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GRCon23 Contribution Upload and Presenter's Guide
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GRCon23 Contribution Upload and Presenter's Guide

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In-person Conference Presenter's Guide

Slide decks must be uploaded through Indico (the main GRCon website), using the instructions on the next page. If you have any questions or problems with these procedures, please Contact Us at

Presenter Setup

For an in-person presentation, there will be a podium with a conference-supplied “clicker”. The A/V team will have the slides which were submitted. The presenter can advance the slides with the “clicker”. A confidence monitor will show the presenter the current slide.

IMPORTANT: In order to facilitate a smooth A/V operation, the use of individual presenter's laptops will be limited to special cases which are pre-approved. If approved, they must have a standard Type A HDMI video output (or adapter cable for it) and must work on battery.

Presentation Format

Presentation slides should be in a standard 16x9 aspect ratio, and can be in PDF (preferred) or PowerPoint format. A copy exported as PDF will be included with the program materials.

Questions from the audience

During the last five minutes or so of your presentation time slot (e.g. the 30 minutes), plan on taking questions from the audience, there is no additional Q&A time allocated.

Step-by-Step Acceptance and Upload Guide

  1. Receive acceptance email

  1. Navigate to your Accepted Abstract page on the event website via the link included in the email or by navigating to the “Call for Participation” menu item to go to the abstract’s page.

  1. On the abstract page select “Go to contribution”[1] 

  1. Once you are on the contributions page, if you have already submitted a document with your abstract it will be listed under “Presentation Materials”.  To upload your slides or other materials please click the pencil icon ().[2]

  1. You will have several options for uploading presentation materials

  1. Finally, check that your slides have been properly uploaded and “Presentation Materials” now contains your uploaded file(s)/link(s).

[1] Note: Another option for navigation may be a “My Contributions” item on the left menu under “My Conference”

[2] If this icon is missing for you please contact the GRCon Organizers (  If you didn’t select a “Speaker” when you submitted your abstract, that may be the issue.  Please make sure to include your designated Speaker(s) for your talk.