change the allocated course?
  1. Can I choose the course for translation?
  1. When will I get the certificate for completing the work?
  1. Can I get feedback for rejecting my translation?